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Kids - Games Programs from 1 to 50 listed after date
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1)   Top Christmas Toys
Top Christmas Toys Software is an easy to use windows application.

2)   Alphabet Balls
Alphabet Balls game is designed for children 2-10 years of age.

3)   Baby Kids Keyboard Free Edition
Helps your kids get to know the things by pictures and keeps your file safe.

4)   Join the Dots
Join the dots to form a picture

5)   Colouring Game
Fill in the colours of the picture

6)   Colour Mixing
Mix colours to form the colour needed

7)   World Flags Quiz
Match the national flags with countries

8)   Word Search II
Find the list of words.

9)   Bus Driver's Math
Can you be a bus driver that calculates correctly?

10)   Kids Social Network
Lock down kids social network site, includes games, kids library, kids chat.

11)   Word Scramble II
Form words with a given set of letters.

12)   MaxType PRO Typing Tutor
Learn to touch-type and increase typing speed in a quick and effective way!

13)   SL Story Speaker SL Story Speaker - Hear
SL Story Speaker - Hear Computer Read Your Story

14)   MacVideo iPhoneConverter
The best iPhone Converter software to convert all video files to iPhone format.

15)   Quick Calculate
Calculate quickly!

16)   Mickey Mouse in UK
Solve the Latest Mickey Mouse. Complete to Win the Game.

17)   Audrina Patridge Dress Up Game
New celebrity dress up game. Dress Up Audrina Patridge, develop her style.

18)   Amanda Seyfried Dress Up Game
Dress Up Amanda Seyfrie, design outfit and makeover

19)   Allison Mack Dress Up Game
Dress Up Allison Mack, one of the most popular celebrities today

20)   Alina Vacariu Dress Up Game
Dress Up Alina Vacariu, the Latest Game From Celebrity Series

21)   TD Sport Car Puzzle Game
Solve this challenging puzzle game and find out what is that sport car.

22)   YTV1PG
Solve this fun and challenging puzzle game. Suitable for young children and kids

23)   BCC Home Puzzle
Try to solve our fun puzzle game for kids and young children.

24)   Kido Dress Up Game
Design and dress up Kido anime character

25)   Ryoko Dressup Game
Dress up game for kids and adults

26)   Sakaki Dressup Game
Dress up Sakaki anime character

27)   Anime Dress Up Game
Anime dress up game for girls. Have fun dressing up anime character

28)   Yasmin Bratz Dress Up Game
Dress Up Yasmin Bratz Doll, the Latest Game From Our Bratz Series

29)   Sheridan Bratz Dress Up Game
Yet another dress up game from our Bratz series

30)   Sasha Bratz Dress Up Game
Dress up Bratz doll. Create her style, choose clothes and hairstyles for her

31)   Chidori Kaname Dress Up Game
Dress up Chidori Kaname anime character

32)   Champloo Mugen Dressup Game
Dress up Champloo Mugen anime character

33)   Little Angel Dress Up Game
Dress up little angel baby

34)   Jade Bratz Dress Up Game
New game from Bratz game serie. Dress up Jade Bratz doll.

35)   Eclair Dressup Game
Dress up Eclair anime character

36)   Dress Up Game
Dress up game for girls. Dress up cartoon doll

37)   Doctor Barbie Dress Up Game
Game for girls. Dress Up Doll- Barbie Doctor

38)   Dress Up Cheff
Game for girls. Dress Up Cheff

39)   Cloe Bratz Dress Up Game
Dress up Cloe Bratz doll. Select from numerous dresses

40)   Chii Dress Up Game
Dress up Chii anime character

41)   Barbie Dress Up Game
Game for girls. Barbie dress up

42)   Baby in Room Dress Up Game
Dress up little baby sitting in a room

43)   Baby in Flower Dress Up Game
Dress up this cute baby sitting in flower

44)   Baby Dress Up Game
Baby dress up game

45)   FlexiMusic Kids Composer
FlexiMusic Kids Composer is a fun, easy way for kids to make music and recording

46)   Ayeka Dress Up Game
Dress up Ayeka anime character

47)   AiPetz
AiPetz are virtual pets who you can chat with.

48)   Barbie Doll Dress Up Game
Barbie doll dress up game for girls

49)   Hamsterball
Ready to roll? It's rowdy rolling rodent racing through 15 crazy courses!

50)   Dress Up Doctor Barbie Game
Game for girls. Dress Up Doll- Barbie Doctor