Tuesday, 21 October 2014
Top 2351-2400 Software Development Programs
2351)   QuickHash Library
Fast, highly optimized implementation of popular hash, CRC and HMAC algorithms.

2352)   SocketWrench Standard Edition
Provides basic TCP/IP networking functionality to your application.

2353)   VMM Basic
VMM Basic have intern motion detection commands to make interactive games for your webcam, intern sprite commands based on DirectX to make any 2d game, network commands to make online games and more

2354)   ExpParser COM-DLL
ExpParser is a COM dll to provide the functionality of parsing and calculating a mathematical expression

2355)   4TOPS Excel Import for MS Access 97
The easy way to import excel to access

2356)   SASSI
A fully integrated development environment for Microsoft SQL Server, using VSS.

2357)   AdventNet SwisSQL - Oracle to SQL Server
Automated migration tool to convert Oracle PL/SQL to SQL Server Transact SQL

2358)   GWD Text Editor
Powerful programmer's editor and IDE for Borland C++ and Java

2359)   SDE for Eclipse (SE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Standard Edi
SDE for Eclipse is a full-featured UML plugin module for Eclipse.

2360)   Visual Paradigm for UML (Professional Edition) No
UML Modeling Tool / UML CASE Tool

2361)   SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Xbase++
SMTP/POP3/IMAP XBase++ email component library to send and receive mail.

2362)   Full Convert Standard SQL Server Edition
Full Convert provides powerful and comfortable way to convert data of many databases

2363)   TachyonSpell
An ActiveX DLL that adds Spell Checking functionality to COM-enabled dev. tools!

2364)   UUMerge Freeware Edition
uuMerge Freeware Edition is a command line utility that can be used either to combine multiple text files into a single text file with a separator line between the contents of each file; or alternatively to process a 'merged' file ( previously created by uuMerge or other processes ) and recreate the multiple files.

ADVDAUDIO is a DVD audio ripping developer ActiveX, easy to use in applications with high ripping speed

2366)   Editor.NET
Editor.NET is an advanced code editor.

2367)   SDE for NetBeans (LE) for Java Platform 1.1 Person
SDE for NetBeans is a full-featured UML plugin module for NetBeans.

2368)   ExcelEverywhere for ASP & ASP.NET
Good-looking calculating ASP-page from Excel. 190 functions. No Excel on server.

2369)   MSCBlob for Linux
MSCBlob is an auxiliary component for data blocks storing and transmitting

2370)   MSCPack for Linux
MSCPack is a collection of Miraplacid Scripting Components

2371)   Aspose.Project
Aspose.Project component that can read and write Microsoft Project documents

2372)   Clever Internet ActiveX Suite
Send/receive mail, download/upload Internet resources over popular protocols.

2373)   Genetic System Component (ActiveX)
Genetic System can be used to solve optimization problems

2374)   Exe Stuffer ActiveX Component
Stuff anything or everything into your EXE.

2375)   JamDTA ActiveX Control
ActiveX component for creating German DTA / DTAUS files with money transactions

2376)   CLOX WebMaster ASC
An ASP component that puts animated timezone clocks on your web site.

2377)   UCCDraw ActiveX Control V8.0
UCCDraw ActiveX Control is an ActiveX control that allows creation and editing..

2378)   MSSMixer
ActiveX and DLL controls for monitoring and setting audio mixers in Windows

2379)   Pass Diff Pro
PasDiff Pro is the syntax oriented diff tools for Delphi

2380)   MenuEx ActiveX control
A MenuEx control handles menus in Visual Basic projects.

2381)   VS Law Workstation
VS Law Workstation is a powerful coding standards enforcement add-in for VB

2382)   PDF Maker DLL
FREE ActiveX DLL for creating and editing PDF files.

2383)   EMS DBISAM Manager
Simple and powerful GUI tool for DBISAM adminitration and management.

2384)   EMS PostgreSQL Manager Professional for Windows
EMS PostgreSQL Manager is a powerful graphical tool for PostgreSQL administration and development

2385)   wodSmtp
wodSmtp activex client component used to deliver e-mail messages to server

2386)   blueshell ADO Survey Kit
bAsk is a new diagnostic toolkit for ADO programmers!

2387)   Excel Class for .NET
.NET component for exchanging data between .NET and MS Excel.

2388)   EMS MS SQL Manager
EMS MS SQL Manager is a tool for MS SQL Server administration and development.

2389)   ESBPCS for VCL - D6 Trial
Huge collection of Components and Routines

2390)   TextMeister
A generic text log viewer with powerful monitoring and event notification

2391)   4TOPS Data Analysis for MS Access XP/03
Analysis, presentation and reporting in MS Access

2392)   SocketWrench Secure Edition
Provides basic TCP/IP networking functionality to your application.

2393)   The non-standard COM device
The Driver use COM port of the computer as parallel!You have 2 lines on the write and you have 4 lines on the read

2394)   Visual Paradigm for UML (Professional Edition) for Java Platform
UML CASE tool - UML diagrams, use case modeling, reverse engineering and more...

2395)   WinAARE DLL
Direct recording of streaming audio

2396)   SDE for JBuilder (SE) for Windows 1.1 Standard Edi
SDE for JBuilder is a full-featured UML modelling tool seamlessly integrated with JBuilder.

2397)   Quick License Manager
Add licensing support to your software application in a snap!

2398)   SDE for IBM WebSphere (PE) for Mac OS X
SDE for IBM WebSphere is a UML tool tightly integrated with IBM WebSphere

2399)   Regular Expression Component Library for VC7.1
Search and/or replace strings or files using regular expressions.

2400)   Word Viewer ActiveX Control
Word Viewer ActiveX enables you to create and interacts Word document rapidly!

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