Tuesday, 21 October 2014
Utilities - System Utilities Programs from 651 to 700 listed after downloads number
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651)   MacWasher X
Webroot MacWasher X provides security and privacy for Mac users running OS X

652)   KeyMan
KeyMan will allow you to accomplish many repetitive tasks just in one click!

653)   Tiff2PDF Pilot
Batch conversion utility that converts TIFF images into PDF.

654)   zBoot Manager
Easily install multiple operating systems in one hard disk.

655)   Extract Link
Search and extract links from any type of file

656)   WIDO Logbook
Logbook. Registration of working hours on your PC.

657)   Serial Port Splitter
Serial Port Splitter grants simultaneous access to a COM port from several apps

658)   TurboNote
Free sticky note post it PIM software; download to boost your productivity

659)   Serial Splitter
Enable all applications to receive same data from a serial port simultaneously.

660)   Text Tally
Automatically counts lines, words, and characters in clipboard text.

661)   ShutDown
Quickly local and remote ShutDown Windows, AutoLogin, Schedule, Password Protect

662)   Instant Uninstaller
Excellent replacement for standard add/remove tool with additional features

663)   RegToy
RegToy is designed for Windows XP/Vista , is used to tweak , plus utilities

664)   Smart Data Scrubber
Smart Data Scrubber wipes data on your hard drive making its restoring impossibl

665)   Vista Smoker Pro
Speed Up Windows Vista with Vista Smoker Pro

666)   LCleaner
LCleaner is a FREE tool to free up space from temporary files and clean registry

667)   Undelete Server Edition
Instant File Recovery and Data Protection

668)   FILERECOVERY® Professional
Data Recovery Products designed for recovery from file system failure or format.

669)   Document Import Kit for SharePoint 2003
DocKIT is a simple tool to import and migrate documents from multiple systems.

670)   Iconic Tray
Minimize any window to a special new tray to get rid of clogged-up taskbar.

671)   Power File Gold
Powerful file manager, Explorer replacement, FTP client, Zip files, file preview

672)   CFB Timer
A no-nonsense countdown alarm suitable for timing a few seconds up to 99 minutes

673)   East-Tec Sanitizer 2004
Don't give away sensitive data with your PC.

674)   SafeHouse Hard Drive Encryption
SafeHouse provides transparent on-the-fly hard drive encryption for your PC.

675)   Casper RAM Cleaner
Casper RAM Cleaner increases your system performance.

676)   ESBUnitConv
User friendly Win32 Utility to easily convert between 404 units of measurement.

677)   AIDA32 - Network System Information
Professional system information and network audit tool for free of charge

678)   Super Copy
Backup a selected disk folder and filter out all the unnecessary files.

679)   RAM Defrag
RAM Defrag - defrags your RAM Winner of the "Isidor Awards 2003/2004"

680)   No-Keys
Onscreen computer keyboard. Type with a mouse.

681)   PowerPrompt
PowerPrompt will allow you to run any program as System.

682)   Advanced COM Port Redirector
COM Port Redirector enables data redirection from one rs232 port to another

683)   Fping
Ping other computers on your network with this multifunctional tool.

684)   RebootEx
Schedule shutdown, reboot and relogon to your computer.

685)   Automize
Task scheduling & automation software; Run 1000+ tasks a day.

686)   QuickSearcher
QuickSearcher is a file search tool with great preview for text search

687)   Shortcut Explorer
Manage Start Menu, Quick Launch, Favorites, and Desktop Shortcuts

688)   Neon Animated Cursors
A collection of bright, colorful Neon Animated Cursors for Windows.

689)   Secure Password Store
Secure Password Store is a secure Password database inc password generator

690)   FileVan
File transfer between cable-connected PCs

691)   SuperEdi
Unicode text and HTML editor with syntax coloring and FTP client.

692)   eXtended Task Manager
Extended windows task manager and performance monitoring tool

693)   PDF-Security
Protect PDF files against unauthorized access and encrypt them!

694)   ScreenLock
Prevent unauthorized access to your computer plus screensaver; instant locking

695)   NiceSPY
A monitoring program which allows you to secretly track all activities

696)   Child Control
The parental control for the PC time limits, Internet and web filter, folderlock

697)   Work With Registry
The useful utility for scaning and cleaning your system Windows registry.

698)   Reclip
Reclip is a popup visual clipboard assistant for Windows 95/98/NT4 that organizes all text, rich text, and images that are copied to the clipboard

699)   Single & Multi-File Renamer
The Single & Multi-File Renamer is a relatively easy to use file renaming utility

700)   IconDeveloper
IconDeveloper makes it a snap to create your own icons for Windows.