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Utilities - System Utilities Programs from 1901 to 1950 listed after date
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1901)   Qubit Master
Perform any repetitive task with a voice command or menu selection.

1902)   Flash .SCR Master
Create your own professional screensavers and share them with your friends.

1903)   JotSmart
Capture, annotate and send any information with your default email program.

1904)   RadiusTest
RadiusTest is an implementation of the client side of RADIUS - Remote Authentication Dial In User Service.

1905)   Reporter
Saves folder and Favorites information and structure as an HTML file.

1906)   SoftCopy
Transfers windows based files and folders from PC to PC using crossover cables

1907)   Topmost Clock
Fully customizable transparent analog/digital desktop clock with skins

1908)   BurgBuster
BurgBuster uses psychology and your computer''s existing hardware to turn your Windows system into a burglar alarm

1909)   Peace Memory Optimizer
Peace Memory optimizer is the fast memory manager which enables your computer to work more stable

1910)   Public ShareFolder
Share Outlook without Exchange. The shared PST file as groupware solution.

1911)   CalendarPro
Easy-to-use calendar that allows you to quickly look up dates and set reminders.

1912)   Atom Time Synchronizer
Atom Time Synchronizer - Keep your PC clock accurately synchronized

1913)   QuicKeys X
Increase Productivity by Automating Repetitive Computer Tasks with QuicKeys.

1914)   CacheBoost Enterprise Edition
CacheBoost optimizes cache/memory management of Windows 2000/XP/NT systems.

1915)   Agent Undercover
Fun and easy tool to cut a holes of any shape and depth in windows on desktop.

1916)   TK8 Safe
Easy-to-use, secure password manager

1917)   Sticky Paper
Post-it for monitor

1918)   RegRepair 2000
The only Windows Registry utility that repair IOS errors conflicts and more.

1919)   Anti ad hosts
Windows hosts file installer, editor, toggler able to reside in your system tray for easy access of toggle feature

1920)   Database Gate
SQL editor able to connect to every kind of database using ODBC with tools

1921)   Unit Converter
Convert between units of measurement.

1922)   BackRex Expert Backup
Backup, migrate, transfer Windows & Office user settings, profiles and data!

1923)   Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery
This little utility can recover lost images from your digital camera

1924)   HDD Temperature
HDD Temperature is monitoring software that prevents HDD damage from overheating

1925)   TIGME RCalc
Helps you to calculate an unknown resistor value

1926)   Password Guardian
Safely protects passwords, codes, personal IDs

1927)   SpyAOL
Spytech SpyAOL is the award winning AOL monitoring tool.

1928)   iAdmin Mobile
iAdmin Mobile - Leader in Mobile Network Systems Management

1929)   Task-O-Matic
Stylish task list manager/organizer software for your personal and to do lists

1930)   WinControl
WinControl is the complete easy-to-use trigger based automation tool for all your needs

1931)   SupportMonkey 2002
Have a complete remote system configuration emailed directly to you.

1932)   Attache Transparent Clock
Transparent desktop clock with fully customizable shape, alarms, and atomic time

1933)   ShellExView
Displays the details of shell extensions installed on your computer.

1934)   Horas
Horas: World clock and time synchronizer.

1935)   m9P Editor
m9P Editor is mental9Production's simple text editing program

1936)   webfax miner
Webfax miner is designed to search fax numbers from web sites and search engines

1937)   Just'a Reminder
Just'a Reminder is a FREE appointment reminder utility.

1938)   ECBackup
ECBackup is a archiver with strong-security, based on open key technology

1939)   Cool Mouse
The amazing mouse tool which makes your life a little easier.

1940)   Hard Code Compress 2000
Finally! An intuitive interface for ZIP files! (Tar/Tgz also!)

1941)   ViaCleaner
ViaCleaner 7

1942)   MyOdd Desktop Application
MyOdd is a windows management system allowing you take control of your desktop.

1943)   Popup Blocker
Popup Blocker lets you surf the web without a constant barrage of ads.

1944)   RefreshEm
Quickly Repair Windows Icon Cache

1945)   CDCheck
CDCheck is utility for prevention, detection and recovery of damaged files.

1946)   NetStatus
NetStatus is a network monitoring tool with a 100% web interface.

1947)   DS Invoice
Easy invoicing with multilanguage printing and HTML saving format

1948)   AMI Font Wrangler
Manage, install, remove, rename, browse, copy and print your TrueType fonts

1949)   ActMaker
ActMaker is a simple and practical mouse and keyboard related software, which records your operation on a computer and then share your workload

1950)   AppToService
AppToService: Run regular applications as Windows services.