Thursday, 23 October 2014
Others - Audio & Mp3 Programs from 151 to 200 listed after name
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151)   Macsome Audio Splitter for Mac
Macsome Audio Splitter-Split MP3 or AAC audio file to small pieces on Mac OS X

152)   Macsome iPod Transfer
Backup iPod music and video, copy files on Mac to iPod, iPod Rip tool

153)   Magic Audio Recorder
Save cassette recordings of (family) events you cherish to CD or MP3

154)   MailAssistant (Christmas Edition)
Reads out email messages with natural-sounding, understandable voice

155)   Make Music Easy
Branding Yourself with music has never been so easy

156)   MakingMoneyWithCPAmarketing
Making Money With CPA Marketing, Newbies Guide to Massive income with CPA

157)   MaxPod
Maximize the use of your iPod

158)   McFunSoft Audio CD Grabber
Rip audio tracks from a personal CD and save them in various audio formats

159)   Media Catalog Studio Lite
Too many music and video files or CDs? Organize them with Media Catalog Studio!

160)   MediaTube
Watch YouTube without Flash, ads and comments.

161)   Mellosoftron
Turn your PC into a sampler; use any WAV as a MIDI instrument!

162)   Melody Assistant
Powerful score editor with audio recording/playback capabilities.

163)   Metronome
Software metronome

164)   Meubles rotin
Beautiful pictures of meubles rotin | De belles images de meubles rotin

165)   MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Section
MAAS is an easy-to-use high quality realtime MIDI arranger software

MIDI and tap tempo controllable bpm/drum/metronome/clock generator

167)   MIDInight Express
Wavetable playback and recording without a wavetable card. FREE!

168)   MidiNotate Musician
Find music easily on the internet and create interactive, printable sheet music.

169)   MidiNotate Player
Find and convert MIDI files to sheet music. Watch the notes as you listen.

170)   MIDIoverLAN CP
MIDI cross-platform solution for communication both local and over network.

171)   MidiToX
MIDI to WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA - online!

172)   Miles to Kilometers Converter
Miles to Kilometers Converter

173)   MiLo's Jukebox
Small yet powerfull multimedia player. Create and manage lists, shuffle.

174)   Mini-stream Ripper
Rip CD or convert the music in RM/WAV/WMA/MP3/OGG/FLAC format to other format!

175)   Minituner
Listen radio on your computer

176)   Minutes to Seconds Converter
Minutes to Seconds Converter

177)   Mixcraft Recording Studio
Mixcraft is an incredibly easy multitrack recording studio with effects.

178)   Mixing Console 101
Easy training for beginning sound engineers.

179)   Mixman StudioPro (Free Version)
Mixman StudioPro(TM):Create original music.Perform live. Phat loops. Scratching.

180)   Mixtape Downloader
How to play and download free the hottest urban mixtapes in the world.

181)   Movavi Media Octopus
Find the answer to your media library management needs.

182)   MP3 Virtual CD
It can convert many MP3 songs into an independent Virtual CD file.

183)   MP3 Encoder
MP3 Encoder convert very fast WAV to MP3. This encoder use the LAME-ENCODER.

184)   MP3 Sorter
New software for organizing and renaming your MP3 collection automatically.

185)   MP3 Splitter Joiner Pro
Split MP3 into multiple smaller pieces and join MP3 files into a single file.

186)   MP3 To Wave Maker Plus
Easily and quickly convert mp3 to wave or vice versa

187)   MP3-Cutter-Joiner
mp3 cutter joiner, wav cutter joiner, wma cutter joiner, ogg cutter joiner

188)   MP3-RM-Converter
MP3 RM Converter supports batch conversion between MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG.

189)   MP3Free
Napster Replacement Software is Back ! Free mp3 music downloads !!!

190)   Music Convert Master
It meets all your needs for audio converting.

191)   Music Duplicate Remover
Find duplicate files by ID3 tags or by sound, eliminate duplicates easily.

192)   Music MasterWorks
Easy to use MIDI music editor with voice-to-note

193)   Music Tutor
Play MIDI and anaylze your voice with Music Tutor. Training for singing.

194)   Music Xpert Audio Converter
Convert between MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, encode/decode audio files.

195)   Musicnizer
Create a song index of your CDs and files with the music organizer!

196)   muso
Front end music manager and browser

197)   Myriad Plug-in
Web browser plug-in to play, transpose, display or print music scores online.

198)   MyStuffNow
Create your own discs for VideoNow players

199)   MyThoughts
Organize Your Thoughts By Integrating Voice Recordings with Memory Database.

200)   Nautical Miles to Kilometers Converter
Nautical Miles to Kilometers Converter