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Help Tools - Software Development Programs from 1 to 50 listed after downloads number
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1)   Oracle Error Messages Viewer
"Oracle Error Messages Viewer" stores all of the Oracle database error messages (ORA, PLS, RMAN ...) with causes and actions.

2)   Windows HLP To RTF
Windows HLP To RTF is designed to convert Microsoft Windows Help (*.HLP) to RTF

3)   Visual Basic Api SourceBook Standard
More than 870 Visual Basic API references, easy declared exercises, and ready-to-use VB source codes

4)   HLP to RTF Converter
It allows you to convert any HLP files to RTF easily. Supports Command Line.

5)   Windows CHM To WORD
convert Windows Help files (*.chm) to Word Document.

6)   WinCHM - help authoring software
Create help files, Make CHM files, Create a help file, write help files easily.

7)   L-Nix
Interactive UNIX tutorial program that teaches concepts of f the UNIX OS.

8)   HelpExpert
Generate platform independent documentation

9)   Mihov ASCII Master
Show ASCII value of any key pressed in decimal or hex!

10)   Win Compare
Compare, view, synchronize and merge files from various folders very easily.

11)   WinCHM [help authoring tool]
A html help authoring tool that help you create help file quickly.

12)   Windows HTML To WORD
convert html file to Word Document.

13)   Whizlabs Java Certification (SCJP 1.4) Online Training
Ensure success in SCJP 1.4 with Whizlabs' instructor-led, online training.

14)   Roadkil's Error List
Displays information relating to a windows error code

15)   BB FlashBack
Easy to use screen recorder creates quality Flash / AVI / WMV movies with sound.

16)   VQ CHM Decompiler
Extracts all parts of HTML Help File, with complete project file.

17)   CHM to HTML Converter
CHM to HTML Converter allows you to convert any CHM files to HTML easily.

18)   Developer's Tips & Tricks
The Developer's "know-how" database; archive and organize Your Tips & Tricks

19)   PT DocuMaker
Allows the software developer to easily generate application documentation.

20)   L-Basic
L-Basic is a Basic language tutorial program

21)   MagicHelp Help Authoring Tool
Multi-user help authoring tool for HTMLHelp/WebHelp/JavaHelp/OracleHelp/MsHelp2

22)   for Windows Help Designer/Winhelp
Visagesoft for Windows« Help Designer is a stand alone and true WYSIWYG Windows help authoring tool

23)   Fast-Help v3
Fast-Help is a Windows Help File Generator that produces, HtmlHelp (.CHM), WinHelp (.HLP), Website Help, Printable Manuals, MS Word Manuals and PDF.

24)   Windows CHM To HTML
convert Windows Help files (*.chm) to HTML ormat files directly.

25)   HHReg - HTML Help Registration Utility
HHReg is a utility to register HTML Help (.chm) files on an individual Windows computer to make them available for viewing.

26)   Softany Txt2Htm2Chm
Convert Text to various HTML formats.(HTML help, Web help, ebook, FAQ, SingleHTML)

27)   Roadkil's Data Byte
Converts any file into a format that can be included into your application

28)   Database Manager
Conveniently manage your dBase-compatible tables with this intuitive tool

29)   HelpBreeze HTML Help/JavaHelp Edition
A complete visual environment for creating HTML Help (.chm) & JavaHelp files.

30)   Shareware Authors Resource Guide
FREE information about how to start and run a successful shareware business.

31)   iShow tutorial builder standard
Easy-to-use, create fantastic online FLASH demos in minutes for ...

32)   HELLLP! WinHelp Author Tool for WinWord
WinHelp File author tool for Microsoft Word for Windows.

33)   Dr.Explain
Software help authoring tool. Dr.Explain makes CHM, RTF, and HTML help files.

34)   A-one DVD Copy
backup your own favorite DVD movies to new copy for saving original disc

35)   PDF DocuReader
PDF-Benutzerhandb├╝cher und Hilfe in eigener Software lesen und darstellen

36)   CubeHelpSDK
CubeHelpSDK is an advanced help development system

37)   ZenHelp
Easily create HTML help files directly from Microsoft Word

38)   Helpinator Free CHM PDF HTML Help Tool
Easy to use help authoring tool that produces CHM, PDF, RTF and HTML.

39)   Simple USB Logger
This free software monitors USB packets between USB driver and USB device.

40)   CHM Editor Home
Handy editor for editing and translating CHM files.

41)   Mext
Text editor that is designed for writing programs helps, creating webpages.

42)   How Much Life Insurance Do I Need
This may possibly appear straightforward but calculating one's life insurance is

43)   Directory

44)   WinCHM for Word
Create help files (HTML Help, Web Help and PDF) from Microsoft Word document

45)   Help+Manual
Windows help authoring tool to create help files and PDF manuals

46)   Create CHM from screenshots
Free tool. Create CHM (Microsoft HTML Help) file from screenshots.

47)   Helpinator Professional
Help authoring tool. Easy to use, supports CHM help, PDF, RTF and Web help.

48)   Rapid CHM Maker
Rapid CHM Maker is the easiest CHM Maker / CHM Creator in the market

49)   HelpGear
CHM, Web Help, and PDF creation is easy with an excellent help authoring tool

50)   QSnipps
The perfect tool for programmers to store and organize re-usable code.