Friday, 25 April 2014
Utilities - System Utilities Programs from 1501 to 1550 listed after name
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1501)   Restart 1.45
A system utility for advanced users with more than one operating system installed on their machine

1502)   Restore My Files
Restore My Files is safe and affordable do-it-yourself data recovery

1503)   Retrieve Deleted History
PC secure delete is a great software tool to retrieve deleted history easily.

1504)   Riding Clock
Riding Clock shows riding(scrolling) clock instead of standard Windows clock on your computer

1505)   Right click commander 2000
Upgrade Windows Explorer and Dialog boxes. Change folder with one mouse click.

1506)   RightFax Channel Monitor Lite

1507)   Roadkil's Monitor Test
Displays test patterns for use when performing monitor repairs

1508)   Roadkil's Server Monitor
Monitors network connectivy to servers and reports downtime, network connection

1509)   ROCKETFISH Webcam Software
ROCKETFISH Webcam Capture and Recording Software.

1510)   ROCKETFISH Webcam Video Recorder
Free ROCKETFISH webcam video recording software.

1511)   RPN Engineering Calculator
250 solutions, 6 unique keypads: Std, Engr'g, Binary, Magnetics, Trig, Convert.

1512)   Run Service ActiveX
Create your own Windows Service within 2 clicks with Eltima Run Service ActiveX.

1513)   Runner
Execute everything, from programs, to text files, to multimedia.

1514)   RunPos
Executes up to 8 applications and positions the windows in a specific location.

1515)   Runscanner
Runscanner : a freeware malware and junk analyzer for windows

1516)   RunViewer
RunViewer allows you to see and disable programs your Windows runs at startup.

1517)   SafeDisk

1518)   SafeHouse Hard Drive Encryption
SafeHouse provides transparent on-the-fly hard drive encryption for your PC.

1519)   SafeLaunch
Virtual sandbox protects files/registry/network from untrusted software

1520)   SafeProtector
SafeProtector helps you make system safer, it monitors all modules realtime.

1521)   SAMSUNG Laptop Remote Desktop
SAMSUNG Laptop Remote Desktop is useful for users with more than one computer.

1522)   Samsung SGH-C100 Flasher/Dumper
Samsung SGH-C100/C110 Flasher/Dumper

1523)   SAMSUNG Webcam Software
SAMSUNG Webcam Capture and Recording Software.

1524)   SAMSUNG Webcam Video Recorder
Free SAMSUNG webcam video recording software.

1525)   Satellite TV to PC Pro
Watch of 3000+ Satellite channels free with our software!

1526)   Save Desktop Icon Pos.
Allows you to save the positions of your desktop icons.

1527)   SC-KeyLog Free
A compact, reliable keylogger with mailing options and easy remote deployment

1528)   Scan Share
With Scan Share you can share your scanner over the network.

1529)   Schedule
32 Bit Automation Task Scheduler for Windows

1530)   Screen Grabber
Easily capture and print your screen's contents. Save the images to disk.

1531)   ScreenCap
ScreenCap is a screen capture toolkit

1532)   ScreenLock
Prevent unauthorized access to your computer plus screensaver; instant locking

1533)   Screensaver Control
Simply toggle the screen saver with a icon in the system tray, e

1534)   ScreenTaker
Screen capture utility designed for getting large number of capures with ease.

1535)   Scrinter
Scrinter provides the user with a recording and video playback facility.

1536)   SDATimer
countdown timer, clock and stopwatch with skins support. Calendar Sunrise,Sunset

1537)   Search
Recursively searches text files for specified text strings

1538)   SearchWin
Fast Windows Find File Utility that adds 'Search Engine' capability to Windows

1539)   Secret Explorer
Explore Protected Storage and recover Internet passwords with Secret Explorer

1540)   Secret Messenger Of Your Privacy

1541)   Secure Password Store
Secure Password Store is a secure Password database inc password generator

1542)   SecureCentral PatchQuest Free Edition
Distribute and manage patches, security hotfixes and software updates

1543)   Security Department
Security Department is a resident file system protector for Windows 95/98/ME.

1544)   Security Task Manager
Enhanced Process Viewer with security risk rating. SpyProtector protects your PC

1545)   SelfCron
Use the most accurate atomic clocks of the world to set your windows pc's time

1546)   Sentry
Lock down your PC while you're away and prevent unauthorized access.

1547)   Sepham FileXplorer 5
It does the preview of the files in your computer (images, texts, sounds, video,

1548)   Serial Com Port Monitor
Monitor serial data exchange between serial devices and any Windows application.

1549)   Serial Logger Service
Records all data received on a serial port to a file on a disk.

1550)   Serial Port Mapper
Program allows you to map any serial ports to any other serial ports.