Saturday, 25 October 2014
Utilities - System Utilities Programs from 451 to 500 listed after name
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451)   Clipboard Express Pro
Brilliant performance clipboard storage program - copy paste drag stored clips

452)   Clipboard Magic
Clipboard Magic is a freeware Windows Clipboard archiving tool.

453)   Clipboard Master
Clipboard Master - the smart Clipboard and Text Modules Tool

454)   ClipMate Clipboard Extender
Popular Clipboard Extender Holds Thousands of Clips, Powerful Internet Features!

455)   ClockDummy!
Atomic clock, say the time, enhances taskbar clock

456)   Clone
A backup utility that also runs as a screen saver. Copies files to any path

457)   Close All Windows (Window Closer)
Closes all open Windows (applications) and cleans the clipboard from formats

458)   CloseApp
CloseApp can used for any windows application or window!

459)   Clover Screenshot Capture
The software provides many hot keys and many options and image editing

460)   CLR Tabs To Spaces
Convert tabs to spaces in text files & on the clipboard

461)   Cmd Line Helper
control and automate the administration of Windows and applications

462)   CO2 Saver
CO2 Saver adjusts computer settings to save energy, reduce global warming.

463)   CodeClip
Attach Web links, multimedia, other languages, files, voice to ASCII text files

464)   CoffeeCup LockBox
Store Your Usernames & Passwords !

465)   ColorConsole
Bringt ein wenig Farbe in die schwarz wei├če Welt der Windows Console

466)   Com
Work with Com port

467)   COM Port Toolkit
Software solution for monitoring serial port activity on Win32 PCs.

468)   Com-Guard
All-In-One Security software, Protects files, Limits access, & Tracks activities

469)   Comfort Lang Switcher
Discover how to control the language or layout when you are working with text

470)   Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Lite
On-Screen Keyboard for touch-screen devices: UMPC, Tablet PC, Touchmonitor

471)   Comfort Typing Lite
Snippets software with word autotext features

472)   Comfort Typing Pro
Make Your Typing Faster and More Pleasant

473)   Comm-Logger
Serial communication data logger. Logs data to user specified file.

474)   Command Creator
Create run-commands for use in the Start Menu┤s run dialog.

475)   Comodo Cloud Scanner
Comodo Cloud Scanner - detects malware, privacy issues and registry errors

476)   Comodo Personal Firewall
FREE Comodo Personal Firewall - Complete security against Internet attacks.

477)   Comodo Programs Manager
Programs and Features made easy, with the new Comodo Programs Manager!

478)   Comodo System Utilities
Clean your PC, 100% Safe, with the new Comodo System Utilities!

479)   Comodo System Utilities Portable 32bit
Clean your PC, 100% Safe, with the new Comodo System Utilities!

480)   Comodo System Utilities Portable 64bit
Clean your PC, 100% Safe, with the new Comodo System Utilities!

481)   COMPAQ Laptop Remote Desktop
COMPAQ Laptop Remote Desktop is useful for users with more than one computer.

482)   COMPAQ Webcam Software
COMPAQ Webcam Capture and Recording Software.

483)   COMPAQ Webcam Video Recorder
Free COMPAQ webcam video recording software.

484)   Compare And Merge
Compare and Merge: the File Compare Utility for Windows

485)   Complete Cleanup
Protect your internet privacy and clean up the garbage on your pc.

486)   Complete Process Manager
Prevents unauthorized applications from running.

487)   Complete Registry Cleaner
Utility to make your computer run faster and smoother.

488)   Comprehensive System Information
Provides a detailed list of installed hardware, software, and settings.

489)   Computer Cleaner
This is a superb and effective Computer Cleaner software.

490)   Computer Keylogger
Keyboard monitor tool records all information pressed on keyboard in hidden mode

491)   ComShare
Utility to share between apps the pocket pc virtual coms.

492)   ConfigInspector
ConfigInspector is a free utility for analyzing system information.

493)   Configurable Desktop Clock
Clock Utility to Display Configurable Clock on Desktop.

494)   Construction Advantage Calculator
Ultimate Builder's Construction Calculator for your Desktop, Notebook, PocketPC

495)   Control for XP
Multifunctional tweak: optimizing and expansion of Windows XP functional possibi

496)   ConversionTool
Comprehensive conversion of Access to SQL Server, BTrieve re-engineering

497)   ConvertCsv
A simple csv (comma separated values) file to text convertor for SenLab01

498)   Cookie Editor
Control your privacy. See, edit, delete or block cookies set by the browser.

499)   Cool Desk
Cool Desk a virtual desktop manager which suport 'skins'.

500)   Cool Info FX
The Best System Information, Analysis, Spy, Auditing and Inventory Utility