Thursday, 23 October 2014
Automation Tools - System Utilities Programs from 101 to 150 listed after downloads number
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101)   Automatic PC Shutdown Pro
Set your PC to shut down or log off automatically

102)   Auto Shutdown Free
Free Auto Shutdown scheduler. Saves electricity, your computer, and money.

103)   FLATT for Mac
FLATT (Flexible Automation and Troubleshooting Tool)

104)   imgoptimize
Image optimization with no quality loss

105)   Advanced Task Scheduler Network
Create scheduled tasks on the server and manage them from any computer remotely.

106)   Post Back
Reply to classified posts without composing a new email!

107)   File Monitor
Monitor folders for new files and trigger actions using File Monitor.

108)   DropIt
A tiny, flexible, hard-working tool to automate sorting and organizing files

109) Backup
Save each kind of important data and files scheduled and automatically!

110)   Speed Install
Automatic software installer

111)   Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater
Alternative Updater for Flash Player

112)   BOINC Monitor
A desktop gadget that shows the status of running tasks.

113)   S3 Transfer Engine
S3 Transfer Enginetool for Amazon S3 file transfer and archiving

114)   Super SEO Software
Super SEO Pinger - Get your site in the top of Google in a matter of minutes!

Sync your local documents with Google Docs

116)   Automatic Wallpaper Change Software
Automatic Desktop Background Change Software - wallpaper automatic changer

117)   Automatically Take Webcam Pictures
Automatically Take Webcam Pictures Software

118)   Auto Clear Recent Documents History
Automatically Clear Recent Documents History Software.

119)   Auto Shut Down Reboot or Logoff
Automatically Shut Down, Reboot or Logoff Computer At Certain Time Software

120)   PDF to EPUB
PDF to EPUB - convert pdf documents to epub ebook formats

121)   IP Tools for Excel
NEW - IP Tools for Excel adds ping nslookup sort traceroute - Instant Results

122)   LuJoSoft MouseClicker
LuJoSoft MouseClicker is a simple program that clicks your mouse automatically a

123)   RankChecker
an automatic follow-up after grading your site in the main search engines

124)   CodeTwo AutoLogon
Login automatically to MS Exchange mailboxes and SharePoint platforms.

125)   Advanced Email Parser Server
Processing and extracting data from incoming E-mail messages.

126)   Workspace Macro Pro - Macro Software
Macro Software, Windows automation software with macro recorder & task scheduler

127)   Montu
Montu will play battle phlinx for you at

128)   MiniGolfRadness
MiniGolfRadness will play the pogo Mini Golf Madness game for you on

129)   Keeno
Keeno plays the keno pop game.

130)   Jongathon
Jongathon will play WordJong games for you repeatedly on

131)   JigsawGPS
JigsawGPS is a Jigsaw Treasure Hunter cheat.

132)   Automation Anywhere Server
The Automation Software. Business Process and IT automation revolutionized.

133)   HitMe2
HitMe2 will play pogo Turbo 21for you automatically on

134)   HeartBeeps
HeartBeeps Cheat, Auto Program plays Pogo Hearts on automatically.

135)   HairSpray
Play MakeOver Madness on automatically with Hairspray.

136)   GeneralRisk
GeneralRisk is a pogo Risk cheat for use on

137)   FortuneTeller
FortuneTeller will daub your numbers for you in Fortune Bingo on

138)   FlowerPower
FlowerPower is a pogo Flower Daze cheat for use on

139)   FlightAttendant
FlightAttendant plays World Class Solitaire games for you on

140)   FiveOfAKind
FiveOfAKind runs dice derby for you on

141)   FillerKiller
FillerKiller will play pogo Balloon Bounce for you on

142)   EuchrePlayer
Win at Euchre on and use our Cheat, Auto, Program to get the job done

143)   Domination
Domination will play pogo Super Dominoes for you at

144)   DeucesWild
DeucesWild is the new High Stakes Poker cheat. DeucesWild play High Stakes Poker

145)   Clues4U
Clues4U is a Pogo Clue: Secrets & Spies Cheat Auto Program

146)   CanastaMasta
A pogo canasta cheat for Canasta on

147)   Bumper
Bumper is a Shuffle Bump cheat for use on the Shuffle Bump game.

148)   BumbleJumble
BumbleJumble plays the Tumble Bees game for you automatically on

149)   BoardWalker
Pogo Monopoly Slots Cheat is out and it is called BoardWalker

150)   Bloopage
Bloopage is a Bloop cheat for use on the Blooop pogo game.