Tuesday, 21 October 2014
Applications - Business & Finance Programs from 901 to 950 listed after downloads number
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901)   2D Barcode Generator
2D Barcode Generator generate professional scannabe barcodes to print on labeles

902)   AVi to MPEG Video Converter
AVi to MPEG Video Converter converts video files between all popular formats.

903)   LeafThrough
Visual search tool used to search docs & view actual contents of the docs

904)   Handy MPG Converter
Convert measure of fuel economy from the MPG units to the SI L/100km

905)   AMan Pro for Amazon Sellers
Comprehensive Amazon seller Listing, Pricing, Order management tool

906)   4ASoft Agenda
4ASoft Agenda eliminates paper-based, spreadsheet and other outdated systems.

907)   TaskPool
Task Management and Help Desk software system

908)   SIMMS Inventory Software
SIMMS The inventory management solution you can rely on

909)   QR Code Windows
QR Code Windows Software for labels, stickers, ribbon with 24 barcode Fonts.

910)   Bronze Inventory System
Comprehensive multi warehouse inventory system with POS

911)   DEKSI ActivitySCHEDULER
A powerful and feature rich job scheduling and report scheduling software system

Powerful and feature rich Crystal report automation and scheduling software

913)   Adventnet ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
Complete Help Desk & Asset Mgmt software with SLA & purchase mgmt. ITIL ready

914)   MySQL To MSSQL Conversion Tool
MySQL to MSSQL database converter migrate row column of MySQL db to MSSQL record

915)   dotConnect for SQL Server
An enhanced database connectivity solution built over ADO.NET architecture.

916)   SinĂ¡tica Monitor for Firebird
Sinatica Monitor is a real-time performance monitor for Firebird databases

917)   MySQL DB To MS SQL Migrator
MySQL to MSSQL converter tool convert entire table with datatypes and attributes

918)   avi to mp4 Video Converter
avi to mp4 video converter converts video files between all popular formats.

919)   UPC Image Creator Software
upc image creator software capable to print sticker barcode for 22 barcode Font

920)   Carolina barcode Software
carolina barcode tool is capable to print sticker barcode for 22 barcode Font

921)   Validate a list of e-mails to check if email address is valid
Validate a list of e-mails to check if email address is valid

922)   ISBN Bacode Label Maker
ISBN Bacode Label Maker creates barcode labels, stickers for 24 barcode Fonts.

923)   dotConnect for Oracle
A data provider for Oracle built over ADO.NET architecture.

924)   dotConnect Express for Oracle
A free of charge data provider for Oracle built over ADO.NET.

925)   dbForge Fusion for MySQL, Delphi Add-in
Powerful add-in that lets you develop MySQL databases from Borland Delphi

926)   dbForge Fusion for MySQL, Visual Studio Add-in
Powerful add-in that lets you develop MySQL databases from Visual Studio .NET

927)   PDF Filer
Utility that relates PDF Files to a Database

928)   QR-Code Font and Encoder for Windows
A font with components to generate QR-Code symbols.

929)   CDBF for DOS
Powerful 32bit DBF viewer and editor for DOS.

930)   How to Buy Non Performing Mortgages
http://www.notebuyingprofits.com No-nonsense Note Buying Information. Up-to-date

931)   CDBF for Linux
Easy to use very fast and small DBF viewer and editor.

932)   CDBF for Windows
Powerful DBF viewer and editor for Windows.

933)   Cucusoft Ultimate Video Converter
Convert to almost any Audio/Video format.

934)   Cucusoft Video to DVD/VCD Converter Lite
Cucusoft convert Mpeg/Mov/RMVB/DivX/AVI to DVD/VCD/SVCD.

935)   dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server
SQL Server database structure comparison and synchronization tool.

936)   EMS Data Export for InterBase/Firebird
Program to export data from IB/FB databases into the most popular formats.

937)   Boutique Management System
A Smart Software that designed to manage your boutique.

938)   EMS SQL Management Studio for InterBase/Firebird
A complete solution for database administration and development

939)   PDF Filer II V
A Utility to rename PDF files from your copier

940)   Barcode Generator for Crystal Reports
An easy-to-use barcode object for Crystal Reports.

941)   Barcode Generator for Microsoft Access
Embedded Barcode object for Microsoft Access.

942)   PDF2Text Pilot
PDF to text file converter that allows you to extract text from a batch of PDF.

943)   GeneralKB
Create and maintain knowledge base. Organize your documents, notes, web pages.

944)   Moyea FLV Editor Lite
Moyea FLV Editor Lite edits FLV files free without quality loss .

945)   DBF Script
Powerful tool which allows you to create small programs to manage dbf files.

946)   RBS Point of Sale System
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

947)   Garmmar Check Anywhere
Adds Spell Check And Grammar Check To All Windows Programs

948)   Horizon CRM for Sage
Powerful CRM with links to Sage & Quickbooks

949)   Bates Express
BatesExpress stamps bates to emails and converts them to PDF, TIFF, DOC, HTML.

950)   Join PDF Files
Join PDF Files with PDF Merger Splitter for join & split pdf documents & files.