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Utilities - System Utilities Programs from 2001 to 2050 listed after date
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2001)   Language Identifier
Automatically recognize what language a document is written in.

2002)   TVLike Sleep
Watch a movie and TVLike Sleep can turn off your computer after an interval.

2003)   CD Interface Creator
CD I.C. lets you easily create professional interfaces for CDs in a few minutes

2004)   SoundTimer
Simple and flexible task scheduler, and audio player. Automate repetitive tasks!

2005)   SafeDisk

2006)   Windows XP SP2 2180 RTM
Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP-2) provides an enhanced security infrastructure that defends against viruses, worms and hackers, along with increased manageability and control for IT professionals and an improved experience for users.

2007)   avast! 4 Professional Edition
Antivirus package for your company - scans for viruses, worms and Trojans.

2008)   Paraben's Password Manager
Manage all your passwords & confidential information with ease.

2009)   Personal Helper
Personal Helper is a Personal utility software

2010)   ChimeX
Customize alerts for the hour, half hour, and quarter hour.

2011)   HandyScript for Windows
HandyScript introduces a fast and intuitive way to type text using a keypad.

2012)   Supper WinSpy
Find out everything done on your computer

2013)   Win2PDF
An easy to use and affordable PDF creation tool for Windows XP/2000/NT.

2014)   Two Handed Net Spades
Play Two Handed Spades against the computer or against an opponent on a network

2015)   Cyteg SpaceChecker
Utility for controlling disks space: it shows, in what folders rubbish appeared

2016)   Actions Monitor
Monitor and display system activity.

2017)   TexTest
Perfect software for video adapter testing and overclocking with different interfaces and autotesting

2018)   12Ghosts Shredder
Overwrite files, drag and shred, DOD 5220.22-M conform, Wipe Disk.

2019)   Panda Global Virus Insurance
Panda Antivirus: selected as #1 antivirus by Windows 2000 magazine.

2020)   Cynapse InfoCryptor
InfoCryptor - a 448bit assistant to Critical Information Management.

2021)   bxAutoZip for Outlook
A dedicated Outlook Add-In which automatically compresses any attachments.

2022)   Backer
Synchronize, back up, archive and transfer your directories and files

2023)   CheckOsVer
CheckOsVer is small, free program which will report your Operating System Version and also the version of the Windows Common Controls installed on your Windows PC

2024)   CSDiff
ComponentSoftware Diff (CSDiff) - Free file-difference analysis tool

2025)   dataStor
Store all/any data by catagory/group and restructure, sort, export and/or print

2026)   Zigzag Cleaner Plus
This lets you control your computer by drawing symbols with your mouse.

2027)   Disk Piecharter
Graphical disk explorer that shows disk usage in a pie-chart.

2028)   Advanced RTF2PDF Converter
Utility for convert RTF and TXT files to PDF

2029)   ProBot SE
Totally invisible keystroke and event monitoring utility packed with features

2030)   Deskman
A versatile desktop security tool.

2031)   Tray Tools 2000
Quickly launch programs from the icon tray

2032)   Find Unused Files
List unused files on your hard disk

2033)   Hot Screen
Free screen capture, support BMP and GIF of color, grayscale and black & white.

2034)   DesktopCalendar
A small utility that places calendar for the current month on your desktop.

2035)   Automize - Linux
Automate multiple file ftp transfers, ftp daemon and monitor, web downloads through proxy or secured websites, check or send emai, success based chaining of tasks, and other tasks like copy, zip, print, delete

2036)   DotCom Clock
Clock for Windows, counts 1/100 sec

2037)   cryptoPad
Encryption of files and e-mail for security using one time pads.

2038)   Text Search Tiffs
Utility for Microsofts Document Imaging that batch processes OCR function

2039)   Oracle Security Check
Check the security of your Oracle database.

2040)   MIRV 2000
Try this small multiple program launcher

2041)   Window Security Toolkit
Get over 51 Advanced Security Settings for Windows with this power tool !

2042)   DBF Viewer PRO
DBF Viewer Pro is a viewer and toolbox for DBF database files

2043)   AMarker
Alternative ways to launch your favorite applications and protect your desktop

2044)   XRampAV
The most powerful anti-virus software in the industry includes anti-spam filter

2045)   Active Cleaner
Cleans usage tracks, searches and deletes junk files, protects from spyware

2046)   BlazingTools Smart Type Assistant
System-wide typing automation tool with a typing auto-save feature

2047)   DA Password Recovery Pro
Software that lets you see the actual password behind the asterisks.

2048)   BestCrypt Corporate
BestCrypt Corporate protects and manages sensitive data in corporate networks

2049)   StatBar 2.301
A system status bar which allows you to quickly get an overview of your system's condition

2050)   ConvertCsv
A simple csv (comma separated values) file to text convertor for SenLab01