Thursday, 23 October 2014
Personal Info Managers - Business & Finance Programs from 1 to 50 listed after name
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1)   ! - Pigeonhole Free Organizer
A totally free form personal information manager.

2)   ! - Pigeonhole Organizer
A totally free form personal information manager.

3)   ! - Pigeonhole Portable Organizer
A totally free form portable personal information manager for flash drives.

4)   ! Custom Addressbook
Intuitive, powerful, multi-featured, small and extremely flexible address book.

5)   ! Custom Addressbook Lite
Easy to use, small, and extremely flexible addressbook manager.

6)   ! TreePad Asia
Award winning personal database/PIM, text editor, advanced search, Asian fonts

7)   ! TreePad Lite
Award winning personl.database/PIM, text editor, advanced search, small+powerful

8)   !!!WhoAre 1.0
WhoAre it is a personal file for yor friends

9)   !myPlan Freeware
!myPlan is a user-friendly but flexible scheduling system.

10)   !myPlan Professional
!myPlan is a user-friendly but flexible scheduling system.

11)   !myPlan Standard
!myPlan is a user-friendly but flexible scheduling system.

12)   .hiContact.
hiContact is a compact, elegant and easy to use contact manager.

13)   .WizQuote.
Organize and manage your invaluable quotations, comments and snippets of text

14) Personal Calendar
Let your computer remind you on important appointments automatically!

15) Personal Information Center
Organize all your personal and private data easily and secure!

16)   10 Pen drive Applications MYDB
All of your important data and apps centrally available to you.

17)   123 Synchronizer for ACT and Outlook
Synchronize ACT! with Outlook 1-way or 2-ways

18)   1st Contact
A simple, yet powerful contact manager with auto-dial, email & web capabilities.

19)   1stCalendar
desktop calendar features note and reminder.

20)   2007 Executive Calendar Refill Templates
3000 Refill Templates for Desk Planner, Personal Organizer, Ring Binder 8.5 x 11

21)   3D Topicscape Lite
3D concept maps / mindmaps tool (Lite vsn) to manage To Do lists, get organized

22)   A - Pigeonhole Organizer
A handy information program for all Windows users.

23)   A Better Calendar
Keep your notes, schedules and audio in classic "paper calendar" format.

24)   A Handy Address Book Server
Web-based Address Books with Multi-User Access and Permissions

25)   A VIP Organizer
Personal task management software for workflow optimization by to-do list usage.

26)   A-class Organizer
As an A-class Organizer user, you'll have no problems finding notes

27)   A-Z Organizer
All-in-one, Multi-functional information manager for personal and business needs

28)   ABC Birthday Reminder
A highly functional, flexible and easy-to-use birthday reminder with cool design

29)   ABIX
Manage your agenda, tasks, contacts and much more with this easy to use PIM!

30)   Access Password Recovery Genie
Access Password Recovery Genie is a program to recover passwords for MS Access

31)   AcePlanner
Time management software, what helps planning a day and orchestrating mood.

32)   AceText
Speed up and smarten up the way you write and communicate on your PC

33)   Achieve Planner
Time management software system with hierarchical project/task outliner/calendar

34)   AcreSoft Calendar 2009 + Scheduler
A calendar and scheduler program for home and office.

35)   ActionOutline
Store all your thoughts, ideas and information in this outline note organizer

36)   ActionOutline Lite
Organize your bits of info in a tree outline form

37)   Active Desktop Calendar
Customizable PIM on your desktop wallpaper

38)   Active Document Keeper
Stores and manages electronic documents in one or several document databases

39)   Actual Planner
Actual Planner: keep your Schedule, Blogs and Contacts in one place

40)   Actual Reminder
Talking calendar for any reminders, weather forecast and many other functions.

41)   ActualDoc Lite
Unique secure recent documents manager with universal documents viewer

42)   ActualDoc Standard
Keep your creative mood and time with recent documents manager ActualDoc

43)   Acute Softwares Diary
Acute Softwares Diary manages appointments and tasks and also logs your PC usage

44)   Acute Softwares TimerPRO
Sequence complex timing events

45)   Adbook PIM
Adbook PIM is the most professional address book software with powerful function and beautiful interface

46)   Address Book Recovery
Recover Contacts from Corrupt Address Book by using Address Book Recovery Tool

47)   Addressinator!
Searchable customizable network address book software

48)   Advanced Diary
Use diary software to keep your life organized and record your daily activities.

49)   Advanced Phonebook
Professional phone number database.

50)   Advanced Wedding Organizer
Powerful tool to manage all information concerning coming wedding.