Saturday, 25 October 2014
Utilities - Audio & Mp3 Programs from 1 to 50 listed after downloads number
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1)   MAGIX music maker
Make music right away even without any prior skills

2)   MAGIX mega mix
The ultimate remix software for creating the hottest tracks and remixes

3)   JScreenFix
Repair stuck pixels and burn-in on LCD and plasma screens.

4)   iTones
Inside iTones you can find hundreds of ringtones

5)   MAGIX audio cleaning lab
The optimal solution for digitizing and restoring your music

6)   Ares Light

7)   Satellite TV to PC
Satellite Tv to Pc - Over 4000 LIVE worldwide channels on your PC. 100% Legal

8)   Virtual Music Jukebox
Virtual Music Jukebox is an award winning digital MP3 jukebox that brings the look and feel of a Modern, Internet Ready, Bar Style Jukebox right to your desktop or stand alone Jukebox Cabinet..

9)   Satellite TV Pro
Watch of 3000+ Satellite channels free with our software!

10)   Stream TV PDA
Watch more than 1400 free streaming TV channels on your PDA including porn

11)   Sine Generator
Program generates 2-channel sine audio signals using PC sound card.

12)   Hit-Recorder
Hit-Recorder nimmt automatisch bis zu 20 Radiosender gleichzeitig auf.

13)   Desktop RTA
DesktopRTA is a real-time sound analyser for your PC with many features only found in much more expensive sound analysis software

14)   MP3 Cutter Joiner v1.00
MP3 Cutter Joiner is a powerful and easy-to-use audio editor, which builds audio cutter and joiner into one.

15)   WGP FolderLock 2006
Lock your folders by making them appear as another part of your computer.

16)   Softlock.CD
CD protection is a protection technique,from illegal distribution.

17)   WinKeyFinder
Retrieves Lost Windows Product Key!

18)   Stream TV
Watch more than 1700 free streaming TV channels on your PC including porn

19)   !Super Audio Recorder
Super Audio Recorder Software - Freeware

20)   CDRWIN
CDRWIN 9 - Copies and burns like the devil! Now even faster,easier,more precise!

21)   Virtual Singer
Make your computer sing ! (plug-in for Harmony or Melody Assistant)

22)   TuneSleeve
A quick and easy way to get album artwork into your iTunes library.

23)   Birds
Birds flying over your current screen

24)   Blaze Audio WebEQ
Realtime graphic equalizer for streaming audio which works with RealAudio, Wave, and MP3

25)   Extreme Skateboarding Screensaver
Epic full-screen photos of skateboarders doing what they do best...

26)   Dolby Surround Plugin
One of the best consumer sound enhancement/improvement/dsp effects software for digital music

27)   Vinyl Ripper
Vinyl Ripper records, splits and converts long wave files to Ogg and MP3 format.

28)   m3uEdit1
m3uEdit is a simple m3u playlist creator/editor. Drop any filetype to list.

29)   n-Track Studio
Multitrack Music Recording and Editing software

30)   VoomTube
The Web’s Premier Downloading Software & TV player. Watch & Search with VoomTube

31)   Media Graveyard
It's our latest Music / Video jukebox player with built in Skin Designer™.

32)   VividLyrics
Karaoke lyrics plugin for Windows Media Player 9/10 and Winamp 5.x.

33)   Ringtone Editor
Create your own ringtones for your realtone mobile! Import from an audio cd.

34)   BOINK (for Windows)
Share and import playlists, meet firends, get cool tools for iTunes.

35)   PodPlus
Copy music off an iPod and put contacts, calendars, email, news and more onto it

36)   Flash File Recovery Software tool
automatic utility for flash card and digital camera memory data recovery

37)   Sound Capture
Sound Capture is an application that can record sound up to 5 minutes and store in memory for playing

38)   Test Tone Generator
Turns the PC into a function generator for testing, demonstrating, education etc

39)   E-Mail Validator - check and verify if an e-mail address exists and is valid by using the mailserver Software!
Verify whether e-mail addresses are valid by contacting the mail server to see

40)   tutor
Violin practice software with integrated tuner and sight reading software

41)   the shiznit
the shiznit is an advanced visualization program that displays graphics that dance to the music playing on your computer

42)   MindSoft Utilities XP
19 high performance utilities for Windows XP. Optimizes. Repairs. Protects.

43)   Mp3Merge App
Mp3Merge mix your Mp3 tracks

44)   Mp3Doctor
Analyze, improve, or standardize your MP3 files different in quality, volume, bitrate, and so on

45)   Sound Generator
The audio frequency sinusoidal signal generator is intended for adjusting and measuring parameters of audio equipment

46)   TuneJack
iPod utility to easily and safely transfer songs off an iPod to your PC / iTunes

47)   ipMIDI
ipMIDI - A MIDI over Ethernet DriverNo more MIDI interfaces needed to communicate between applications on different PC's

48)   Replay Music
Automatically Record and Tag High-Quality MP3s from Online Music Sites & Videos.

49)   MultiTone Generator
Multi oscillator function generator for testing, demonstration, effects etc

50)   Streaming Audio Studio
Streaming Audio Studio: Streaming Audio Recorder, Editor and Converter.