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Utilities - System Utilities Programs from 1851 to 1900 listed after date
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1851)   OptiPC
OptiPC is the chippest way to upgrade your computer

1852)   Aye Time Switch Pro
Aye Time Switch Pro is a very powerful launch & shutdown tool

1853)   Add-Remove Pro
Uninstalls and Removes entries from the Add-Remove Programs list of Windows.

1854)   WinTopMost Disable Close
Automatically manage programs to disable close button or set topmost not hidden

1855)   MacInfoTip
Shows Mac Type, Creator code, Data fork size

1856)   SlyPrint
SlyPrint is a program which allows printing CD labels in one click!

1857)   Anti-lost CD Ejector Lite
do not lose your CD - eject CD from CD-drive at Windows shutdown

1858)   Easypass
Random Password Generator for single and mass password generation

1859)   TurboZIP Express
TurboZIP Express is a fast, easy to use solution for handling ZIP and CAB files.

1860)   GUI NSIS
This GUI create a MODERN UI for the opensource setup maker NSIS 2.0a7 2.0bx

1861)   Reminders 2000
Create reminder messages for important events.

1862)   DiskCheckup
Monitor the SMART attributes of your disk drives to avoid drive failure

1863)   Emsa DiskCheck
Disk checking and benchmarking tool - scans CD/DVD/HDD etc. Freeware.

1864)   CAD Closure
Generate geometric closures from the dimension text in your CAD drawing.

1865)   Universal Converter
UK/US-to-Metric converter

1866)   MyBook with CheckSpell

1867)   EF Commander Lite
EF Commander Lite is a file manager for the Windows desktop.

1868)   Protector of Health
The fully functional program for protection of health of computer users!

1869)   MobileAdmin
Advanced monitoring and management tools specially designed for use with mobiles

1870)   My Space
Your hard drive is full of redundant, obsolete, and temporary files

1871)   AL Folder Browser
More convenient looking through your folders and files at any time.

1872)   Visual Comparer
Visual file compare and merge of the text files with syntax hightlight

1873)   Google Deskbar
Google Deskbar enables you to search with Google from any application without lifting your fingers from the keyboard

1874)   AppsProtector XP
AppsProtector XP lock whith password your executables files.

1875)   GammaChron
An excellent collection of time related utilities!

1876)   12Ghosts QuickStart
Mr. 'Q' of the application launchers. Unlimitted hotkeys and tray icons.

1877)   Geetris
Fun, high quality, addictive, challenging, Tetris style game!

1878)   AppPaths 2000
Modify MS Windows Startup settings

1879)   Paragon CD-ROM Emulator Network Version
Paragon CD-ROM Emulator opens a whole new world of options and possibilities - you can work with many CD/DVD-based applications simultaneously

1880)   Alkonost MaxFormat
Format floppy disks to maximum capacity, make bootable, copy diskettes.

1881)   diskSpace Explorer Home Edition
Manage your hard disk space, find useless items, and free up valuable space.

1882)   BellWiz
Schedule audio for a PA system for school bells, factory sounds, and more

1883)   Visual Batch File
Fast Backup/Synchronization program that is easy to use.

1884)   AtomTime Pro
AtomTime Pro will update your local computer clock based on atomic clocks.

1885)   Installer
Automatically installs single or multi-volume archives.

1886)   1Lock
Encrypt files for burning on a CD, or for download, or add a serial number to your own setup program

1887)   Techfacts XP
Techfacts XP lets you examine, diagnose, monitor and troubleshoot Windows and your system

1888)   Logbook
Logbuch. Registration of working hours on your PC.

1889)   IView Pro Inventory Manager
Audit software gives you up to date accurate and comprehensive inventory details

1890)   AutoShutdown
Comprehensive system shutdown manager for Windows.

1891)   CoolAp
Set multiple alarms, type text and launch programs using shortcuts, stopwatch.

1892)   WinSplit
File splitter in windows design with many features

1893)   Barroco
BARROCO code is 2D bar code and it can handle any binary or text data

1894)   7 max
A memory acceleration tool

1895)   CapeSoft Office Messenger
Peer to peer Office Instant Messaging. Free upgrades.

1896)   XP-AntiSpy
A little utility that let's you disable some built-in update and authetication 'features' in WindowsXP

1897)   12Ghosts TrayProtect
Hide tray icons (still accessible in the context menu), restore after a crash

1898)   CapiDog
ISDN monitor program showing busy channels in system tray and pops up numbers

1899)   Password Protect 3.4
Software to protect folders against unwanted access.

1900)   Virtual Desk
a desktop manager to create up to eight virtual desktops and switch among them