Wednesday, 22 October 2014
Personal Info Managers - Business & Finance Programs from 501 to 550 listed after name
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501)   Snippets Text Database
Finally, a fast and easy way to store all your notes. Many features.

502)   Softmos Calendar
Easy create a calendar, print it or place on desktop.

503)   Speed Up Alarm
Speed Up Alarm - Free PC Alarm Clock

504)   Sports and Fitness Manager for Workgroup
A network database and scheduler for coaches and fitness instructors.

505)   Sports Rental Calendar
A database and scheduler for a sports rental business.

506)   SRSTaskTracker
For anyone who needs to account for their time or know where their time goes

507)   StaffID
StaffID A simple way to produce staff ID cards. A membership/Business ID Card.

508)   StaffTracker
StaffTracker is a time and attendance system. Remote data collection capability.

509)   Sticky Notes
Desktop sticky notes is the ultimate tool for personal organization

510)   StickyBase
Advanced sticky manager with enhanced search support and alarm functionality.

511)   StickyNote
StickyNote 9 lets you create beautiful virtual sticky notes on your desktop

512)   StudyMinder Homework System
Take control and get it done with this powerful student planner

513)   Super Drag and Drop Note
powerful note program,drag and drop anything, HTML based editor, tree organize

514)   SuperNotes
SuperNotes is a feature-rich desktop sticky notes application.

515)   SuperPIM
An outstanding PIM that manages contacts in the best way,also a nice chat tool

516)   Swift To-Do List 7
Number one to-do list software for Windows with hierarchical to-do list tree.

517)   Swift To-Do List Lite
Free to do list software with reminder and tasklists organized by tree structure

518)   SwizzTool
Easy to use alarm clock to set alarms/reminders

519)   Sync Database
Sync Database is an easy solution to synchronize schema of mySQL databases.

520)   SYNCING.NET for Outlook
Sync Outlook on all PCs and share it with your colleagues! It is easy and safe.

521)   SyncNotes
SyncNotes helps you keep important snippets of information at your fingertips.

522)   tables2csv
tables2csv offers the programmer a simple, fast and effective method to collect table information from the local ODBC driver and output it to comma seperated values

523)   Tag To-Do List
Plan your tasks, sort and organize them with innovative tag clouds

524)   Take Note
Take Note: Simple, easy to use, note storage software. Includes search.

525)   Task List Guru
Freeware task list organizer. Free to do list app for Windows with reminder etc.

526)   Task Scheduler by SKYCOM-IT
Task Scheduler Software that makes organizing your day.

527)   Task-Manager
The Task-Manager software allows you to manage you to-do-list and tasks for personal use and office use.

528)   TaskbarCalendar
Pocket Calendar with Outlook integration accessible via the taskbar or shortcut

529)   TaskMaster
Sometimes there is so much you need to do that you can't figure out where to start

530)   TaskPilot LT
Task management with attachments, reminders, Windows Explorer layout. Sync data.

531)   TaskPrompt
Complete all your daily and scheduled tasks on time.

532)   TaskRun
Plan your week, project or todo list on 3x5 Flash Cards that fit in your pocket

533)   TaskRun - 7 Day Planner
7 day calendar for self improvement through planning

534)   TaskRun Calendar
plan your next 7 days and print on index cards

535)   TaskRun Life & Fitness Calendar
plan your next 7 days and print on index cards

536)   taskXpress
Its innovative features allow you to arrange, plan and control your activities around the way you think about them

537)   Team Calendar
Useful team leaders Calendar

538)   The Address Manager
A Complete Business And Personal Information Manager

539)   The Calendar Planner
Calendar Scheduling Software. Innovative scheduling and productivity features.

540)   The Friendly Address Book
A contact organizer that supports images, skins, business card printing, dialing

541)   The Friendly Diary
With the Friendly Diary, every member in your family can keep his/her personal secure diary

542)   The Literary Machine 2000
The Literary Machine is a revolutionary relational database and composition tool that manages any kind of information, even the random thoughts and bits of information you get, and forget, throughout the day.

543)   Time & Chaos
Use this contact manager to organize your telephone book, appointment schedule, and to do list for better time management, all on one screen! Version 6 adds grouping, activity series, private records, external alarm utility

544)   Time & Chaos
award-winning contact manager and time management software 2005 version

545)   Time Clock
Softoma Time Clock allows users to be emailed regular time clock reports.

546)   Time Saver Wolf
Text and Document Management Software for Home or Business.

547)   TimeBell
TimeBell - program reminders of events.

548)   TimeBell2.0
To remind at the right time - the program TimeBell.

549)   TimeBell3.0
To remind at the right time - the program TimeBell.

550)   Timesheet Recorder Pro
Track how your time is spent and quickly total, summarize, and print timesheets.