Saturday, 25 October 2014
Applications - Business & Finance Programs from 451 to 500 listed after downloads number
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451)   Able Web OfficeView
A Web application In-Out board with a messaging system and employee information

452)   EZDupeRemover
Intelligent, lightning fast, and handy remover of duplicates in MS Outlook files

453)   VersaCRM
versaCRM is a flexible and powerful Web Browser delivered CRM solution.

454)   eXPert PDF Reader
Free PDF ReadereXPert PDF Reader is a free software that lets you view and print pdf documents on windows operating systems

455)   StaffCop
Activity monitoring, informs you of employee's activity during any given moment

456)   AtomicRobot Mr Memory Munch To-Do List
A very simple yet effective To-Do List. Saves your list automatically!

457)   Huelix ScreenPlay Screen Recorder
Record and broadcast PC screens as Windows Media video in real time!

458)   Controlling Your Business 4.0
Controlling Your Business 4.0 is the easiest invoicing software on the market.

459)   statlook
Work time control, software and web usage tracking, software/hardware management

460)   FlexRent
FlexRent is the flexible solution for vacation property management.

461)   Scrape to Folder
Document Scanning Software that automatically creates file folders and file name

462)   Affiliate Program Manager
APM- affiliate/viral marketing management software.

463)   Invoice by Click
Invoice by Click - Create invoices and receipts in few clicks

464)   ProKalc
Scientific/Financial/Geometry Calculator with Tape

465)   MembData
Membership data and mailings for a local association.

466)   ZoneTrekker
International timezones, clocks, alarms, public holidays, world day/night map.

467)   VueChat Enterprise Server
Vuechat - web based Customer Service solution featured with live video and voice

468)   Ezy Invoice 3000
Create and manage your Invoices, Quotes etc. Manage Inventory & Receivables

469)   iMediaCONVERT
Convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash in just a few easy steps

470)   VITicker
World stocks ticker with diagrams and lists for NYSE, NASDAQ etc

471)   Easy POS 4 BUSINESS Point of Sale
Easy to setup, and very easy to learn POS system with powerful features.

472)   PDF Server Script
Add text and pictures to existing pdf files with the help of a script language.

473)   ZoneView
See the current time in 24 world cities with ZoneView for Windows.

474)   ExcelExplorer
ExcelExplorer is a new utility for quick and easy managing excel files

475)   DataRelate
Compare data storage units and capacities of popular storage media

476)   Rapid PDF Count
Rapid PDF Count will show you how many pages are in many PDF's

477)   The Keys Program
Track who has what keys when and what those keys do. Security.

478)   AutoPlay me PRO
Simply drag and drop your PowerPoint, Word or PDF file and then press the Write CD Now button and you are done

479)   Bar Code
Want to print bar code 128 directly from Windows? Bar code 128 is designed for high density alpha-numeric work.

480)   Employee Scheduling Assistant 2000
To schedule mostly full-time employees, print out weekly and monthly schedules.

481)   AutoPlay me for Word
Create AutoPlay Word CDs easily. Simply drag and drop and press Burn to CD

482)   Zip Code Genie
Looks up and types address data (city, state, etc.) in your documents and forms.

483)   Invoice! 2002
Invoice! 2002 is an easy-to-learn system for creating invoices.

484)   SplitBill (For PalmOS)
Easily calculate the tip (before/after tax), total and amount per person.

485)   Invoice
Easy to setup, and easy to learn program with powerful features.

486)   ¡Conjuga!
¡Conjuga! is a professional trainer for Spanish verbs.

487)   Scheduling Employees 2000
To schedule mostly part-time employees and print out weekly schedules.

488)   Wordware Personal Information Manager for Word
Wordware PIM 2002: Easy Contact Management from the Word Toolbar

489)   3.5 Inch Disk Label Creator for Word
Easily Create Beautiful, Full-Color, Disk Labels in Minutes

490)   Simple TimeClock Single Edition
An easy and inexpensive way to track employee hours on your personal computer.

491)   GraphSight Junior
GraphSight Junior is an easy to use freeware handy 2D math-graphing program

492)   Active Phone Server
Speaking answering machine, Caller ID, Email Checker, Autodialer and more!

493)   DEKSI HelpDesk
DEKSI HelpDesk is a powerful and feature rich web based help desk and customer support system that provides organizations with a helpdesk, inclusive discussion forum, and the research capabilities of web surveys

494)   Survey Power
Survey software - thematic maps, cross-tabulation, and statistical analysis.

495)   Human Calculator
Compact and helpful calculator for windows

496)   PDF U Split Desktop Edition
Automate the process of splitting multiple PDF files.

497)   EstimatesPlease
If you make client estimates, estimate amounts of items or go through complex "what if?" scenarios then EstimatesPlease is the calculator for you

498)   ADX Toys for Microsoft Word
Adds the syntax highlighting of the selected source code in the current document

499)   Time Calculator Deluxe Edition
Add, subtract, divide and multiply time values in days, hours, minutes and seconds

500)   Litigation MAX
LITIGATION MAX makes it easy to manage debtor and litigation accounts.