Friday, 24 October 2014
File Management - System Utilities Programs from 801 to 850 listed after downloads number
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801)   Archive & Restore
Put away and save different versions of files

802)   SumInfos (Summary Information)
Utility to extract and collect file properties into a text file via batch cmd

803)   BigSpeed Zipper
Internet-enabled zip compression utility with many unique features

804)   XBaseCatalog Standard
Managing CDs, DVDs, Find your files, duplicates,

805)   PC Garbage Remover
Safely scan and remove the garbage from your hard drive.

806)   PowerSearch
Search multiple files for multiple search terms at the same time.

807)   PDF Extract TIFF
Batch extract images from pdf file and save as tiff images.

808)   FLicKeR
Investigate what files are in the web browser cache.

809)   Backup Utility
BackUp utility. Internal zip compression build-in. No additional archivers req.

810)   Acronis Disk Director Suite
Reorganize your hard drive for high performance and data protection

811)   Dirlot
Shows specific size of files and subdirectories in a directory on diagram.

812)   MobileDriveSync
The software utility to synchronize your files with your removable or USB drive

813)   Archive XP 2003
Quite simply the most feature-packed file archive software around!

814)   Directory Classifier
Directory Classifier lets you view a customizable listing of the contents for any folder on your computer.

815)   PDF Text Converter
Pdf Text converter converts pdf to text,text-pdf, views text and pdf information

816)   File Maven Pro
Dual directory file manager with zip support, text editor, viewer.

817)   Cleaner
Utility for securely deletes file data, located in free disk space.

818)   DriveScan Plus
Scans and structures your collection of CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, hard disks etc.

819)   Magazine Organizer PS Bombay
Organize magazines, periodicals, articles and subscriptions the easy way...

820)   VeryPDF AutoCAD DWG and DXF To PDF Converter
Convert DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF, CAD to PDF directly without need of AutoCAD

821)   More Space Sanitizer
Safely reclaim and sanitize disk space by deleting duplicates and file hogs

822)   More Space
Safely reclaim disk space by deleting duplicates and file hogs

823)   MagicCut
Visually split your files by just click and drag!

824)   ZipSplitter
ZipSplitter can zip and split large file on several smaller self-restoring parts

825)   SplitteR
SplitteR is a stand-alone, powerful application that allows you to perform basic operations on files such as splitting, merging and extracting

826)   DiskInternals FAT Recovery
Recover data from damaged or formatted disks with this automatic tool.

827)   AB Safe Deletion
It allows you to securily delete any file with sensitive data.

828)   A Better Finder Launcher
Instant access to all your applications, documents and folders.

829)   Advanced CATaloguer
Software for cataloguing on all kinds of media with search, file monitoring etc.

830)   Disk Chief v.1.6
Disk Chief - is a convenient file manager.

831)   Image To PDF COM/SDK Unlimited License
ImageToPDF can directly convert dozens of image formats into PDF.

832)   RageWork
RageWork is a cross-platform integrated package of useful software.

833)   Replace Tool
Fast, easy to use utility batch find and replace utility for webmasters and developers

834)   MacNames Site License
Rename Mac files removing illegal characters, adding the 3 characters extension

835)   Adaron Zip Portal
The Easiest and Fastest way to archiving your files. (modify, extract, protect)

836)   HandyFile Find and Replace: Text Aid Kit
Find and Replace text in a bunch of files with a single click!

837)   Active Folder
Access your important folders and files much faster, with single click.

838)   Defragmenter Pro
Automates the necessary steps for an efficient and problem-free disk defrag.

839)   PDF Stamp COM SDK
PDF Stamp enables you to stamp content into a PDF document.

840)   12Ghosts 2ndFolder
Create copy of complete folder, and keep several versions of the same folder

841)   IsSearch
Utilize the latest search technology! Find what you are looking for real FAST!

842)   Eshine Utilities Gold Edition
The perfect solution to perform disk and system cleanup,disk usage analysis!

843)   Private Room
own private data-space, protect folder or files password easily, open on any PC

844)   TEXTfromPDF
Easily extract the text content from PDF documents with TEXTfromPDF.

845)   Kernel Outlook Express - Mails Recovery Software
Nucleus Kernel Outlook Express - Mails Recovery Software

846)   diskMETA-Pers
diskMETA-Personal is a standard version of diskMETA hard drive search software.

847)   Fix ZIP File
Prominent tool to fix corrupted or damaged ZIP file on Windows OS

848)   DataNumen CAB Repair
DataNumen CAB Repair is a powerful tool to repair corrupt CAB files.

849)   FileCleaner
Filecleaner erases any Internet history plus it permanently erase files

850)   Recover Lost Images
Recover Lost Images application is used to rescue deleted images on Windows PC