Sunday, 26 October 2014
Top 1651-1700 Software Development Programs
1651)   IDAutomation MICR Font Advantage
The MICR E13B font is a special font that is used on bank checks and drafts.

1652)   Visual Paradigm for UML (Community Edition) for Linux
UML CASE tool - UML diagrams, use case modeling, reverse engineering and more...

1653)   Licence Protector
Copy Protection, Demo and time limited version, Network license

1654)   MailBee Message Queue
Configurable and easy-to-use mass mailing service for MailBee.SMTP

1655)   Alloy
Distribute single file executables to your customers for easy deployment.

1656)   SMInternet suite for Delphi/CBuilder
SMInternet suite is a component set for internet and network

1657)   SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for dBase
SMTP/POP3/IMAP Visual dBase email component library to send and receive mail.

1658)   Kuliba WinTray
WinTray is a library that can embed any Windows control into the status area of the taskbar (also known as System Tray)

1659)   Binary Browser
A collection of powerful hexadecimal tools for file data

1660)   wodSSH.NET
wodSSH.NET is a client SSH and Telnet component for .NET framework

1661)   Image Server SDK
Advanced image compression and manipulation component for web-developers.

1662)   InstallWizard XP
Has been designed to make creating a professional-quality installation faster and easier than ever before, while still providing the features you need most

1663)   Devrace FIBPlus for Borland InterBase and Firebird
Native Delphi/BCB direct access components to InterBase, Firebird

1664)   DB Visual Architect for Windows
DB Visual Architect is a database design tool that supports round-trip engineering between Class Diagram and source code, reverse database into ERD and generate Database and persistent source code for manipulating the DBMS in a lightweight manner

1665)   ANSD
Can manage your com equipment via network as well as if it is directly connected

1666)   2D/3D Vertical Bar Graph API Library (Java Bean)
Powerful Bar Graph API for Java applications - Download the Free Trial Now.

1667)   BioCert Biometric Authenticator Lite
BioCert Biometric Authenticator Lite Edition 10 Users

1668)   E-XD++MFC Library Enterprise V9.50
E-XD++ Library for by UCanCode.Net Software, an C++ class framework

1669)   DBF Viewer and Editor for Linux
CDBF for Linux is a console DBF file viewer and editor with rich functionality. The most important features are: Keyboard macros Multiple files opening Working with selected cells Export information to different formats: TXT, CSV, SQL, HTML, DBF and more...

1670)   Database Tour Pro
Cross-database tool with integrated report builder

1671)   SWFKit Pro
SWFKit is a tool to create 32-bit Windows applications from flash

1672)   Aspose.Report
Aspose.Report is a .Net Report Component

1673)   xLibUDF
UDF with additional functions for working

1674)   ADSS Charts Control
.NET Control for displaying various charts

1675)   nBit HTML Editor ActiveX
An HTML WYSIWYG Designer ActiveX Control for Website CMS designers.

1676)   JNIWrapper
JNIWrapper eliminates difficulties in working with the native code from Java(TM)

1677)   SCIROCCO DAO Data Control
Data access control for DAO recordsets!

1678)   Drawing Board ActiveX Control
Advanced drawing board enables developer to create online drawing programs!

1679)   mCore .NET SMS Library (LITE)
.NET class library for sending/receiving SMS using GSM Modem

1680)   axExplorerBar
Add XP Taskbar functionality to your software

1681)   Open QueryBuilder
First free visual query builder for BDE, ADO, IBO, IBX, DBX, FIBPlus.

1682)   MFader ActiveX control
Add multimedia capabilities to your Visual Basic application with this OCX.

1683)   FlyTreeXPro
Fast, powerful and flexible Tree/Grid/List/Outline ActiveX control.

1684)   COMM-DRV/CE Standard Edition
Serial Communication Library For Pocket PC and Windows CE

1685)   SDE for JBuilder (PE) for Windows 1.1 Professional
SDE for JBuilder is a full-featured UML plug-in module for JBuilder.

1686)   MistyGrid
MistyGrid is a java grid based on swing JTable

1687)   Drop Menu Applet
Dropdown menu applet with javascript, icons, and Multi-Language support

1688)   IntelliComplete
Word autocompleter, Shorthand Expander, Productivity Tools.

1689)   TFlashPlayerControl
A Delphi / Builder component to enhance Macromedia Flash Player ActiveX features

1690)   TVicPort
TVicPort are general purpose device drivers for use with practically any programming language

1691)   IDAutomation Barcode ActiveX Control
This is an easy to use Barcode ActiveX Control for barcoding VB6 and Access.

1692)   SwisSQL - Oracle to DB2 Migration Tool
SwisSQL - Oracle to DB2 Edition is an automated migration tool to convert stored procedures implemented in Oracle PL/ SQL code into equivalent IBM DB2 UDB SQL

1693)   SDE for Eclipse (CE) for Java Platform
UML Plug-in for Eclipse

1694)   VideoCap Live ActiveX Control
Delivering live audio and video content in real time to client computers

1695)   MailBee Objects
Set of COM objects for sending, receiving and managing SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 mail

1696)   wodSFTP.NET
wodSFTP.NET is a .NET implemenation of client side of SFTP protocol

1697)   Image2PDF Add-on
Image2PDF Add-on is a library that helps you to convert images to PDF using PDF Creator Pilot

1698)   FmPro Worksheet
FmPro Worksheet - Sends SQL commands to FileMaker 7

1699)   SDE for IntelliJ IDEA (CE) for Windows 1.1 Communi
SDE for IntelliJ IDEA is a full-featured UML CASE tool seamlessly integrated with IntelliJ IDEA.

1700)   Oceantiger jDeveloper
Powerfull sourcecode editor with custimizable color highligting feature.

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