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Active X - Software Development Programs from 401 to 450 listed after downloads number
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401)   Virtual Serial Port ActiveX CE
Create virtual serial ports directly from your applications under Windows CE!

402)   dtControls
dtControls is a control library packaged as a single OCX control.

403)   CBB TextPrinter
An ActiveX component that sends text to the printer without using the spooler.

404)   JRFile Viewer Activex
JRFileViewer is a ActiveX control that allows software developers to add a file and drive list to their applications with a couple of lines of code

405)   Data Form ActiveX Control
Create or expand your database applications anywhere effortlessly.

406)   BigSpeed Popup Blocker
BigSpeed Popup Blocker is an ActiveX control that allows you to create your own application for intelligent popup blocking

407)   ASPThumb
ASP component (ActiveX) to create high-quality thumbnails.

408)   wodBeep
wodBeep activeX component is a peer-to-peer connection

409)   MRAC
Macro Recorder ActiveX control.

410)   Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control
Create virtual serial port directly from your application and work with it.

411)   EaseSoft Barcode ActiveX Control
EaseSoft ActiveX Controls are easy to work in any Windows application

412)   Statistics ActiveX
Provides different basic statistical measures, for example the (co)variance.

413)   VLViewPort
Use VLViewPort and get scrollable viewport with auto scrolling ability.

414)   SocketTools Scripting Edition
Scripting components for Internet application development.

415)   wodImapServer
wodImapServer ActiveX control is IMAP4 protocol server component

416)   VideoEdit ActiveX Control
User define output video size

417)   blueshell Active Tables
Use blueshell Active Tables to connect Visual Basic to databases using ADO!

418)   MailBee SMTP
Fast and easy-to-use component for creating, sending and queuing SMTP e-mail

419)   MailBee POP3
Fast and easy-to-use component for receiving and managing POP3 e-mail

420)   DVD Author ActiveX Control
Convert DVD mpeg file to DVD Image(

421)   wodPop3Server
wodPop3Server Active X control provide full Pop3 protocol server implementation

422)   ASP/Export2Access
ASP component that allows web developers to export from recordsets into MS-Acces

423)   SocketTools Standard Subscription
Internet COM objects, ActiveX controls, and Windows DLLs.

424)   mCore Pro SMS/WAP Push Com(Distribution)
ActiveX Component for sending/receiving SMS and WAP Push using GSM Modem

425)   dtLibrary
dtLibrary is a class library packaged as a single ActiveX DLL.

426)   Image Viewer CP ActiveX Control
Image viewer CP by Viscomsoft is a simple and easy Active X/ OCX control to creates, displays, edits, flips, resizes and rotates image, photo and graphic

427)   axExplorerCombo
Add Explorer drive selection combobox functionality to your application!

428)   E-Mail Expert
E-Mail Expert is an ActiveX COM DLL for sending SMTP and MIME email messages.

429)   TN BRIDGE Integration Pack for ActiveX
TN Bridge Integration Pack 3

430)   Subclassing ActiveX
Enables the subclassing of window forms, that means the interception and execution of their messages

431)   JRActivesizer
JRActiveSizer 1

432)   ExcelToHTML
ActiveX DLL to automatically create HTML from Excel workbook files.

433)   SocketTools Secure Subscription
Secure Internet COM objects, ActiveX controls, and Windows DLLs.

434)   ASP/Export2PDF
ASP component that allows web developers to export from recordsets into PDF.

435)   Video Media Player Pro ActiveX OCX SDK
media player, video player activex Mov, Mp4, 3gp, AVI, WMV, MPEG-1, RM, MPEG-2

436)   wodWebServer
ActiveX Component that implements server side of HTTP and HTTPS protocols

437)   VisioForge Video Edit SDK (ActiveX Version)
ActiveX control for video editing.

438)   VisioForge Video Capture SDK (ActiveX Version)
ActiveX control for video capturing.

439)   GdPicture Light Image Processing Toolkit
GdPicture Imaging Toolkits - Image Processing SDK

440)   VISCOM Video, Audio Chat Pro ActiveX OCX SDK
video, audio chat, video conferencing within their business application.

441)   Video Media Player ActiveX Control
video, audio media playback activex control

442)   TIFF Image Viewer CP ActiveX Control SDK
multi-page tiff activex picture VB, VC++, Delphi, PowerBuilder, VFP, .Net

443)   Video Edit ActiveX Control
For Professional Windows Developers who need to provide editing video/audio file

444)   Customized Windows Logon DLL
Create your own biometric logon for windows

445)   GdPicture Pro Imaging SDK - Site License
GdPicture Pro Imaging ActiveX and OCR Toolkit - Site License

446)   GdTwain ActiveX Site License
GdTwain OCX Site License - Twain ActiveX SDK for vb, delphi, .NET, vfp, C/C++

447)   BarcodeReader-ActiveX
Use BarcodeReader-ActiveX for recognizing barcodes from images or data streams

448)   conaito VoIP SDK ActiveX
conaito VoIP SDK for developers of VoIP audio applications and webpages

449)   conaito VoIP Extended SDK ActiveX
conaito VoIP Extended SDK for developers of VoIP audio applications and webpages

450)   GdTwain OCX TWAIN ActiveX
GdTwain OCX - Twain control ActiveX SDK for vb, delphi, .NET, foxpro, C/C++