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Utilities - System Utilities Programs from 1051 to 1100 listed after date
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1051)   Net ClipShare
Net ClipShare records all your clipboard activity, from text to graphics

1052)   A - M8 Multi Clipboard
The M8 multi clipboard captures everything that you cut or copy from any program, text or graphics

1053)   FileVan For DOS
A $29

1054)   Acceleration Startup Manager + Release RAM Bundle for Win9x
Make Your Computer Faster and More Reliable In Just Minutes!

1055)   Complete Registry Cleaner
Utility to make your computer run faster and smoother.

1056)   You need it
comprehensive Business Utility software suite which you can hard find elsewhere

1057)   UninstallDummy!
Remove phantom programs from your Add/Remove Programs list.

1058)   RightFax Channel Monitor Lite

1059)   Link Utility
Link Utility is a handy tool for checking links on Web sites

1060)   CoolTabs
Tidy up your desktop, organize and open your applications, folders, documents.

1061)   Startup Guardian
Regain and maintain control of your computer.

1062)   Easy Registry Optimizer
Backup, optimize and compress your registry to prevent system halts and errors.

1063)   Solid Converter DWG to PDF
Convert AutoCAD® drawings to vector PDFs with Solid Converter DWG.

1064)   Defragmenter Lite
Automates the necessary steps for an efficient and problem-free disk defrag.

1065)   Batch Replacer
Batch Replacer is a multi-string search-and-replace filter.

1066)   Password Spectator Lite
Free software that lets you see the actual password behind the asterisks.

1067)   Key Remapper
Key Remapper is an utility to remap or disable individual keys on your keyboard.

1068)   FileGhost
Lock, hide and protect your files, folders and volumes in various ways.

1069)   TaskGuardian
Advanced process viewer and security analyzer with intuitive user interface.

1070)   Advanced LAN Pump
Advanced LAN Pump is a LAN Download Manager which can reliably copy files

1071)   MiniApps
Forty freeware in one install. Words can't explain these valuable mini utilities

1072)   Sentry
Lock down your PC while you're away and prevent unauthorized access.

1073)   Web Camera Security System
Turn your WebCam into a Security Camera in minutes

1074)   Work With Registry
The useful utility for scaning and cleaning your system Windows registry.

1075)   Smartworks-PE
Software to manage projects, organize meetings and Track issues

1076)   WinProcesses
WinProcesses is an utility which allow you to view a lot of info about processes

1077)   Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP
VSPD XP 5.0 creates virtual RS232 ports and emulates serial connection.

1078)   DiamondCS ProcessGuard
A powerful security app for Windows, blocks rootkits, spyware and much more

1079)   1st Atomic Time
Keeps your system time accurate by synchronizing it with atomic time servers

1080)   Registry Medic
Is your system becoming increasingly slow and unstable?

1081)   FilesCollection
Let you index a CD/DVD/HDD drives on your system for further fast search.

1082)   Acronis Power Utilities
Five Acronis PC system utilities to protect privacy and manage your computer.

1083)   Acronis Migrate Easy
Acronis Migrate Easy allows to install a new hard disk on your PC.

1084)   Parabuild
Parabuild is a software build management and continuous integration server.

1085)   SmartSleep - auto shudown utility
The most powerful shutdown utility available

1086)   MSConfig Cleanup
Cleanup MSConfig disabled items.

1087)   Smart To-Do
Improve the way you manage your everyday tasks.

1088)   Sweepi
Sweepi - Clean up your System! Schnell und effizient überflüssige Daten löschen

1089)   instant LOCK
It totally hides any folder from all other users and programs.

1090)   Synchromagic Pro
Synchronization & backup for networks, FTPs & Local HD synchronize files/folders

1091)   WinSettings Pro
Optimize WindowS and Protect Your Online Privacy, Uninstaller, Track Cleaner, Popup Blocker

1092)   Data Destroyer
Overwrites files so they cannot be recovered. Can wipe entire hard disk.

1093)   SecureCentral PatchQuest Free Edition
Distribute and manage patches, security hotfixes and software updates

1094)   Network Eagle Monitor
Network Eagle: Powerful network monitoring and alerting software.

1095)   PC DoorGuard
Full-featured professional anti-trojan fighter.

1096)   BatteryMon
Detailed monitoring and status information about your laptop battery or UPS.

1097)   Webroot Window Washer
Wash away traces of your PC and Internet activity and boost system performance.

1098)   AVUSBD
Allows using any USB equipment located far away through TCP/IP network.

1099)   Absolute Key Logger
Record all keystrokes into a log file, so that you can use this data later.

1100)   CleanMantra
CleanMantra provides total cleaning of unwanted files & information from your PC