Saturday, 25 October 2014
Shell & Desktop Management - Desktop Enhancements Programs from 1 to 50 listed after downloads number
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1)   Reflexion
Reflexion, a application that makes sure you take a brake

2)   WinMatrix XP
Get flowing matrix from "The Matrix" movie for your desktop!

3)   Multi-Timer
16 multiple Timers with customizable Titles and Pictures with a large format!

4)   Windows 98 Revolutions Pack
Windows 98 Revolutions Pack - Add XP styles effects to 98SE only! such as xp toolbar icons startbutton and boot logo plus much much more

WinPLOSION provides a fast and visual method of getting to the window you want when you have several applications running by displaying an exploded view of all open windows

6)   WinClock
Free transparent alarm clock on desktop with easy-to-use reminder and calendar

7)   Trans-XP
Trans-XP, the software to make any application window transparent.

8)   VMware Workstation
VMware Workstation is powerful desktop virtualization software for software developers/testers and IT professionals who want to streamline software development, testing and deployment in their enterprise

9)   SD WinHider
Hide, restore and manage windows and tray icon appearance.

10)   ClocX
Beautiful analog clock for your desktop with many features.

11)   getStarted!XP
Add this fully customizable and animated Apple-Style-Launchbar to your desktop

12)   Desktop Fun
Desktop effects generator

13)   RapidKey
Rapid Key 1

14)   Desktop Logo
A small program that will add your favorite pictures or your company logo to your desktop

15)   Perfect Alarm Clock
A full-featured free multiple alarm clock that plays any audio file.

16)   Free Satellite TV on your PC
Why pay over $90.00 a month for Cable or Satellite TV services?

17)   World Time Clock & Map
World Time Clock & Map for Windows

18)   ObjectDock 1.2.0
ObjectDock acts both as a task manager and a program launcher.

19)   ResolutionChanger
Change desktop width, height, color depth, and refresh rate temporarily or permanently with command line switches

20)   DeskTool
Quickly access your favorite apps from a floating toolbar

21)   Hide-XP
Hide-XP hides any application from your computer screen

22)   ResChange
Change resolution temporarily or permanently with command line switches

23)   Say-Now
Voice Recognition software to speak to your computer

24)   Star Wars Posters
Fan made screensaver with a collection of 38 official hi-res Star Wars posters.

25)   MB-Ruler
tool to measure distances and angles on the desktop + screen loupe

26)   Say the TimeŽ
Hear the time, set alarms, style your taskbar clock, sync your PC time and more

27)   Stick-It Notes
Stick-It Notes For Your Computer! Post Color Notes on Your Desktop! o Note Format o 6 Colors o Font Selectable o Alarm Function o Make It Always Visible

28)   Digital Clock
NTP Digital clock software time synchroniser

29)   Digital Tray Clock
Digital clock which replaces Windows clock ( Like a Chameleon Clock )

30)   Desktop Calendar XP
Desktop Calendar XP is a simple, eye-catching, customizable calendar.

31)   WindowFX
Add drop shadows, morphing and more to Windows.

32)   Warcraft Clock: Reign of Chaos
Warcraft Clock gives you a chance to plunge into the world of noble warriors, nights and wizards fighting side by side on the field of battle against those who would threaten the sanctity and peace of the Alliance

33)   Atomic Alarm Clock
Set your alarm clock and replace your standard tray clock using different skins.

34)   Kybtec World Clock
See the time all over the world on this attractive world clock

35)   AlphaXP
Advanced Transparency Effects for Windows 2000/XP (Windows Enhancement!)

36)   Message Sender 4
Program can send message to any computer. You will only know computer address.

37)   Actual Window Minimizer
Actual Window Minimizer lets you minimize any window to tray by various means.

38)   Easy Desktop Keeper
Save, restore, manage and lock desktop layouts, wallpaper and screen saver.

39)   Chameleon Clock
Change the appearance of your Windows tray clock and desktop with new skins

40)   Custom Skin Clock
Custom Skin Clock is a free customizable analog clock located on the desktop.

41)   Analogue Vista Clock
Analogue Vista Clock is an outstanding quality alarm clock for your desktop.

42)   Weather Report Studio
Weather Report Studio - 5 Day Weather Report & Desktop Forecast Tool

43)   LogonStudio
Allows Windows XP users to edit, change, and apply new logon screens.

44)   Random Event Sounds XP
Select and randomize system sounds, screensavers, and wallpapers.

45)   WindowBlinds
Completely control how Windows looks and feels.

46)   Digital Desktop Clock
Computer clock is a digital pc clock application for windows desktop.

47)   1st Clock
Add date, world clock, alarms, atomic time, calendar etc to the taskbar clock

48)   WickedOrange - StartMenuEx
StartMenuEx is a replacement for the Windows Start Menu.

49)   Alarm Clock 4 Free
Wake up, remember weekly appointments; never miss a meeting with Alarm Clock.

50)   Elprime Clock Pro
Analog clock for your desktop transparent both in Win 98/Me and Vista/XP/2000/NT