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Database & SQL - Software Development Programs from 101 to 150 listed after downloads number
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101)   Quick Query
MS Access Plug in. A context sensitive, simple way to perform SQL based queries.

102)   MicroBase
MicroBase provides database creation, analysis, and an application interface.

103)   DBF-Desktop
DBF Database Manager for managing DBF files such as Fox,Clipper and Hiper-Six

104)   Brilliant Database SDK
All-in-one database software: create end-user executable database programs...

105)   SQL Admin Studio
SQL Admin Studio is a powerful SQL Database Management Tool

106)   Express Agent
Express Agent lets you schedule and execute jobs and backups for SQL Express.

107)   EMS SQL Manager 2005 Lite for SQL Server
Eeasy-to-use freeware graphical tool for MS SQL/MSDE administration.

108)   DBX4MySQL
microOLAP dbExpress Delphi/C++Builder driver for MySQL

109)   LightBase LBW
LightBase is a software tool for rapid development of applications that need to accommodate Full-Text Retrieval (FTR) facilities with multimedia characteristics such as sound, images, and video simultaneously

110)   Aqua Data Studio
SQL Query tool that allows developers to create edit and execute SQL scripts

111)   dataPro
dataPro is a simple and powerful cross-platform database tool designed for database management, database development and database conversion

112)   Firebird PHP Generator
A Windows GUI utility for Firebird PHP programming.

113)   SQLWriter
SQLWriter is a powerful SQL script editor for almost all kinds of Database

114)   MaxDB Maestro
A Windows GUI tool for MaxDB administration and database development.

115)   SQLite Analyzer
Process SQLite databases visually with SQLite Analyzer! Free trial!

116)   Sql2Plus Professional
Oracle SQL query tool. Sql2plus, easy to use. SQL samples, weblinks, save XML.

117)   DBISAM viewer
This tool allow to read/open the DBISAM tables on any computer

118)   Capxous
resolve database conflicts, only 900kb

119)   ClearSQL
ClearSQL is a powerful tool for quick syntax checking and formatting PL/SQL code

120)   DBVA for Eclipse for Windows
DBVA for Eclipse is an Eclipse ORM plugin that supports: round trip engineering between source code and Class Diagram, reverse existing database to ERD, generate database from ERD, generate persistent Java objects correspond to a RDBMS

121)   Extended Stored Procedure class for VC++
Write Extended Stored Procedures for Microsoft SQL Server with ease.

122)   Foxy SQL Pro
Run SQL queries and commands on any database. Connections: ADO, ODBC and native.

123)   Apex SQL Script
Apex SQL Script converts databases to scripts, .net exe's, deployment packages

124)   ResumeGrabber
If your business is Recruiting then use ResumeGrabber

125)   SCIROCCO ADO Data Control
Navigate, Add, Delete, Edit, Search, Undo and Save changes to ADO recordsets!

126)   MDBSecure
Utility, secure Access databases (mdb), encrypt, Jet Connection String, SecFAQ

127)   Database Tour
Cross-database tool

128)   Extended Stored Procedure component
Write Extended Stored Procedures for Microsoft SQL Server with ease.

129)   Apex SQL Edit
Apex SQL edit is an integrated SQL database editing tool/IDE

130)   EasyViewOrcl
Click to view schema/data in Oracle. No SQL knowlegde needed! Easy to use.

131)   SwisSQL - SQLOne Console
DBA/Developer tool to convert SQL queries from one SQL dialect to another.

132)   SQL Code Library
Multi-language source code library and clipboard extender for Windows

133)   ASCII Reference Chart
Useful ASCII Chart with values in hex, decimal. Includes common HTML values.

134)   Firebird Maestro
A Windows GUI tool for Firebird administration and database development.

135)   Optimal Decision System
Optimal Decision System is a powerful, flexible, intuitive environment for the development, testing and debugging, profiling and optimization of expert system-based applications

136)   SQL Server Comparison Tool
Analyze, compare and document SQL Server databases. Easy database comparison.

137)   SQL Script Recovery
Dencrypt stored procedures, triggers,views or user-define function

138)   SQL Balance for MySQL
Compare and synchronize databases controlled by MySQL. Very fast!

139)   DBDesigner 4
The DBDesigner 4 lets you handle your databases the most efficient way.

140)   Oracle Query Analyser
Professional Database Tool for Oracle

141)   Cornolius Database Application
A secure multi-user database creator and manager for individuals and businesses!

142)   AlligatorSQL Enterprise Edition
AlligatorSQLis the first IDE covering the most common database servers in the market through on common conception

143)   Access2PostgreSQL PRO
Bi-directional database conversion tool for MS Access and PostgreSQL databases

144)   DTM Data Editor
Database viewer and editor with BLOB import/export options.

145)   SwisSQL - Data Migration Tool
Supports Migration of Schema and Data across Oracle, IBM DB2, SQL Server, Sybase

146)   Data Loader
A simple tool to export, import, migrate and convert databases and CSV files.

147)   M8 Data Capture Demo
Data Capture System

148)   SQL Edge
run SQL queries, draw ER diagrams, and visualize data relationship

149)   DBi-DScript
Custom Data Generator

150)   SQLitePlus
SQLitePlus COM DLL and Database Manager for SQLite Databases