Monday, 20 October 2014
Personal Info Managers - Business & Finance Programs from 51 to 100 listed after downloads number
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51)   ScriptDating
Starting you own dating site is easy

52)   AM-Notebook Lite
note taking tool for notes and formula supported spreadsheets

53)   Pigeonhole Organizer
Wish you could just type stuff and find it again without having to open files?

54)   Workgroup Calendar for Outlook
Merge and synchronize Calendar folders within your Microsoft Outlook.

55)   NoteZilla
Conveniently take notes on Post-It like desktop sticky notes on Windows & Phone

56)   iSpace Desktop (PIM)
iSpace Desktop is a integrated PIM system, it includes: Contacts, Calendar, Content, Documents, Blog Reader, Multi-page internet browser

57)   Power Notes
Power Notes is a desktop notes organizer, reminder and scheduler for Windows.

58)   Virtuoso Organizer
Virtuoso Organizer - the best helper for you or for your business.

59)   AM-Notebook
note taking tool for notes and formula supported spreadsheets

60)   OrgScheduler
A universal scheduling system for your individual/offices/business events.

61)   Agenda At Once
Easy-to-use, powerful PIM and To-Do Software

62)   C-Organizer
elegant PIM which combines tasks, address book, password manager and notebook

63)   Time Saver Wolf
Text and Document Management Software for Home or Business.

64)   Agenda MSD Multiusuario
Agenda MSD Multiuser, complete PIM for networks

65)   Type Pilot
Technical support software that types common text for you

66)   Tinderbox
Tinderbox 2

67)   1stCalendar
desktop calendar features note and reminder.

68)   EssentialPIM Pro
Full-featured PIM offering Email, Synchronization, Portability, Network Support

69)   MyAssist
Personal assistant on desktop who helps you arranging tasks and schedule.

70)   RoloFlex
RoloFlex: amazing personal contact manager and information center: home/office

71)   Pigeonhole Portable Organizer
Wish you could just type stuff and find it again without having to open files?

72)   OpenCV
OpenCV is a powerful resume creation tool for job-seekers, in 5 languages.

73)   Easy Contacts Manager
help you easily store and manage contact information (names, addresses, phone nu

74)   DateBook
DateBook keeps track and reminds you of important events.

75)   Info Angel
Info Angel is a free personal information manager (PIM).

76)   Downtime Manager
DownTime Manager keeps track of your equipment downtime.

77)   DailyPim
DailyPIM is a wonderful software for personal information management(PIM).

78)   PhoneTray Free
Identify callers and zap telemarketers with this FREE Caller ID software.

79)   Exercise Diary
Exercise Diary fitness software accurately records and reports your workouts.

80)   NJStar Chinese Calendar
A Calendar program with Chinese lunar year information, alarm and world clock.

81)   EasyNoter
Simple to use daytimer alike organizer (PIM) with built in reminder option

82)   Freebie Notes
Great little program for users who just want sticky notes with an alarm timer.

83)   PostIt Notes
With PostIt Notes, you can create colorful sticky note on your desktop or send these notes instantly over the Internet

84)   Sniplets
Sniplets is a convenient desktop utility for collecting and organizing all types of text information

85)   Aesthetic Memory Journal
The Aesthetic Memory Journal, more than just your typical diary.

86)   iCal4OL
Google Calendar Synchronization, .ics file/feed Import & Export for Outlook

87)   ! - Pigeonhole Organizer
A totally free form personal information manager.

88)   Direct Reminder Basic Edition
Get voice reminders of your tasks on your computer and telephone.

89)   TrueDesk
Web-based groupware server for Unix and Windows servers.

90)   Profi
The program for personal agencies: resume, vacancies,labor contracts.

91)   iMagic Kennel Reservation
Kennel Reservation Software.

92)   SimpleTODO
SimpleTODO is a time and sanity saving task and project management tool

93)   SuperPIM
An outstanding PIM that manages contacts in the best way,also a nice chat tool

94)   Desktop Secretary
Secretary Organizer helps to easily manage daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

95)   Pibio Organizer
Skinnable Personal Information Manager

96)   The Address Manager
A Complete Business And Personal Information Manager

97)   Time & Chaos
award-winning contact manager and time management software 2005 version

98)   Outlook Meetings Addin
Simplify the process of meeting invitation in Outlook and resource selection.

99)   3D Topicscape Lite
3D concept maps / mindmaps tool (Lite vsn) to manage To Do lists, get organized

100)   Network Diary
Allows Small Businesses to manage shared diary appointments on a network.