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Utilities - System Utilities Programs from 751 to 800 listed after date
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751)   PC Health Optimizer
Increase PC performance and security by diagnosing and repairing problems.

752)   Lomsel Shutdown
Lomsel Shutdown is a small shutdown utility

753)   Paragon Hard Disk Manager
Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 2008 - software for complete system management!

754)   Encrypt Easy
A highly secure file encryption program featuring shredder and wipeout utilities

755)   HexCmp
HexCmp is a convenient visual binary file comparison application.

756)   Windows Automatic Update Fix Tool
This tool will attempt to fix your automatic update using published methods

757)   HSLAB Prefetch Manager(1)
Faster XP/2003/Vista Boot and Application Launch with Prefetch Manager!

758)   RAM Boost Master Free Version
Optimizes your cache to act and frees up RAM memory.

759)   Office Product Key Viewer
Do you need to recover your Office Product Key Code (CD Key)?

760)   Windows Product Key Viewer Changer
Do you need to recover your Windows product key code? Display your key code.

761)   Bank Deposit Calculator
Bank Deposit Calculator

762)   Magic Speed for U3
Your PC is slow in boot-up and operation? Speed up your PC in 5 simple steps!

763)   SWF Debug Remover
Removal of protection (with and without a password)

764)   SWF Protect Remover
Removes protection (with and without a password)

765)   Parallels desktop
parallels desktop for mac

766)   ID Startup Cleaner
ID Startup Cleaner is a startup cleansing program.

767)   ID Internet Optimizer
ID Internet Optimizer is an efficient internet optimizer.

768)   ID System Optimizer
ID System Optimizer improves system speed and stability.

769)   Magic Speed Demo
Your PC is slow in boot-up and operation? Speed up your PC in 5 simple steps!

770)   Mega Key Viewer
Product key viewer for Windows, Office, Works and various other software

771)   Clever Keyboard Indicator
Stays in windows system tray and displays Caps,Num,Scroll Lock indicators status

772)   Data Export - DBF2Sybase
DBF2Sybase is a program to publish Xbase(dBASE, FoxBase, FoxPro) data as Sybase

773)   Data Export - Access2Sybase
Hxtt Access2Sybase is a program to publish MS Access data as Sybase database

774)   NewCare
clean Registry,remove junk, protect privacy, eliminate spyware, prevent threat

775)   UplBatteryExtender
increases the time laptop works on battery

776)   MultiMon
MultiMon is an advanced multifunctional system monitoring tool for Windows

777)   XP SafeGuard
Tweak XP for performance and security with this free utility.

778)   TweakVista
Stardock’s TweakVista™ enhancement application helps you configure Windows Vista

779)   Clean It
Unleash the ultimate power and eliminate unwanted temporary garbage files

780)   Input Director v1.0.7
Control multiple Windows systems with one keyboard/mouse and share the clipboard

781)   AIV Startup Protector
Make your computer startup fast.Get protection from unwanted startup programs.

782)   Task Killer
This program allows you to quickly terminate freeze applications.

783)   Guaranteed Free PC Speedup
Speed up your computer for free.

784)   PhotoReviver
PhotoReviver is a photo recovery (undelete) software for Windows.

785)   Advanced NMEA Data Logger
Advanced NMEA Data Logger - an efficient tool for your data logging needs!

786)   NTFSRatio
NTFSRatio shows the size an compression rate of compressed NTFS folders

787)   Scan Share
With Scan Share you can share your scanner over the network.

788)   Backup Manager Home Edition
Total system and data protection solution that combines ease-of-use performance

789)   DateInTray
Displays today's date in the system tray, includes popup calendar.

790)   MagicTweak
MagicTweak is a special software designed to optimize Windows .

791)   Absolute Shutdown
Fast reboot and shutdown.

792)   FlashTray
Multifunctional system tray utility : Launcher, Hotkeys, Macros, Highlighter

793)   CO2 Saver
CO2 Saver adjusts computer settings to save energy, reduce global warming.

794)   FRSPCReboot
FRSPCReboot quickly reboots your computer.

795)   FRSPCShutdown
FRSPCShutdown quickly shuts down your computer.

796)   Ashampoo Magical Defrag 2
The end of fragmented disks. Really.

797)   USB Redirector PRO
Share and access USB devices over local network or Internet! It is easy to do!

798)   Instant Uninstaller
Excellent replacement for standard add/remove tool with additional features

799)   Advanced Privacy Supervisor
APS is an utility for system maintenance, improving overall system performance.

800)   RegToy
RegToy is designed for Windows XP/Vista , is used to tweak , plus utilities