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File Management - System Utilities Programs from 1801 to 1850 listed after date
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1801)   Stellar Phoenix Recovery Suite
Recovers data from hard drives working on all major Windows and Linux platform

1802)   Archive & Restore
Put away and save different versions of files

1803)   nBinder
nBinder is an executable (file) compressor a file binder a password protector

1804)   File Pulverizer
File Pulverizer can delete your files quite so that others cant recover them, it support delete files and folders by right-click them in Explorer and choose context menu

1805)   AxMan 3.12
Split large files into pieces and restore them

1806)   QuickMirror
QuickMirror provides quick updating of backups, synchronization, and mirroring.

1807)   Accessor
Quick access to main Windows functions, folders and documents.

1808)   Metadata Miner Catalogue PRO
Rapid file properties list, metadata extraction - xmp, iptc export to xml, xsl

1809)   PowerArchiver 2002 8.0.63
The ultimate archive utility

1810)   File Tutelary
Encrypt files or decrypt files by your own password quickly and securly

1811)   Image To PDF(PDF E-Book Maker)
Create a PDF file out of an image or a group of images.

1812)   FileEngineer
FileEngineer is an all-in-one program to easily manipulate and work with files.

1813)   DateTimeEdit
This program allows you to change the dates and times of any of your files, i

1814)   File Magic
with File_Magic you can easily encode/decode a file to different file with extension Base64 (*

1815)   SmartVersion
SmartVersion is a multi-version incremental file archivist

1816)   AB Commander XP
The Next Generation Dual-Panel File Manager and Explorer replacement

1817)   StarWin
This software package combined with StarPort working as a client allows you to - share CD/DVD burners over the network and use your favorite CD/DVD burning applicationto burn CD/DVD remotely - share tape drives over the network and use your favorite tape backup application to backup to tape drive remotely - share hard disk drives over the network for fast storing large amounts of data (replication) at block-level rather then doing this at file-level - backup whole server storage subsystem over the network w/o putting machine down - work with the virtual volumes, dynamic volume snapshots, incremental backups - create extremely fast RAM disk drives for temporary data storing - mount standard ISO and MDS images into created Virtual DVD drives.

1818)   Pass-IT
Pass-IT allows you to archive (or "zip") your files into one extractor

1819)   StartUp Manager
StartUp Manager - take control of your PC

1820)   RedDog
Fast and easy to use full text DB. Scalable from single user to huge networks.

1821)   FileLocator Pro
FileLocator Pro is highly efficient, user extensible, file searching utility with support for regular expressions

1822)   Power OS Commander
Power OS Commander is a file manager for Windows (TM) similar to the Windows Explorer.

1823)   Find-Replace in files
find a string in your folder and sub folders and replace it.

1824)   Encode It
Safely encrypt, decrypt, or shred one or more files, including complete folders

1825)   USB Info
Ultimate Software Utility & Tool - View, Browse, Explore & Test USB Devices

1826)   File Maven Pro
Dual directory file manager with zip support, text editor, viewer.

1827)   PECompact
Compresses win32 modules (EXE, DLL, etc..) while leaving them fully functional.

1828)   OfficeFIX Office Data Recovery
An Ms Office data recovery software designed to restore corrupt files

1829)   PECompact (Student version)
Compresses win32 modules (EXE, DLL, etc..) while leaving them fully functional.

1830)   Ycopy
Folder/disk copy and data migration utility. File problems don't stop the copy.

1831)   ZTreeWin
A 32-bit console-mode file manager for Win95/98/ME/NT,2000 & XP

1832)   Catalog Max
Catalog Max is a tool to help you to create catalogs and reports for your floppy disks, hard drives, optical disks, CD-ROMs, or just a single folder

1833)   Rapid File Defragmentor
Defragmenter allowing you to defragment files and directories by schedule

1834)   ROVE FileTracker
Software for simple and fast cataloguing any types of files and folders.

1835)   Quick File Rename Personal Edition
Full featured mp3, batch file and folder renamer with preview, undo and more!

1836)   Drive Cleanup Wizard
The Drive Cleanup Wizard helps you get rid of useless, unwanted, temporary files

1837)   Copy Expert
Copy Expert is small, but very powerful data recover utility

1838)   Yarrow Commander
file manager Specially developed for blind included many features

1839)   CSRenameMultipleFiles
Add in to Windows Explorer that allows one to rename many files easily.

1840)   Archive XP 2003
Quite simply the most feature-packed file archive software around!

1841)   SumInfos (Summary Information)
Utility to extract and collect file properties into a text file via batch cmd

1842)   File-Ex
File Open and Save-As Dialog Extensions, automatically enhances all of your apps

1843)   NovaStor Online Backup
Easily store your critical data off-site with NovaStor's Online Backup Service.

1844)   InSync
InSync is a high speed file and directory synchronizer with autmatic scheduling.

1845)   QuickFiles
QuickFiles is a powerful, yet easy-to-use cataloging utility that helps you always be in touch with your data

1846)   Stellar Phoenix NTFS
Award winning Windows NT Hard disk recovery software utility, recovers NT, 2000,XP lost data from crashed hard disk

1847)   Control Freak
File Manager that includes several other applets in one seamless application.

1848)   Split it (Award Winning file splitter)
Merge/Split files at 4Mb/sec splitted by other splitters along with 19 features.

1849)   ZipItFast 2.0
A commercial-quality free archiving utility that features a Windows drag-and-drop interface

1850)   SmartSFX Pro
Shareware WMV and AVI encoding software with editing (cutting/joining) features.