Saturday, 25 October 2014
Launchers - System Utilities Programs from 1 to 50 listed after date
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1)   Secure Lockdown Multi Application Ed.
lockdown kiosks, trade show terminals, library and schools labs, hotel kiosks

2)   FireDaemon Pro
A utility to install and run any application or script as a Windows service

3) Hotkey Organizer
Create global shortkeys to have faster access to everything!

4)   SterJo Task Manager Free
Advanced utility for process managing.

5)   Launcher - Pro Edition
Launcher is an easy-to-use personal shortcut manager to launch all file kinds.

6)   Remind!
Important date, task reminder. Handy timer, calendar, scheduler

7)   OSS Startup Repair for Windows
The Startup Repair for Windows is the best utility to modify startup settings.

8)   System Gate
Selects what programs to stop or to run on your or your child's PC

9)   Chameleon Delayer Lite
Chameleon Delayer is a Windows startup manager that accelerates Windows startup.

10)   Chameleon Startup Manager Lite
Windows startup manager that accelerates Windows

11)   Chameleon Startup Manager Pro
Windows startup manager that accelerates Windows

12)   Handy Start Menu
Groups the Start menu applications by categories, making them easy to access

13)   NotRun
NotRun-prevent start selected programs.

14)   SamLogic CD-Menu Creator
Creates impressive autoplay menu interfaces for CD, DVD and USB flash drives.

15)   Actual Multiple Monitors
Emulate Windows Taskbar on secondary monitors, create Desktop Profiles and more!

16)   ForOffPC
ForOffPC - handy software designed to help you plan system restarts and shutdown

17)   Solway's Task Scheduler
Run programs or open files or tasks to a schedule.

18)   Blue Jet Button
Blue Jet Button is designed to help you quickly launch applications.

19)   AutoRun Architect
Quickly & easily make professional and impressive AutoRun Menus for your CD/DVDs

20)   Start Menu XP
Bring the good old Windows XP style to your menu and use virtual groups

21)   SterJo Portable Task Manager
Advanced utility for process managing.

22)   TrayScript
TrayScript allows you to run scripts from the System Tray.

23)   Safe Sleep
Stay alive tool keeps you connected to the internet.

24)   Taskbar Classic Start Menu
Classic Start Menu in Windows 7 system notification area!

25)   SterJo Task Manager - Portable
Advanced utility for process managing.

26)   SuperLauncher
Easily launch and schedule favorite programs, documents, folders, and websites

27)   SE-TrayMenu
Manage shortcuts and get quick access to favorite apps with SE-TrayMenu.

28)   Autoplay Menu Designer
Create engaging menus for CD, DVD, USB Flash drives without complex scripting

29)   Comfort Keys Pro
Perform routine actions in one click!

30)   SterJo Task Manager
Advanced utility for process managing.

31)   Perfect Menu
Perfect Menu allows a user to customize pop-up menu in any application.

32)   SterJo StartUp Monitor
Application designed to monitor Windows startup locations.

33)   Clean Startup
Easy tool to control programs which automatically start on Windows startup.

34)   Copenhagen OS emulation suite
Copenhagen OS emulation suite.

35)   NuKit
Productivity and timesaving toolkit for every Mac user: launcher, tweaker, shortcut editor, window mover, calculator.

36)   AyPC Speeduper
a revolutionary product to enhance processor intensive software to run faster.

37)   Free Process Freezer
Easily suspend processes without loss of data, and resume them later.

38)   Able Launch Bar
Able Launch Bar is replacement for standard Quick Launch.

39)   CodySafe Sigma
Best portable applications launcher with instant access to vast apps collection

40)   CodySafe
Best menu for portable applications, management tool for portable drive and more

41)   iTopsoft PC Speeduper
enhances processor intensive software to run at even faster speeds.

42)   Traction CD Menu Creator
CD Menu Creator is a handy, user-friendly utility for making compilation CDs

43)   LaunchPad
LaunchPad allows you to run just about any program as a native Windows Service

44)   iAutoRun
iAutoRun lets you run application automatically without login to Windows.

45)   AutoTurnOff
Shut down computer at specified time even if no one is logged in.

46)   FireDaemon Trinity
A feature rich enterprise class Windows Service Management Platform

47)   Yawffer
This tool shows you current system load and allows to freeze any process for a p

48)   Fences
Fences is a program that organizes your desktop, and can hide your icons.

49)   DirScout
access folder and directories quickly and easily with one click

50)   CSMenu
CSMenu is a freeware program that returns the classic start menu to Windows 7.