Monday, 20 October 2014
Top 3301-3350 Software Development Programs
3301)   Image Viewer CP ActiveX Control SDK
multi-page tiff activex picture VB, VC++, Delphi, PowerBuilder, VFP, .Net

3302)   Video Edit Gold ActiveX Control
convert media video, audio activex - MOV, VCD, MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, WMV, DVD

3303)   FLV Directshow Pro Source Filter
FLV Directshow source filte allows playback FLV Flash Video.

3304)   BSQL
SQL Query Intellisense Tool for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, Sybase, etc.

3305)   PureComponents Ultimate Suite for .NET
79 .NET WinForms controls for $79

3306)   Advanced PDF Viewer
Add PDF files support to your software!

3307)   dotConnect for SQLite Standard Edition
A free of charge database connectivity solution for SQLite built over ADO.NET.

3308)   Excel Auto Backup Auto Save and Recover Excel Spreadsheets
Excel Auto Backup Auto Save and Recover Excel Spreadsheets Software

3309)   Japplis Toolbox
Japplis Toolbox is a compilation of text utilities.

3310)   Network Programming Gear
Network Programming Gear,Free YourSelf From network programming Now!

3311)   dotConnect for SQLite
A database connectivity solution for SQLite built over ADO.NET architecture.

3312)   Statsar
CSV, descriptive stats, distributions, hypothesis tests, regression, anova

3313)   xSQL Object
Compare and synchronize sql server databases - all objects, SQL Server 2000/2005

3314)   Sunflower Excel .Net
Sunflower Excel is .Net component to convert Excel Spreadsheet XLS to HTML.

3315)   Mangle-It C++ Obfuscator
Makes C/C++ code unreadable. Guard your intellectual property. Defeat hackers!

3316)   ViewonLog for Visual Studio 2005
.NET,C++ logging software for Text,Binary,Screenshot log and powerful Log Viewer

3317)   Eztoo iPod Video Converter
Convert AVI,MPEG, WMV, DVD to iPod MP4 (MPEG-4) Converter with excellent quality

3318)   VeriLook Extended SDK Trial
Webcam capable multiplatform face identification SDK for PC and Web based apps

3319)   Remove or delete duplicate lines or duplicate words or whitespace from multiple files software
duplicates, remover, files, in, scan, finder, deleting, removing, entries, entr

3320)   CD Menu Maker
Create custom cd autorun menus, presentations, multimedia apps, and more!

3321)   Sort Text Lists Alphabetically, CSV Files, by Column or Ascending or Descending Order Software
Sort text lists alphabetically and easily using this software! Using this sorti

3322)   PDF Print Multiple PDF Files at once Software
Print multiple PDF files simply selecting them at once! This requires a version

3323)   Universal Data Access Components
Powerful library of VCL/VCL.NET/CLX cross-database data access components

3324)   FusionCharts for VB
Animated & interactive charts for Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

3325)   DB Cruiser
DB Cruiser is a web (AJAX) database tool with reporting and data importing

3326)   dwTerm
runs your program(*.dll) providing with windows, functions, and a handler-scheme

3327)   DevTracer
Powerful Tracing for Software Developers and Testers

3328)   MaskButton .Net Component
Create any shape button you like with the MaskButton .Net Component

3329)   DayView .Net Component
The DayView .Net Component is a list of items or appointments for a day.

3330)   NetWebDownload .Net Component
NetWebDownload .Net Component gives Visual Studio applications internet access.

3331)   EAUpload.NET
File upload component for ASP.NET with advanced progress information.

3332)   WeBuilder 2008
Powerful, quick and convenient code editor for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.

3333)   Data Wizard for MySQL
A Windows GUI utility for MySQL data management, ASP.NET and PHP programming.

3334)   Audio Sound Record Pro ActiveX SDK
Audio Record, Capture from Microphone, Stereo,Mix, Mono Mix, Aux, Video pins

3335)   Image Processing SDK ActiveX
wang / kodak tiff image activex ,PDF viewer,image viewer, image zoom, merge tiff

3336)   TIFF to PDF ActiveX SDK
tiff image activex ,PDF viewer,image viewer, image zoom, merge tiff, split tiff

3337)   Image SDK ActiveX
multi-page tiff activex picture VB, VC++, Delphi, PowerBuilder, VFP, .Net

3338)   Video Encoder ActiveX Control
convert media video, audio activex - MOV, VCD, MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, WMV, DVD

3339)   Image Thumbnail SDK ActiveX
fast image thumbnail BMP, GIF, ICO, JPEG, J2K, JP2, JPC, J2C, PCX, PNG, PSD, TIF

3340)   TWAIN SDK ActiveX
capture image from all the TWAIN compliant scanner and webcam devices

3341)   MainMedia Tiff Image & Fax ActiveX SDK
image activex, image viewer activex, tiff image activex

3342)   GdTwain Pro SDK - Site License
GdTwain Pro Twain SDK Site License - Acquire Image easily from TWAIN devices

3343)   DBA Easy Control for Oracle
DBA Easy Control for Oracle is a management suite for Oracle DBA

3344)   Teroid Windows Forms Graph
.NET component drawing graphs from a numerical array.

Powerful library for working with DBF files. It does not require any drivers.

3346)   Google Calendar Delphi Component
Powerful component that allows you to work with Google Calendar using Delphi

3347)   DF_MailStuff
DF_MailStuff is a freeware .NET component useful to validate/check email address

3348)   Metadefender
Metadefender AntiVirus Software Development Kit

3349)   HS POP3 Library
HS POP3 C/C++ Source Library with SSL / TLS support

3350)   Jitbit AspNetForum
ASP.NET Forum software. Discussion board, messageboard

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