Saturday, 25 October 2014
Editors & Tools - Software Development Programs from 351 to 400 listed after downloads number
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351)   Ultimate Pack
All Greatis Software's Delphi / C++ Builder components in one pack

352)   Addict Spell Check for VCL
Spell checking and thesaurus component suite for Delphi and C++ Builder.

353)   SvCom
SvCom is a service development and security management framework

354)   VisioForge Video Capture SDK (Delphi)
Delphi control for video capturing.

355)   Delphi Spell Checker PRO
Award-winning Spell Checker for Delphi. Check Spelling in forms, hints, captions

356)   CAD Import VCL
DXF DWG PLT HPGL SVG CGM Import for Borland Delphi and C++Builder developers

357)   VisioForge Media Player SDK (Delphi)
Delphi control for video and DVD playback.

358)   VisioForge Video Edit SDK (Delphi)
Delphi control for video editing.

359)   dirtyJOE
complex editor for compiled .class files

360)   Runtime Fusion Complete
Complete runtime form editor solution with designer, inspector and scripter

361)   Syntax Diagram Editor & Parser Compiler
Generate Parser directly from editable Syntax Diagrams; EBNF to Syntax Diagram

362)   CD Key Generator
Keys can be exported to an encrypted file in addition to an Array, ArrayList