Saturday, 25 October 2014
Top 501-550 Web Development Programs
501)   MDaemon Email Server for Windows
Secure POP/SMTP/IMAP/SyncML mail server. Webmail client & BlackBerry push email.

502)   CRE Loaded Jellyfish Data Feed
CRE Loaded Jellyfish Data Feed by MagneticOne

503)   Python Code Library
Multi-language source code library and clipboard extender for Windows

504)   Zen Cart Jellyfish Data Feed
Zen Cart Jellyfish Data Feed by MagneticOne

505)   LSP tutorial
Tutorial for the Lua programming language and web-development using LSP.

506)   Sothink Menu Builder suite
Get DHTML tree-like menu or drop-down menu without writing JavaScript code.

507)   Social Bookmarks Supercharged - CRE Loaded Module
Social Bookmarks Supercharged - CRE Loaded Module

508)   CRE Loaded / Data Feed
CRE Loaded / Data Feed

509)   CRE Loaded Froogle Data Feed
CRE Loaded Froogle Data Feed

510)   Dynamic Web Page Effects
Dynamic Web Page Effects provide a variety of effects & controls

511)   Weblinks Status Analyzer Lite
Web project links and keywords analyzer. Supports 7 search engines.

512)   Ajaxium v1.5
Ajaxium - codelessly AJAX-enable any new or existing ASP.NET application

513)   Wordpress SEO toolkit pro
A wordpress SEO toolkit

514)   x-Cart Google Checkout Level 2 payment module
x-Cart Google Checkout Level 2 payment module

515)   Skalinks Links Management Script
Link management script with links checking and advanced ads system.

516)   ECM Homepage
Detailed guidance for the production own homepage without special aids.

517)   MetaProducts Web Studio
This is a powerful editor for web developers with project support, FTP and more

518)   csASPUpload
Upload files using a browser and ASP. Multiple files. Can export binary data.

519)   Easy Index Generator
Creates configurable HTML and HHC files of Contents for any files types.

520)   Advanced Graph and Chart Collection
Add Powerful reporting features to your Web / Intranet pages and applications.

521)   FlashSlider
Convert images and music to Flash slideshow complete with effects and preloaders

522)   Site Map for CRE Loaded - CRE Loaded Module
Site Map for CRE Loaded - is powerful module for dynamic site map generation

523)   IEWatch
View HTTP headers and HTML code in Microsoft Internet Explorer

524)   SiteMaster
Web development packages for developers, individuals and small business

525)   Word Net
WordNet lets you make a website using Microsoft Word

526)   RSS Planter
Submit rss feeds easily to quality RSS directories.

527)   Active DHTML Drop Down Menu

528)   HTMLProtector
Software designed to protect web page HTML source code.

529)   Welcome Pro
Experience this cool web tool, that create a text loading effect on your site, this loading effect looks like flash, but the effect is created entirely in Java Script

530)   Cromas xml menu
Flash menu, can be cofigured by editing a config file

531)   3D Button Visual Editor
WYSIWYG application that allows the user to create 3D outstanding buttons

532)   dhtmlxToolbar
Cross-browser/multiplatform JavaScript Toolbar with rich API and XML support

533)   Anything3D Presentation Applet
Presentation applet is a new interactive tour for image which allows to view presentation over the internet without requiring the use of plug-ins which take forever to download

534)   Cool Color Picker
Cool Color Picker help you pick color anywhere on the screen

535)   FlexSite
Well organized, feature rich HTML authoring tool. Uses split screen to view.

536)   CreationWeb Studio Edition
So easy, anyone can create their own website with this step-by-step builder.

537)   AllWebMenus LITE
DHTML menu / javascript menu builder that requires no programming at all!

538)   HTAccessible
HTAccessible provides a simple interface for creating .htaccess files

539)   DBF Doctor
Bring your damaged dbf-file back to life with DBF Doctor

540)   CoffeeCup Google SiteMapper
Create snazzy Google sitemaps in seconds!

541)   Yaldex Colored ScrollBars 1.4
It generates CSS Style definitions to add colored scrollbars on your web pages

542)   Blueframe Web Enterprise Pack
For Hosting Companies, ISPs, and Developers or similar

543)   Site Test Center
Automated test tool for Web Sites, Web Applications and Web Services.

544)   ya-auto
Program for auto selection keywords for you sites

545)   IMS Web Engine
A professional WYSIWYG editor for the creation of interactive web pages

546)   Shopping Cart System
ScS store builder is an e-commerce solution software for creating Web Store

547)   ByteRun Protector for PHP
Protect your php scripts before distribution

548)   ATAF-SHOP
ATAF -Shop is 100% web-based shop system that can : Your can handle customers online shopping in a secure environment A 100% online inventory with options editing/adding items and for uploading pictursr

549)   Spy-CD
Spy-CD is a full text search engine for HTML, PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT and TXT CDs.

550)   Javascript Obfuscator
Stop theft of your JavaScripts! Scramble, obfuscate, and pack JavaScript code!

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