Monday, 20 October 2014
Arcade - Games Programs from 501 to 550 listed after downloads number
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501)   Coffee Break PacMan
Modern freeware remake of popular classic game PacMan.

502)   CrossCraze
Fun new word game for 1-4 players.

503)   Pong Solo
Pong Solo is a single player pong game for the EXTREME PONG enthusiast

504)   Xtreme Tankz Madness II
Here is the game that represents a new generation of arcade games.

505)   Puzzle Ring
Build horizontal rings of falling blocks in this 3D tetris-like game.

506)   Once Twice Thrice
Guide three powerful wizards with elemental powers through 50 puzzling stages!

507)   Space Quarry
Asteroid blaster game for Windows 95-XP

508)   Castles
Destroy castles of all your enemies, earn money and buy new weapons!

509)   Bricks''2000
Try out this nice, small and addicting Tetris clone! Includes Highscore lists, "Boss" feature and more

510)   Widgets
Form chains of widgets to score points while avoiding Dings.

511)   Onekit Enigmaze 3D
Onekit Enigmaze 3D is a small arcade 3D game.

512)   Butterfly Hunt
Exciting educational game for kids

513)   Silly balls
Beat the falling balls. Kick the ball far and then kick it again.

514)   Animated Puzzles #2
A puzzle game for all ages with 55 silly animations.

515)   Star Storm
A fast paced space shooter. Play offline or add the game to your own website.

516)   Super Dudester
The Dude is trapped in Dr Doom's Bad Trip Machine! Only you can help him escape!

517)   Pacha World
A platform game with excellent 3D graphics and addictive gameplay.

518)   DotBot
Dotbot will play pogo dominoes for you at

519)   Arcade Race - Crash
3D races with powerful weapons. Feel the heat!

520)   Magus: In Search of Adventure
Magus is a charming creature with a gift for magic and a heart for fun.

521)   Perfect Absorber
Perfect Absorber - cool 3D arcade game.

522)   DripDrop
Call the plumber, quick because theres a leak somewhere. Hear it? DRIP DROP!

523)   Androkids
Androkids Help save the Princess from Notebook City’s big, bad Scribble King!!

524)   Kasse's Adventures 1
Escape From Shadie Castle

525)   Funny Chewer
Interesting and greatly addictive game for children and adults in PacMan style!

526)   Bubble Me
The idea of the game was taken from well known game Bubble Bobble.

527)   Tangram 3D
Tangram puzzles 3D, more than 280 puzzles to solve. 7 and 14 pieces sets.

528)   Mutant Storm
The very best in shoot-em-up action with fantastic 3D graphics and effects

529)   3D Ground Zero
Relaxing puzzle game of simple logic. Swap jewels and align them in a line .

530)   Gold Man
Gold Man is a PacMan and BomberMan style game. It is about treasure raider.

531)   RotoBlox
RotoBlox is a mixed collection of classic and newest tetris games.

532)   ClickTris
ClickTris is a classical tetris game. During all game many pieces fall down.

533)   Aquabble Avalanche
This game in 3D unites all lovers of popping aquabbles and 3D gaming

534)   Pong Ultra Win
Pong Ultra is a freeware remake of the original Pong game with many improvements

535)   Jeanne D`Pac
Jeanne D`Pac – a heartbreaking story about a family trying to reunite.

536)   BaseGolf
What do you get when you mix Baseball and Golf? Try BaseGolf and find out! BaseGolf is a hybrid of BaseBall, Golf and it''s own unique rules

537)   Bear Pop
A new revamped Mole game with unlimited levels!

538)   Inflater Ball
Tennis Just Got Smashed Inflater Ball Features : Fast paced relentless arcade action, 8 unique 'Inflater' Characters, Amazingly detailed 3D graphics, 4 stunning game arenas, Old-skool addictive playability, 1 or 2 player action, Joypad or keyboard controls, Console-style gaming for the PC.

539)   Warp Assault
Flat-out fun blast-em-up, with 122 levels! Runs on anyone's Windows desktop!

540)   Jimmy Jump
Jimmy Jump is funny jumping game - a monkey picks bananas jumping over hippos.

541)   Schneemann / Snowman
Enchanting hangman like word game for the whole family

542)   Sav-Arkan II
Arkanoid with convenient interface. Bonuses, 18 levels, Boss...

543)   Novel Squares
The play area is an 8 x 8 grid full of 8 different kinds of blocks

544)   Hypertron-2
Hypertron 2 is the biggest gameshow to ever hit the airwaves

545)   Pick-a-Word
Select longest valid words, to be replaced by the incoming letters.

546)   AzPitch
Arizona Pitch - a card game from the old west. Bid to determine trumps.

547)   RoBOTanks
Drive the robotank through thrilling labyrinths with a lot of traps and troops

548)   Crystal Keeper
Crystal Keeper is a new 3D arcade game

549)   Bubble Bobble World
Remake of a popular classic game Bubble Bobble.

550)   JoRace
Build a road network without being swallowed by the black hole.