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Components & Libraries - Software Development Programs from 851 to 900 listed after downloads number
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851)   CrystalOCR
CrystalOCR is an accurate royalty-free OCR engine

852)   dotConnect for SQLite Standard
A free of charge database connectivity solution for SQLite built over ADO.NET.

853)   dotConnect for PostgreSQL Express
A free of charge connectivity solution for PostgreSQL built over ADO.NET.

854)   PowerInteractPoint - Interactive Flash
Rich Interactive Flash Components for e-Learning, PowerPoint and Web.

855)   ActiveFinish Express Edition
.Net Winforms control surface design with effects

856)   Excel Jetcell .NET
Excel Jetcell is a .NET component allows to read and write Excel XLS XLSX.

857)   dotConnect for MySQL Express
A free of charge database connectivity solution for MySQL built over ADO.NET.

858)   HashDigester
DiceLock Security HashDigester Library - Add hash to applications - AWE extended

859)   DigesterCheck
DigesterCheck GUI and Library - Hash algorithms for applications - AWE extended

860)   DateTime Column
DateTime is quick way to make your Date Time controls cross-browser compatible.

861)   Email Web Part
Provides e-mail sending functionality directly from SharePoint web site.

862)   Ms Outlook message library
.Net library allowing you to read data from Microsoft Outlook .msg files

863)   OnBarcode Free Leitcode Reader Scanner free Leitcode Reader & Scanner Software

864)   OnBarcode Free ITF-14 Reader Scanner free ITF-14 Reader & Scanner Software

865)   OnBarcode Free ISSN Reader Scanner free ISSN Reader & Scanner Software

866)   OnBarcode Free ISBN Reader Scanner free ISBN Reader & Scanner Software

867)   Interleaved 2 of 5 Reader Scanner free Interleaved 2 of 5 Reader & Scanner Software

868)   OnBarcode Free Identcode Reader Scanner free Identcode Reader & Scanner Software

869)   OnBarcode Free UPC-E Reader Scanner free UPC-E Reader & Scanner Software

870)   OnBarcode Free UPC-A Reader Scanner free UPC-A Reader & Scanner Software

871)   OnBarcode Free EAN-8 Reader Scanner free EAN-8 Reader & Scanner Software

872)   OnBarcode Free EAN-13 Reader Scanner free EAN-13 Reader & Scanner Software

873)   OnBarcode Free Code 128 Reader Scanner free Code 128 Reader & Scanner Software

874)   OnBarcode Code 39 Reader Scanner free Code 39 Reader & Scanner Software

875)   OnBarcode Data Matrix Reader Scanner free Data Matrix Reader & Scanner Software

876)   OnBarcode Free QR Code Reader Scanner free QR Code Reader & Scanner Software

877)   Aspose.Pdf for JasperReports
Export PDF reports from JasperReports & JasperServer.

878)   Aspose.Network for SharePoint
Aspose.Network for SharePoint allows converting email docs; files & emails sync.

879)   MoleBox SDK
MoleBox SDK is an application virtualization library for Windows software.

880)   Better ListView
ListView replacement control for .NET, alternative ListView component

881)   QtitanDataGrid
An extremely fast, flexible and functional data grid component for Qt programs

882)   QtitanMultimedia
A Qt component for adding Flash, Silverlight and Adobe Reader to your projects

883)   Docotic.Pdf
Docotic.Pdf is a .NET PDF library for reading and writing PDF documents.

884)   LibTiff.Net
LibTiff.Net is a .NET version of original libtiff library.

885)   LibJpeg.Net
LibJpeg.Net is a .NET version of original libjpeg library.

886)   Hierarchical Data Light Library
Hierarchical data related components for Silverlightâ„¢ 4 / WPF 4

887)   Virto SharePoint Workflow Activities Kit
No-code set of 140+ Activities for creating Custom SharePoint Workflow

888)   UseOffice .Net
Robust .Net component to convert DOC, DOCX, HTML, RTF, XLS, XLSX, PPT to PDF

889)   HS COM C Source Code Library
HS COM C Source Library (Serial communication library)

890)   SuanShu
numerical methods, numerical analysis, Java math, statistics

891)   NMEA Parser
C# source codes of NMEA Parser

892)   OnBarcode Barcode Generator Software Barcode Generator Software

893)   OnBarcode Free Codabar Reader Scanner free Codabar Reader & Scanner Software

894)   ThinVNC SDK for Remote Desktop and Application Sharing Integration
ThinVNC SDK, Remote Desktop and Application Sharing Integration

895)   AutoAbacus
AutoAbacus is a powerful Java non-linear equation solving library.

896)   LightningChart Ultimate SDK
The fastest data visualization SDK / chart / graph library for .NET and Windows

897)   SAML SSO Component Suite for .NET
SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) Component Suite for .NET

898)   SAML v2.0 SSO Component for .NET
SAML v2.0 Single Sign-On (SSO) Component for .NET

899)   SAML v1.1 SSO Component for .NET
SAML v1.1 Single Sign-On (SSO) Component for .NET

900)   ActiveComport
Serial COM port component for VB.NET, VC#.NET, VB, Delphi, ASP .NET and more