Saturday, 25 October 2014
Strategy - Games Programs from 101 to 150 listed after downloads number
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101)   Starship Tycoon
Space strategy/management game where you run your own galactic shipping fleet

102)   Montys Mazes
Solve challenging mazes with snakes, cannons and one way teleports.

103)   Company
An award-winning board game which combines entertainment and economy

104)   Planetary Defense
Space strategy/arcade game where you defend worlds from alien attack

105)   ChainWars
ChainWars is an addictive multiplayer strategy game with a brand new attack system

106)   Checkers International
Play nine checkers variations from throughout Europe.

107)   PacShooter 3D - Pacman Download
Remake of a popular classic game Pacman.

108)   MineSweep +2
A perfect clone of the original desktop version plus some other cool features.

109)   3DRT Dominos
One of the oldest board game in the world, in its purer tradition.

110)   AnumJong
MahJongg solitaire with numbered or Chinese tile sets. Board editor included.

111)   D3D Chess
Innovative engine powered Chess game for beginners or experimented players.

112)   Pixionary for Palm
Enjoy Pixionary for Palm version 1.1 for 10 days FREE!

113)   Aargon Deluxe
Use glass, light, and color to put together laser machines in these puzzle labs.

114)   Heroes of War
The Kingdom of Kot needs heroes to keep the land from total destruction.

115)   9.95 CHESS for Pocket PC v
9.95 CHESS is the perfect Chess game whether you are a beginner or an expert.

116)   Atomic Minesweeper
A greatly challenging free guess-or-loose game makes you feel like Die-Hard man.

117)   The Engineer 2
It's a puzzle game with old water pipe puzzle concept.

118)   Forma
Arrange blocks while avoiding obstacles and using special power-ups to erase the enemy slider blocks

119)   Flower Power
Enjoy gathering of flowers and unique atmosphere of spring season.

120)   Nexagon DeathMatch
Since the late 25th century Earth's population has skyrocketed and the face of our blue planet has been transformed into a complex grid of concrete polymers and steel.

121)   Alter Life
Alter Life is a thrilling real-time arcade and strategic game.

122)   Virus
After unsuccessful experiment of the military AI control has been lost

123)   Moraff CyberCheckers
Moraff takes checkers into the 21st century.

124)   Smugglers 2
The sequel of the known strategy-trading game for Windows

125)   UFOrce Drive
Shareware WMV and AVI encoding software with editing (cutting/joining) features.

126)   Leap Frog
Like Reversi, jump your opponents frogs with your dragons to make them yours.

127)   SeaWar: The Battleship
SeaWar: The Battleship 2 - Four 3D worlds, network mode, head to head play

128)   Sokoban for Windows
Cool version of this classic strategy game. More than 3600 levels.

129)   Connect
Connect the dots to close the cells - close the most cells and you win.

130)   ChessToGo for Palm
Try ChessToGo for Palm for up to 10 days.

131)   Dogs And Lights
Playfully save the dogs from danger using a laser and mirrors. 120 levels

132)   Color Eggs
The game objective is to help small chicks come into the world as possible.

133)   Chess Eye
Step-by-step exercises which help you to increase your chess visualisation

134)   Hide and Seek
A new version of the board game Stratego

135)   Medieval Britain
Rescue Medieval Britain as it slides toward a new dark age.

136)   DROD 3D
A hilarious dungeon game featuring a colorful hero and a host of monsters.

137)   Block Shifter
Shift and swap blocks to clear the board with as few moves as possible.

138)   Palantir
If you like billiards but seek for something new in this old favorite - try this free game

139)   4 In A Row
Stop the game board from filling up in this mind bending logic game.

140)   199 Mazes
Solve 400+ mazes but watch out for the snakes, cannons and moving walls.

141)   Twilight Mahjongg
An ancient oriental solitaire game reaches out for the stars

142)   JoQmory
Train your memory skills in the matching game against 10 computer opponents.

143)   Tetcolor for Windows
Well balanced tetris-style game with midi player. Winter Edition.

144)   Quadrature
An absolutely unique strategy game with great visual effects for your PocketPC

145)   Galacticards (MAC OSX 10.3+)
A New Addictive Card Based Space Strategy Game of Exploraiton and Expansion

146)   Galacticards (Windows)
A New Addictive Card Based Space Strategy Game of Exploraiton and Expansion

147)   Pirate Isles
A fun game of treasure hunt and pirate exotics.

148)   Lord of the Shades
A new game that develops imagination besides many other game-playing skills (such as logic and math abilities, keenness and others)

149)   Smart Lines
Make piles and lines of colored balls, on the 3D playing board!

150)   Flip Over
Tile matching and flipping / memory game for Windows