Thursday, 23 October 2014
Top 3651-3700 Software Development Programs
3651)   Serna Enterprise for Linux
Serna Enterprise: cross-platform WYSIWYG XML editor, supports DITA, Docbook, etc

3652)   Serna Enterprise for Windows
Serna Enterprise: cross-platform WYSIWYG XML editor, supports DITA, Docbook, etc

3653)   Serna Enterprise for Mac OS X
Serna Enterprise: cross-platform WYSIWYG XML editor, supports DITA, Docbook, etc

3654)   WSW Snippits
Manage your code samples with ease

3655)   Snip-It Pro, A Code Snippet Organization Tool
Save Code Snippets, Keystrokes and Time. Never Lose Code. Share Code with Teams.

3656)   DBConvert for SQLite and MSSQL
Bi-directional Database Conversion Tool for SQLite and MS SQL databases

3657)   DBSync for SQLite and MSSQL
Bi-directional synchronization and conversion tool for SQLite & MS SQL databases

3658)   ActiveXperts SMS and MMS component
SMS and MMS ActiveX/COM component. Send, receive via GSM/GPRS,SMPP,XML/SOAP

3659)   ActiveSocket Network Component
Network component for Windows, VB.NET, VC#.NET, Delphi, ASP .NET, C++ and more.

3660)   ActiveXperts Serial Port Component
Serial COM port component for VB.NET, VC#.NET, VB, Delphi, ASP .NET and more

3661)   ActiveXperts SMTP POP3 Component
SMTP and POP3 SDK for .NET, VB, CSharp, C#, VC++, VB.NET, Delphi, PHP, Java

3662)   ActiveXperts Scripting Component
Invoke VBScript functions and (remote) Windows commands from any application

3663)   ActiveXperts Twitter Toolkit
Twitter component for Windows developers to write and read tweets

3664)   Free CHM Decompiler
A program to decompile the resources from CHM file format.

3665)   DataRhino
Visual Database Browser, 'SQL-Free' Searches

3666)   SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Engine for dBase
Send, parse, and receive emails from within a dBASE application.

3667)   Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll
Send/Read/Delete/Wap Push SMS through GSM mobile/modem connected to PC.

3668)   VISCOM Video conferencing SDK ActiveX
video, audio chat, video conferencing within their business application.

3669)   VISCOM Video Capture to MPEG, FLV, MP4 SDK ActiveX
Video Capture SDK OCX ActiveX for FLV, iPod, PSP

3670)   VISCOM Karaoke DJ Mixer ActiveX SDK
Mix music and voice from microphone, Playback wav, mp3, mpg, avi file

3671)   Software Update Wizard
Add Software Update Wizard to your application with a single line of code.

3672)   SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Engine for Xbase++
Send, parse, and receive emails from within a Xbase++ application.

3673)   SSIS Component Explorer
Provide programmable information for each component in SSIS.

3674)   Expert Logger
Logging SSIS packages at a time with a good user customizable interface.

3675)   Image Upload Column
Quick and simple way of uploading pictures.

3676)   PDF Creating
PDF Creating: create PDF documents easily

3677)   CID
get computer related unique ID

3678)   Free Plato Youtube Search Downloader
download videos from Youtube and convert them to other video formats

3679)   SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Engine for PowerBASIC
SMTP/POP3/IMAP PowerBASIC email component library to send and receive mail.

3680)   ELCryptula ActiveX DLL
ELCryptula ActiveX DLL is unique cryptographic library

3681)   IDAutomation MaxiCode Font and Encoder
Collection of fonts and components to generate MaxiCode barcodes.

3682)   USB Monitoring Control
USB Monitoring Control Library ActiveX Component. Monitor USB From Application

3683)   wodWebServer.NET
Is an .NET Component that implements server side of HTTP and HTTPS protocols

3684)   DIVA
Unique database viewer that can represent physical structure schema in 3D & 2D

3685)   HS X.25 (with RFC1613 XOT) C Source Library
HS X.25 (with RFC1613 XOT) C Source Library for X.25 over IP

3686)   SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Engine for COBOL
Send, parse, and receive emails from within a COBOL application.

3687)   Text To Wave ActiveX Server DLL
Text To Wave DLL allows programmers to convert any readable text to spoken wave

3688)   A-one DVD to Pocket PC Ripper
DVD to Pocket PC Converter - Enjoy your DVD Movies on your Pocket PC Right now!

Create database application using database schema and without knowing programmin

3690)   HS SMTP
HS SMTP Protocol C Source Library, supports SMTP over TLS

3691)   NeoBook Rapid Application Builder
Application Builder & Multimedia Authoring. Creates distributable EXE files.

3692)   Bainsoft BSQL
SQL Query Intellisense Tool for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, Sybase, etc.

3693)   Bainsoft BDB Professional Edition
Create ER diagrams for database designing, carrying out database deployment...

3694)   AutoThumb
AutoThumb generates an automatic thumbnail of every picture posted with [img].

3695)   Text Capture Component (SDK) - GetWord
a professional component (SDK) for capturing text from anywhere

3696)   RoutineBot
Automate interface testing tasks with interface robot

3697)   Visual Patch Maker
Visual Patch binary patch maker for creating software patches & software updates

3698)   InstrumentLab .NET
.NET Visual instruments - Gauges, Thermometers, Clocks, Segment Indicators

3699)   Ultimate Uploader
java applet file uploa, Multiple files upload, Drag and Drop

3700)   Audio File Convert ActiveX
Convert audio files between 5 major formats and splits them

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