Wednesday, 22 October 2014
Puzzle - Games Programs from 201 to 250 listed after name
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201)   Charmed Words
Defend your Academy from the forces of darkness by creating magical words.

202)   Chess
A 3D chess game for beginners and experts.

203)   Chess Opening Trainer
Learn and remember chess opening theory faster. Build your opening repertoire.

204)   Chess Puzzle Games
Collection of 6 chess tutorial games, puzzles, and training simulators forkids

205)   Chess3D
Chess game with realistic 3D graphics and different computer opponents

206)   ChessSuccessSecrets
Chess Success Secrets !

207)   Children food poisoning puzzle
Solve a challenging children food poisoning puzzle.Complete puzzle to win.

208)   Chomp
Play against the computer eating a chocolate bar avoiding the poisoned square

209)   Chomp Chomp Safari
Get down to some serious monkey business with Chomp.

210)   Christmas Challenge
The ultimate gift matching adventure! Special Christmas edition!

211)   Christmas Mahjong Wreath
Hang the most beautiful mahjong wreath this year when you play Christmas Wreath!

212)   Christmas Song Music Puzzle
Christmas Song Music Puzzle, A 70 piece jigsaw fun puzzle!

213)   Christmas Tree Light Up
Solve the puzzle and light up the Christmas Tree!

214)   Chromentum
Enter into the depths of the quantum universe and meet the Chromates, a cute race of strange particles

215)   Chromentum 2
The Chromates are back in their biggest puzzler ever with over 700 levels!

216)   Chuzzle
Use your mouse to slide n' match up the Chuzzles in this hilarious retro puzzler

217)   Chuzzle Christmas Edition
Use your mouse to slide n' match up the Chuzzles at Christmas Time!

218)   Chuzzle Gold
Use your mouse to slide n' match up the Chuzzles in this hilarious retro puzzler

219)   Classic Mines
Play the classic mine sweeper game.

220)   Classic Pythagorean Puzzles
Train your brain and brains of your children for abstract thinking!

221)   Classic Tetris
Classic Tetris is a popular falling blocks puzzle game. It is addicting game.

222)   ClickBuster
Play new games like Clickomania/Collapse - several games, with mode for 2 player

223)   ClickPuzzle
ClickPuzzle is arcade-style puzzle game for Windows.

224)   ClickPuzzle for PalmOS
The goal of ClickPuzzle is to clear screen from tiles.

225)   Clickris
Clickris is arcade-style puzzle game for Windows.

226)   Cloner 3D
New version of popular logic game that develops three-dimensional imagination

227)   Clover Mahjong
Clover Mahjong is a fun way to play for luck this St. Patrick's Day!

228)   Clueless Crossword
Can you solve the crossword without using clues?

229)   Cock Puzzle
A Cock as a jigsaw puzzle enhanced with animation.

230)   Coffee Puzzle
complete this fun to do coffee puzzle. Fun without being too hard

231)   Colonization
How fast can you conquer the area?

232)   Colonization Hex
How fast can you conquer the area?

233)   Color Cubes
Players who download free games should get Color Cubes, a Tetris-style game.

234)   Color Lines Classic
Color Lines Classic remake by Vadim Gaidukevich

235)   Color Mosaic
Easy to learn and fun to play puzzle game.

236)   Color Pilot Junior
Color Pilot Junior is an invention that makes color correction easy for children

237)   Color Spreading
Addictive, original, simple - it''s about logic game "Color Spreading"

238)   Color Sudoku
Each row, column, and region must contain only one instance of each color.

239)   ColorsFlood
ColorsFlood is colorful puzzle game.

240)   Colour Balls
Match colours and click the balls quickly.

241)   Colour Trap
Pick up the name of the colour of the word.

242)   Combat Engineer
A brand-new and cute variation of the Minesweeper game.

243)   Complete Brain Workout
Measure and improve your mental powers in the five key areas

244)   Count the Cubes
Count the cubes as quickly as possible!

245)   Count the Sheep
Count the number of sheep on the screen

246)   Countdown Solution
Create and solve Countdown puzzles.

247)   Cradle of Persia
Cradle of Persia is an interesting puzzle game for free.

248)   Cradle of Rome
Cradle of Rome is a completely free match-3 puzzle game from

249)   Crazy Basketball
Addictive arcade game - test your ball throwing skills and win the contest.

250)   Crazy Minesweeper
Play new styled full-featured minesweeper game with Classic and Crazy modes.