Sunday, 20 April 2014
Puzzle - Games Programs from 51 to 100 listed after date
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51)   Teddy Bear Mahjong
Show your love with this adorable, fun, and fuzzy Teddy Bear Mahjong!

52)   Lightspeed
Blazingly fast .NET object relational mapper with Visual Studio integration

53)   Heart Mahjong
All you need is a little love in your Heart Mahjong!

54)   Colonization
How fast can you conquer the area?

55)   Hammer Penguins
Hammer Penguins is a tile-matching game where the goal is to clear the board.

56)   Crypto!
Crypt-o is a versatile Client/Server password manager for enterprise.

57)   Star and Coins
Put coins into the star

58)   PE Gorgeous Defined
Solve this fun puzzle to see this gorgeous beauty.

59)   Cat Dog Cat Dog Cat
Separate the cats and the dogs

60)   Green Leprechauns
Make everything green for St. Patrick's Day.

61)   The Alchemist
Arrange the atoms to form molecules

62)   Count the Sheep
Count the number of sheep on the screen

63)   Rubik's Snake
Play the fun game of Rubik's Snake

64)   Santa's Sleigh
Give Santa Claus his sleigh.

65)   Thanksgiving Dinner
Arrange seats at the Thanksgiving dinner.

66)   The Warehouse
Push boxes to their places in the warehouse

67)   Puzzle Hex
Play a hex version of tile sliding puzzle

68)   Montris
Play the classic Tetris game with different levels.

69)   etisalat Egypt
etisalat egypt, seo egypt, smart adsl, router etisalat, etisalat adsl, etisalat

70)   Mah-jongger
free style fantasy mahjongg!

71)   Tile Swap Puzzle
Swap the tiles to recover the picture

72)   Mancala
Play Mancala with the computer

73)   Row Swap Puzzle
Drag and swap to review the picture

74)   A Maze Race II
Use your intelligence and items to race against the computer.

75)   Mahjong Infinity 2
Enjoy Mahjong game on your own PC! Find matching pairs of images!

76)   Classic Mines
Play the classic mine sweeper game.

77)   Potion Bar
Dive into the captivating world of magic!

78)   Rainbow Web
A new type of puzzle that takes the match-3 genre to new heights!

79)   Secrets of Six Seas
Board your submarine and destroy the rogue spheres to save marine life

80)   Bricks Breaking Hex
Destroy blocks in this hex variant of the classic Bricks Breaking game.

81)   Gems Twist
Play this classic match 3 game with a twist.

82)   Lovely Puzzle
Combine small puzzle pieces into a large colorful picture.

83)   Grand Master Chess 3
Improve your chess skills and become a better tournament or casual player!

84)   Mineraloids
Fun Match-3 game with 100 unique levels!

85)   Rainbow Mystery
Solve mystery puzzles while keeping an eye out for power-ups.

86)   Aztec Bricks
Break bricks in this ancient world of the Mayas and Aztecs!

87)   Christmas Challenge
The ultimate gift matching adventure! Special Christmas edition!

88)   Underwater Puzzle
Solve puzzles and help your mermaid to win a royal garden design competition!

89)   Magic Sweets
Help Dino cook up some exquisite food and delicious pastries

90)   Tonky Ponky
Help Tonky-Ponky and his dolphin friend clear the balls from the shores!

91)   Megapolis
Construct beautiful and functional city zones with plenty of blocks!

92)   Rainbow Web 2
A sequel of a great match 3 puzzler Rainbow Web!

93)   Season Match 2
Save the Fairytale Kingdom from eternal winter!

94)   Spot the Difference II
Find the differences between two pictures.

95)   Travel Agency
Build your own Travel Agency from the ground up in this challenging TM game!

96)   Flip It II
Flip all the pieces to the white side

97)   Kakuro
Play randomly generated Kakuro puzzles

98)   Tibet Quest
Discover the legendary Tibetan city of Shangri La!

99)   Tomb of Giza
Escape the ancient Tomb of Giza!

100)   Number Twins
Match balls that add up to 10.