Tuesday, 21 October 2014
Applications - Business & Finance Programs from 1 to 50 listed after date
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1)   FastReport.Mono
FastReport Mono is a powerful multiplatform reporting solution

2)   Aztec Font and Encoder Advantage Package
Collection of fonts and components to generate Aztec barcodes.

3)   Easy Gift Card
The most versatile Gift Card solution!

4)   WowBase
Create your own database quickly and easily.

5)   QR Code Font and Encoder Package
Collection of fonts and components to generate QR-Code symbols.

6)   2D Universal Barcode Font and Encoder
Create multiple 2D barcodes with this single advanced 2D barcode font.

7)   SAEAUT SCADA Web Client 1 CAL
One additional client access license to the product SAEAUT SCADA

Flexible, user-friendly and affordable SCADA / HMI with a Web client

9)   Visual Importer ETL Professional
Automate loading data into Oracle, SQL Server, ODBC from flat files or ODBC

10)   Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise
Automate entire business processes and spend more time in the bar

11)   Advanced ETL Processor Professional
Extract transform and load any data and automate entire business processes

12)   Visual Importer ETL Enterprise
Automate loading data into ANY Database from ANY Database or file

13)   IDAutomation PDF417 Font Encoder Package
PDF417 Font and Encoder enables printing of high density PDF417.

14)   Q-Eye QVD/QVX files Editor (64 Bit)
Freeware QlikView QVD/QVX files editor

15)   Q-Eye QVD/QVX files Editor (32 Bit)
Freeware QlikView QVD/QVX files editor

16)   Q-Eye Portable QVD/QVX files Editor
Portable Freeware QlikView QVD/QVX files editor

17)   Visual Importer ETL Standard
Extract, transform and load data into ANY Database from ANY Database or file

18)   Nsasoft Network Software Inventory
NSI scans network and generates reports about computers software.

19)   Miraplacid Text Driver
Miraplacid Text Driver extracts text from documents and saves it to file

20)   Easy Access
Easy Access is free database application for managing MS Access databases!

21)   TechnoRiverStudio Standard
The industry-leading label design, barcode and printing software.

22)   PayWindow Payroll System
Pay by any pay period; hourly, salaried, commissioned, non-employee workers.

23)   FastReport.Net
Powerful and flexible net reports generator with visual report designer

24)   SoftAmbulance Access Recovery
Recover deleted or corrupted MS Access databases from healthy or damaged disks.

25)   GS1 DataBar Barcode Font Package
Generate all GS1 DataBar barcode types from a single font.

26)   Code 128 Universal Barcode Font
Generate code 128 barcodes from a universally compatible font.

27)   SoftAmbulance MySQL Recovery
Recover deleted database from safe and damaged hard drives with MySQL Recovery

28)   RentBoss Single User
Understandable, affordable and feature-packed property management software.

29)   DameWare Remote Support
Comprehensive Remote Support Software from one easy-to-use console

30)   CRM-Express Professional
Contact Management with marketing, sales, invoicing etc.

31)   Flip Html5
Free create engaging jQuery & HTML5 flip book from PDF with video, link.

32)   CRM-Express Standard
CRM Software program with Skype and Google maps

33)   Promo SMS Sender
Bulk SMS Sender using GSM modem or mobile phone. It supports long and flash SMS.

34)   CallNotify
Manage calls, messages, notifications and notes for co-workers

35)   Advanced CSV Converter
CSV Converter to XLS, XLSX,DBF, XML, HTML, SQL and more

36)   Resistance Color Code Calculator
This software calculates resistor value from it's given color code.

37)   ROBO Bill of Materials
ROBO Bill of Materials is a material requirement planning software product.

38)   Native Linear Generator for Filemaker
Easily add bar codes to FileMaker without installing special fonts.

39)   IDAutomation Java Linear Barcode Package
JavaBean, Applet and Servlet for Barcoding in Java.

40)   Barcode Generator for Microsoft Access
Embedded Barcode object for Microsoft Access.

41)   ASP Linear Barcode Generator Script
Add barcode generation to any website with the ASP Barcode Generator Script

42)   ASPX Linear Barcode Generator Script
Add barcode generation to any website with the ASPX Barcode Generator Script

43)   ASP GS1 Databar Barcode Server for IIS
Add barcode generation to IIS with the GS1 DataBar ASP Server Component

44)   IDAutomation Code39 Barcode Font for MAC
Code 3 of 9 barcode font package for printing bar code 39 on Macintosh OSX.

45)   Linear Barcode Image Generator
Barcode image generation application with command line options.

46)   Advanced ID Creator Professional
Create and print professional ID cards and badges instantly!

47)   MetaLAN
Remote control, support, monitoring, software auditing and hardware inventory.

48)   Business Directory Extractor
a simple application to extract and export yellow pages content.

49)   Crystal Reports Barcode Font Encoder UFL
Barcode Font UFL for Crystal Reports by IDAutomation.com

50)   PHP Linear Barcode Generator Script
Add barcode generation to any website with the PHP Barcode Generator Script