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Shell Tools - System Utilities Programs from 1 to 50 listed after downloads number
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1)   PS Tray Factory
Hide,sort,restore system tray icons and easily manage them with PS Tray Factory

2)   FirmTools ShellExtension
FirmTools ShellExtension Picture Viewer

3)   Boot-up system (autorun)
Boot-up system is freeware program which enable auto run of application.

4)   Minimize To Tray
Minimize, hide any application to system tray, it’s like boss key hide them all!

5)   LinkChanger
Makes replacing in groups of Windows Links(*.lnk) information like: Path,Args...

6)   Jitbit Virtual Keyboard
On-screen virtual keyboard. Type text with your mouse.

7)   Vista Start Menu
A superior alternative to the Start menu. Start working with pleasure!

8)   Windows Manager
Program to read/set position, text, hiding, active state & many more via handle

9)   Fasta
Fasta is a small utility to quickly run frequently used programs

10)   Display Resolution Manager
Let each user have own screen resolution, brightness and color settings.

11)   PocketPC Battery Monitor
Comprehensive battery info on your PocketPC Today screen.

12)   Ez OFF
PC Timer - automatically shutdown, reboot, lock PC and to keep it locked

13)   Piky Basket
Copy files and file paths faster in Windows, launch DOS prompt from any folder

14)   TrayAccess
An utility to create custom taskbar icons.

15)   HWareInfo
HWareInfo is a simple freeware shell utility that displays hardware information from the command console quickly and easily..

16)   PlacesBar Constructor
Customize the shortcuts in the placebar on the left side of dialogs window

17)   Caps Lock On
Caps Lock will automatically turn on after computer reload.

18)   TheBest Tray Minimizer
Minimiert beliebige Programe ins Tray. Manuell, Automatisch sowie per Boss Key.

19)   Cute Context Menu
Cute Context Menu let you custom your context-menu

20)   nLite
nLite is a GUI for permanent Windows component removal by your choice

21)   diff-ext
Windows Explorer context menu extension to include commands for file comparison.

22)   Actual Window Menu
Discover new abilities of common system window menu - forget about windows mess!

23)   new-ext
create custom named folders with a single mouse click

24)   WonderWebWare File Splitter
Split large files into smaller pieces ...

25)   Power Monitor Off
Power Off Monitor Whenever Required & Save Power

26)   Ulove Context Menu
Ulove Context Menu let you custom your context-menu

27)   ActiveXperts Scripting Toolkit
Call a VBScript function directly from your application without invoking WSH

28)   PromptPal
Eliminate the frustrations of the Command Prompt with a modern command line tool

29)   Register Hot Key
Launch Programs / Open File with Hot Keys using Register Hot Key

30)   File Splitter PRO
Split large files into smaller pieces ...

31)   UserInfoTip
Add description for files in Explorer infotip

32)   pgEvent
pgEvent is a small Tool to write EventLog entries from command shell

33)   Folder Scout
Folder Scout gives you instant access to any Drive, Folder or File on your PC.

34)   My System Tray Icon
Power Monitor Off,Restart,Log Off,Shut Down Increase/Decrease Volume and more.

35)   Folder Marker Home - Changes Folder Colors
Lets you change folder icon (mark folder) with color-coded and image-coded icon.

36)   PropertyEditor
Configure a great number of properties for the selected file, folder or drive

37)   CDBF Shell
CDBF Shell extension allows you to view content or structure of DBF files.

38)   wsTaskborg
Organize your taskbar buttons by dragging them around and custom (un)grouping.

39)   KO Approach
Click on a folder icon in Explorer and navigate a menu to locate files quicker

40)   TrayThis
TrayThis is a user-friendly shareware taskbar management tool. Through user-defined rules, TrayThis can perform certain actions on any running application window or notification icon.

41)   Handy Folders
Pick a short way to a folder you need and save time!

42)   Windows Hunter
Windows Hunter allows you to view all windows created by started application.

43)   ID Window
Hover mouse on any title bar and tooltip shows executable

44)   EscapeClose Pro
The utility, allowing you to close the active window by pressing the Esc button.

45)   PS Hot Folders
Using PS Hot Folders special easily configured menu, you can quickly go to the folder that you want in standard Windows Open, Save As and Browse dialogs (Microsoft Office dialogs are supported too) or quickly open the folder that you need in Windows Explorer.

46)   HandyDialogs
Just a click away: favorite folders, documents, web sites at your fingertips.

47)   TrayLink
TrayLink is a powerful alternative to the Windows start menu.

48)   Folder Marker Pro - Changes Folder Icons
Replace folder icons on office computer with color-coded and image-coded icon.

49)   Aml Maple Portable Edition
Aml Maple is a modern indicator of the active keyboard layout (current language)

50)   TaskList GUI
Tasklist GUI and remote taskkill