Saturday, 25 October 2014
Logic - Games Programs from 1 to 50 listed after downloads number
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1)   Super Minesweeper
Classic minesweeper gameplay featuring over 100 boards, 7 game modes, special effects, sound effects, and customizable colors

2)   Mah Jong
A timeless, innovative boardgame.

3)   Alchemist
Interactive free chemistry software, periodic table, trend graph, etc.

4)   Little Chess Challenge
A simple free chess download.

5)   Tangram game
Make tangram one line

6)   MPS-Sudoku
Create, play, and save Sudoku puzzles.

7)   Domino Logic
Finally, a domino game for the serious puzzle player

8)   My SUDOKU
My SUDOKU enables building exciting sudoku puzzles of several difficulty levels.

9)   Marjong
“Marjong”- is computer version of Japanese domino created as office-game

10)   Oak Systems Sudoku
Generate and enter/solve 9x9 and 16x16 Sudoku puzzles against the clock

11)   Logical Stones 2004
An OpenGL puzzling logic game for people who like revelations

12)   Cross Sums - Number Crossword
The logical cross-word (cross-number) game, where the crossword puzzle is to be filled by numbers

13)   Sudoku Quest
Sudoku Quest

14)   ArrowSlider
Arrow Slider is a sliding puzzle game for Windows

15)   Shredder Classic
Professional chess program by the nine times world computer chess champion.

16)   Su Doko Solver
Solve the game Su Doku

17)   free Tetris Sp 2008
Our Free Tetris Sp 2008 is a fun puzzle game. Play and fun!

18)   BloxFall
You need to combine like coloured blocks into groups of two or more, blocks are effected by gravity so will fall if not supported

19)   Championship Chess Pro Board Game for Windows
The Battle for the King Has Begun!

20)   free sudoku 2008
Our Free Sudoku 2008 is a fun puzzle game. Play and fun!

21)   Abra Academy
Help Wanda and her friends through the Abra Academy!

22)   Live Wire
"Live Wire" - is a succesful attempt to create nice multiuser game

23)   Ever Mahjong
Ever Mahjong is a new genuine 3-dimensional Mahjong sequel.

24)   Magic Lines v5.11
This game is extremely polished, dynamic pictures and splendid soundtrack effectively spurs you to click the mouse crazily!

25)   Alive! Jigsaw Free
A virtual jigsaw puzzle game with animated images, great 3D appearance and smooth movements

26)   Europe! Windows
European Geography Game Package

27)   JCaro
JCaro - A version of Gomoku game running on mobile supporting J2ME

28)   100% Free Checkers Game for Windows
Revisit this classic and learn Flying Kings! Free trial w/lifelike characters.

29)   Bubble Blitz
A highly addictive colour matching, bubble popping game! It's so easy to pick anyone can play it, guaranteed! Being able to play Bubble Blitz is one thing, are you good enough to get to the top of all of the Hi Score tables?

30)   Party Animals! Jungle Memory
Print and play the original Party Animals jungle memory game!

31)   CrossLines
Amazing logic game

32)   Gamebox Asia Palm
Collection of asian board games

33)   RDDP Blue
You are Rich Diamond, Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire! You're on your way to finding a fortune in glittering gems

34)   Net Blitz
Net Blitz is a multiplayer chess game that supports the bughouse variant.

35)   Paradoxion
Paradoxion is an advanced logic game, a true gem for those who like to solve challenging logic puzzles! Lots of carefully crafted levels, elegant gameplay and relaxing atmosphere, everything you need for the perfect puzzle solving experience!

36)   asMines
Classic minesweeper style game.

37)   Brain storm
A simple logic game from the 'Hunt on foxes' series

38)   Secret Chamber
Unlock jewels of the King’s Secret Chamber and discover the precious treasures.

39)   Smileyville
Do you know smileys? Well, Smileyville is where they all live

40)   Fox Hunting
The goal of a game is to find all the foxes by minimal amount of the moves.

41)   Shape Shifter
Best Tetris game ever made, fast and unique. Play with up to 4 shapes in arena.

42)   Sudoku Soft-Book
Software book of sudoku, killer sudoku, greater than sudoku. 50,000+ puzzles.

43)   Baffling Boxshots
Overcome all obstacles to get a boxshot made in this platform logic game.

44)   BabyKeys for Windows
Educational game using keyboard, mouse and joystick for kids 6 months to 3 years

45)   DigitHunt
Take the challenge with 9 rows, 9 columns, 9 squares, and unlimited fun

46)   Faces of the Rubik’s Cube for Windows
The Faces/Sides of the Rubik's Cube is a more challenging problem/game than the original Rubik's Cube, because player can see only a one side of the cube

47)   Gamino
This fantastic original puzzle game is ready to invade your world

48)   Fitznik2
Fitznik 2 continues the adventures of the odd looking creature Fitz through another 63 levels of puzzles tougher than the original game Fitznik

49)   CrossWord Master
Create, Print and Play Crossword Puzzles

50)   Mastro Mente
A small clone of Master Mind. Find the right color sequence. A game by Bottomap