Thursday, 23 October 2014
Applications - Business & Finance Programs from 151 to 200 listed after name
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151)   Bid-n-Invoice Home Cleaning
Bid-n-Invoice Home Cleaning is a fast and easy Invoice program.

152)   Bid-n-Invoice Landlord
Bid-n-Invoice Landlord is a Price Quote and Invoice program for any Landlord.

153)   Bid-n-Invoice Lawn Care
Bid-n-Invoice Lawn Care is an Invoice program for the Lawn Care Operator.

154)   Bid-n-Invoice Mobile Wash
Bid-n-Invoice Mobile Wash is a fast and easy professional Invoice program.

155)   Bid-n-Invoice Office Cleaning
Bid-n-Invoice Office Cleaning is a fast and easy professional Invoice program.

156)   Bid-n-Invoice Painter
Bid-n-Invoice Painter is a fast and easy professional Invoice program.

157)   Bill Maker
Create Bills,Invoices.Manage Customers,Suppliers and Inventory;Design own Bills

158)   Biometric Employee Punch Clock
A powerful Time and Attendance solution using fingeprint authentication.

159)   Birthday Agent
This small utility will ensure you don't forget important forthcoming events

160)   Birthday Bios
What Happened The Day You Were Born - Save money using personalized prints.

161)   BlueDoc
Document Management System including Workflows Management

162)   BlueLive
Easy to use proximity marketing software that allows you to send your data to al

163)   BlueLock
BlueLock automatically lock your computer when you leave your office

164)   BlueSearch
BlueSearch is an easy-to-use program for detecting and monitoring Bluetooth

165)   BlueServer
BlueServer is an easy-to-use program for monitoring Bluetooth devices

166)   Bluetooth Promoter 24x7
This is software for Proximity Advertising via Bluetooth Connectivity

167)   bluevizia PR Manager
The interactive Public Relations software for your successful communications.

168)   bluevizia Marketing Manager
Effective software for the successful small business marketing strategy.

169)   Boachsoft Finance
Take control of your personal finances and save time with Boachsoft Finance.

170)   BookCAT
Powerful database program to catalog and manage your book collection

171)   Boutique Management System
A Smart Software that designed to manage your boutique.

172)   BreakTime
Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) are quite common in those using a PC for prolonged periods

Calculate withholding tax or do a small business payroll. Print pay checks

174)   Brevitas Business Intelligence Framework
Powerful and flexible reports generator with visual report designer

175)   Bridge Construction Set
Bridge Construction Set is all about building a bridge that doesn't break.

176)   BridgeTrak Help Desk Software
Comprehensive help desk and issue trouble ticket tracking software.

177)   Brilliant Database Server
Rapid database development software what allows you to manage any data you need.

178)   Brilliant Database Ultimate
Create executable desktop database applications without coding!

179)   Bronze Inventory POS System
Comprehensive multi warehouse inventory system with POS

180)   Bronze Inventory System
Comprehensive multi warehouse inventory system with POS

181)   BrowserCRM Professional
Customer Relationship Management, Email and Groupware for Linux and Windows

182)   Business Card Creator for Word
Easily Create Beautiful, Full-Color, Professional Business Cards in Minutes

183)   Business Card Designer Plus
Design and print great looking business cards quickly and easily.

184)   Business Directory Extractor
a simple application to extract and export yellow pages content.

185)   Business Kit
All-in-one, Multi-functional information manager for personal and business needs

186)   Business management studio
Design your forms, menus and actions using interface designer.

187)   Business-Plan
Business Plan software for easy preperation.

188)   BusinessMan
Complete CRM Business Management System from prospect first contact to invoice

189)   C1A3F305 Medical Claim Entry System
Model C1A3F305 Medical Claim Entry System

190)   CAD KAS PDF Editor
Edit PDF files now! You can write annotations, add text, change the text etc.

191)   Cafe
Cafe - Software for internet cafes, timer and billing

192)   Cafecontrol
Internet cafe management suite. Plus printout count

193)   Calc Pro
Calc Pro is as easy to use ordinary handheld calculator with detailed log.

194)   CalcPac RPN
CalcPac RPN is a powerful business calculator that emulates the HP-12C.

195)   Calendar 200X
Calendar 200X Monthly planning calendar

196)   Call Accounting Mate
Call Accounting Mate is a browser SQL based call accounting software package

197)   Call Center Manager
Manage call center campaign, drop rate, auto pacing, agent monitor and coaching

198)   Call Corder
Record telephone conversations directly to your hard disk

199)   CallerRM
CallerRM - Telephone Caller ID and Notebook Software

200)   CallNotify
Manage calls, messages, notifications and notes for co-workers