Friday, 24 October 2014
Others - Desktop Enhancements Programs from 1 to 50 listed after downloads number
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1)   Boring XP Bootscreen
Boring XP

2)   JimmyWidgets
A powerful widget engine for windows with multilingual and theme support

3)   Yin Yang Bootscreen
Chinese Yin Yang Symbols portraid on a matrix background

4)   Windows Longhorn Bootscreen
Windows Longhorn boot screen

5)   Bluish Windows Bootscreen
This bootscreen is based on the Windows XP wall wallpaper created by zishin

6)   Atom XP
Very cool Windows XP bootscreen of flying atoms

7)   BootXP
An easy to use startup logo changer

8)   Logon Loader
Logon Loader makes the task of swaping logon screens easy.

9)   AIB Artificial Intelligence Being 2003
Chatterbot with Speech Recognition and Text-To-Speech Synthesis

10)   Weather Globe
Real time global weather on your desktop

11)   WorldClock
Shows you the time in different time zones, and synchronizes with atomic clocks

12)   Rohos Welcome
Login Screen replacement. Allows you to access Windows with a USB flash drive.

13)   Your Honey Frame
A beautiful, cute and extravagant picture holder for your pictures.

14)   Desktop Lunar Calendar
Desktop Lunar Calendar is simple, fun and easy to use calendar, download now!

15)   Screen Booty
Create custom Windows screens with Screen Booty and transform your boring default screens

16)   Clock Tray Skins
Clock Tray Skins is the advanced replacement for Windows tray clock with Skins.

17)   Lianne Screen Mate
Just bring your computer desktop to life with gorgeous Lianne Screenmate.

18)   Transform XP to Vista
Get a new and pretty interface thanks to a safe transformation

19)   Tie Fighter Screen Saver
Animated Tie Fighter Screensaver

20)   Eyeboot
A huge eye looking at you while your windows xp starts up

21)   SWF To Screensaver Scout
Convert SWF and FLV movies into screensaver for Windows 2000, XP, Vista

22)   Clock.NET English
Small Always on Top Analog Clock with Calendar and Alarms (for .NET Framework).

23)   The Date You Were Born
Another exciting Birthday @ Anniversary greeting program from Spectrum Unlimited

24)   #1 Smart Desktop Calendar
Highly customizable, it reminds you on occasion dates and about coming events.

25)   Display Tuner
Manage your monitor settings with ease!

26)   #1 Smart Desktop Calendar Pro
Highly customizable, you can add all of your occasion dates and never miss them.

27)   TitleBarClock Pro
Display Day Time Date Month Year FreeMem DriveSpace on right side of TitleBar.

28)   EvJO Wallpaper Changer
Wallpaper manager

29)   CubeDesktop
Manage up to 6 virtual desktops in an amazing 3D space

30)   Image Grabber
Screen Capture software is tool.

31)   Clock Digital
This program displays the current date and time in a large easy to read display.

32)   iSpQ VideoChat
Meet people from around the world with video, voice and messaging.

33)   Magnifying Glass
Zooms region of screen under mouse cursor with different contrast,position modes

34)   Chronos
Get unlimited alarms, timers and stopwatches in your Pocket PC

35)   MicroCalendar - Windows Tray Calendar
MicroCalendar is a Windows system tray calendar / pop-up calendar

36)   Code Amber Amber Alert Desktop Ticker
"Code Amber US Amber Alert Ticker"

37)   Magic Desktop Wallpaper
Slide Show of digital Photos and pictures ,Create flash desktop wallpapers .

38)   Instant Boss
A timer for timing work/break cycles with alarm reminders and dialogs.

39)   Analog Clock
Realtime Analog Clock, set as your wallpaper

40)   AirCompare Yahoo! Widget
Compare air ticket travel prices on thousands of flights with one click.

41)   Stealth Folder Hide XP
Hide any folder on your PC and password protect it.

42)   Comfort On-Screen Keyboard
Virtual on-screen keyboard displaying actually typed characters and hotkey icons

43)   PNotes
Light-weight, flexible, skinnable manager of virtual notes on your desktop

44)   Crawler Browser Skins
Enjoy your colorful browser anytime you work with IE!

45)   Vinade Reminder
Be reminded by your computer, pager, cell phone, or email.

46)   TrayDay
Date in the Windows tray with pop-up calendar; shows Julian Day and week numbers

47)   Flash Desktop Spirit
Flash desktop spirit,Flash screen saver,Alarm o'clock,Alarm clock,Turn off

48)   Glass Window
Program to make transparent any windows and programs in Windows

49)   Magic Lens Max
An advanced screen magnifier and desktop viewer to enhance the screen display

50)   Dynamic Notes
Dynamic Notes is a multi-featured scheduler, reminder, organizer for Windows.