Friday, 24 October 2014
Personal Info Managers - Business & Finance Programs from 151 to 200 listed after downloads number
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Kplan is an Information Management Software which helps you organize your information and your documents

152)   ! Custom Addressbook Lite
Easy to use, small, and extremely flexible addressbook manager.

153)   VMI - Visitor Management Pro Starter Kit
VMI Pro - turnkey system to manage visitors; print badges, reports, easy to use.

154)   m9P Phonebook2
Advanced Phonebook Manager!

155)   OrgScheduler Pro
A complete calendar and scheduling system for your events.

156)   Vertabase Timer
Fun & Easy-to-use Time Tracking stopwatch & record keeper:clients, project,tasks

157)   CRM-Express eSales
CRM-Express is a Contact, eSales and eMarketing Manager

158)   MSD Organizer
MSD Organizer, complete personal and professional information manager

159)   Pigeonhole U3 Smart Drive Organizer
A totally free-form personal information manager for U3 Smart Drives.

160)   eReminder Prm EZ Calendar and Reminder
a full-featured calendar application for scheduling your important dates.

161)   eReminder Pro EZ Calendar and Reminder
a full-featured calendar application for scheduling your important dates.

162)   CardFile PS Net
Your professional information manager, with password protection for cd keys and

163)   The Literary Machine 2000
The Literary Machine is a revolutionary relational database and composition tool that manages any kind of information, even the random thoughts and bits of information you get, and forget, throughout the day.

164)   BabyTracker
BabyTracker is the first line of parenting tools designed to easily capture and track the important information of baby

165)   ScrapBook
Palm OS note-taking featuring nested folders, multiple string search, encryption

166)   Time & Chaos
Use this contact manager to organize your telephone book, appointment schedule, and to do list for better time management, all on one screen! Version 6 adds grouping, activity series, private records, external alarm utility

167)   Desktop Calendar Reminder
Desktop Calendar Reminder is simple, compact and easy to use desktop calendar.

168)   Speed Up Alarm
Speed Up Alarm - Free PC Alarm Clock

169)   TreePad PLUS
Organizer+Editor: Tree-structured, all-in-one, intuitive yet amply featured

170)   ActionOutline
Store all your thoughts, ideas and information in this outline note organizer

171)   Alpha Key Saver
Alpha Key Saver lets you easily insert commonly used text into any application.

172)   Radix
Multi-faceted Client/Server CRM Software.

173)   Cute Reminder
Create non-annoying reminders and make desktop notes with only two mouse clicks.

174)   Active Document Keeper
Stores and manages electronic documents in one or several document databases

175)   ActualDoc Standard
Keep your creative mood and time with recent documents manager ActualDoc

176)   FF Event Calendar
Powerful Schedule and Appointment Database with Calendar printing!

177)   Ultra Calendar Reminder
Plan your daily activities

178)   TreeNotes
The versatile data manager which can accommodate any type of data.

179)   Power Phone Book for MS Access
This program combines a simplicity of usage, pleasant interface and power search

180)   QuickNotes
Manage your thoughts. To make a link to another note double click a word.

181)   BuddyPIM
BuddyPIM is a full-scale Personal Information Manager (PIM) - Calendar - Address book - Notebook - Projects Manager

182)   Agenda Pro
Agenda Pro is a efficient agenda management tool

183)   ! Custom Addressbook
Intuitive, powerful, multi-featured, small and extremely flexible address book.

184)   DCI Organizer
userfriendly.Easy to manage,schedule our task

185)   Moto Calendar
Daily Planner and calendar with alarms, pop-up reminders and virtual stickers.

186)   Cute Organizer
Fast all-in-one personal information manager with an elegant interface

187)   WhizFolders Organizer Pro
Use an explorer-style list to create, outline and brainstorm your ideas

188)   Office Tracker Scheduling Software
Office Tracker lets everyone share side-by-side schedules for people, rooms, resources and more

189)   DesktopReminder
Desktop Reminder will make your life easier, working on computer that is (same for many people).

190)   Claymore Card Filer
Claymore Card Filer manages a list of individuals and their contact information.

191)   TaskPilot LT
Task management with attachments, reminders, Windows Explorer layout. Sync data.

192)   Alpha Journal
Keep a private journal, diary or log and manage personal information.

193)   NotesHolder Lite
Easy to Use Sticky Notes Organizer.

194)   WinDate Calculator
Put a flexible date calculator in your System Tray

195)   Pimero
New Auto-Sync, multi-user appointment calendar for small teams and induviduals.

196)   InTouch
InTouch - Your ULTIMATE Rolodex/Address Book!

197)   Ultra Recall
Easily capture, organize, and recall all of your electronic information

198)   AceText
Speed up and smarten up the way you write and communicate on your PC

199)   Contact & Remind
Contact database and calendar for personal & business use.

200)   WinReminder
Keep track of important events through pop-up, e-mail or sms notifications.