Thursday, 17 April 2014
Password Tools - System Utilities Programs from 151 to 200 listed after downloads number
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151)   X-Lizard
Compact password manager. Manage and save usernames and passwords.

152)   Password Generator Professional 2008
Generate passwords, serial numbers and random numbers with commandline support.

153)   Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor
GPU-accelerated wireless network security audit tool

154)   Password Manager Complete
Password Manager Complete is a useful, secure utility to manage your passwords

155)   OnePass
An easy-to-use password creator application for Windows

156)   DST Password Generator
Random password generator

157)   JiJi Self Service Password Reset
jiji self service password reset end-users can securely reset their own password

158)   Unmask IE Password
Internet explorer password revealer tool recovers forgotten asterisk passwords

159)   Atomic Excel Password Recovery
Recover password-protected MS Excel 97-2003 spreadsheets - guaranteed!

160)   ! - Webm8 Portable Edition
Carry your passwords on your key ring.

161)   ImagiPass
Utility to create and manage crucially important passwords.

162)   MobileWitch Pass Safe
MobileWitch-Pass-Safe-PC is a strong, innovative password manager software.

163)   FlyingBit Password Keeper
Secure organizer that allows to store your passwords, serial numbers and codes.

164)   Web Login Manager
Browser Password Manager. Easy to use and edit saved login profiles.

165)   Porta+ Private Notes
Passwords, logins, credit cards, ideas and thoughts – all in one secure place.

166)   Password Generator Software
Password Generator creates random passwords of any length and character content.

167)   Data Recall - Free Alternative to Info Keep
Data Recall will easily and securely store of all of your critical data

168)   Forgot Administrator Password
ElcomSoft System Recovery is the answer if you forgot administrator password.

169)   Dupe Destroyer
Dupe Destroyer removes duplicate entries from one or more wordlists very quick!

170)   SpotFTP Password Recover
SpotFTP is Windows software for recovering FTP passwords stored in computers.

171)   Internet Explorer Password Recovery Utility
Instantly retrieves the passwords stored in Internet Explorer

172)   Password Protector 2006
Don't worry about forgetting passwords anymore! Manage your passwords securely!

173)   Windows Password Buster Professional
Windows Password Buster Professional is a Windows Password Recovery Tool.

174)   Bitobit Mithril Password Manager
Quick and secure password storage and management