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Install & Setup - Software Development Programs from 1 to 50 listed after downloads number
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1)   ISSI
Inno Setup Script Includes is a library of functions for Inno Setup.

2)   ScriptMaker
Scriptmaker helps you construct installation scripts for Jordan's Inno Setup.

3)   Software Compress
EXE Packer and Anticracking protector. Excellent compression level.

4)   Stardust Setup Packager
Package multiple setup programs into a single self-extracting executable

5)   Virtual Speed Installation Creator

6)   InstallAware Studio Admin for MSI
Import and Customize MSI Windows Installers, Remotely Build Setup Programs

7)   SetupBuilder
Powerful and easy to use installation system

8)   QSetup Installation Suite
QSetup is designed to create solid and dependable installation delivery

9)   SkinCrafter Installer
SkinCrafter Installer freeware developer tool for MSI install packages skinning.

10)   NETCheck
Check for .NET Framework in Your Software, Download, Install It

11)   Setup Builder
Setup Builder Installer for Windows

12)   EXE Stealth Packer
Protect and compress your software against illegal use.

13)   Smart Install Maker
Save time on software deployment by creating installation packages in minutes

14)   Daboo AutoRun
Removes limitations of Autorun by allowing multiple file types to be run.

15)   Paquet Builder
Create personalized, full-featured Self-Extracting 7-Zip Cabinet or Zip packages

16)   SSE Setup
FREE easy and trusted install creator ( setup builder ) that's full-featured

17)   GVH Setup Maker
The Setup-creation tool for the prof. programmer: No scripting. All GUI.

18)   InstallAware Studio for Windows Installer
Build Windows Installer MSI Setups with Fully Customized User Interfaces

19)   Neat Install
Neat Install is an InstallShield and the other installation tools graphics.

20)   InstallConstruct
InstallConstruct is a Windows installer, doesn't require programming background.

21)   NSIS_Script_Editor
work with configuration files of Nullsoft Scriptable Install System

22)   Advanced Installer Professional
Advanced Installer Professional 4.7 is a Windows Installer authoring tool.

23)   InstallAware Developer for Windows Installer
Create Installation Wizard Based MSI Setups with Easy MSIcode Scripting

24)   EasySetup
It makes easily small yet powerful installers for all kind of files.

25)   InstallAware Professional
Genuine Scripting for Windows Installer: InstallAware lets you create Windows Installer setups the traditional, script-driven way.

26)   InstallAware Express for Windows Installer
Windows Installer Setups with Web Deployment, IIS, ACL, MS/My SQL/Oracle Support

27)   Updater
Updater is an advanced auto update module which is very easy to integrate.

28)   RedShift - Installation System
Create a simple, smart looking, single executable software installer in seconds

29)   ArInstall
Is an easy-to-use installation development tool for creating setups.

30)   InstallAware Express MSI Installer
MSI Builder for IIS, SQL, Web Updates, x64, Windows 8, DIFx Driver Installs

31)   Visual Patch Express
The fastest and easiest way to create secure binary patches for your software

32)   NSIS Skincrafter plugin
NSIS SkinCrafter Plugin is a freeware addon meant to skin NSIS install packages.

33)   DeployMaster
Installation builder delivering your software with a good first impression.

34)   Agentix Installer
Creates single-exe setups. Small size overhead. Multilingual and .net support.

35)   Tarma Installer
Tarma Installer creates stand-alone software installers.

36)   Net Update
Net Update is the fastest & easiest way to distribute all your software updates.

37)   InstallSimple
Compact and powerful utility to build your installs in seconds!

38)   Tarma QuickInstall
Tarma QuickInstall creates fast, compact, and full-featured software installers.

39)   Tarma ExpertInstall
Tarma ExpertInstall creates native and MSI software installers.

40)   Altova SchemaAgent
Altova SchemaAgent is a graphical XML Schema management tool.

41)   HtmlApp Studio
Point and click deploy toolkit for wrapping HTML, batch, and runnable files

42)   MyUpdate Toolkit
Easily integrate great-looking update functionality into your software product.

43)   AGInstaller
Creates installations from script file. Only 46k overhead.

44)   CreateInstall Light
Convenient and intuitive installer for creating top quality installation packs.

45)   Private exe Protector
Powerful polymorphic Win32 applications protector

46)   V-Setup
Extremely easy to use tool for developers to quickly build and deploy your softs

47)   AntiDuplicate
SDK for creation of copy protected software dongles from USB flash drives.

48)   Cheap Golf Clubs
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49)   New Year Packages
To Get New Year Packages contact with Park Rid Gerewari

50)   Oak Studio Installer
Oak Studio process your Oak Sensor data in graphical and tabular form.