Sunday, 26 October 2014
Puzzle - Games Programs from 401 to 450 listed after downloads number
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401)   Pocket Aargon Palm
The essential laser light and color logic puzzle game.

402)   ButterFlight
Here is the challenge for the Lord of Butterflies on your hi-res palm

403)   Bug Hunters
Bug Hunters is an addictive board game suit for all people age from 6 to 60s.

404)   Arrow Antics
Unusual maze puzzle game, over 100 levels & a cool Egyptian theme.

405)   FreeTetris
The tetris game with the amazing graphics and original interface

406)   Lightspeed
Blazingly fast .NET object relational mapper with Visual Studio integration

407)   Food Logic
Swap items to create sets and get more score.

408)   WOW, Word on word!
WOW, Word on word.

409)   The Snurps
Your goal is to maneuver the Snurp spacecraft

410)   Pixie Power Swapper
Destroy blocks by arranging lines or using powers of flying Pixies.

411)   Ratmaster
Slide around pieces of the maze so your rat can safely get to the cheese!

412)   The Jcwd - Japanese Puzzles
Solve Japanese puzzles (Paint by Numbers, Griddlers, Nonograms)

413)   Magic Spheres
Amusing and tough arcade games from this pack are incredible time-wasters. Enjoy

414)   Activites Plus
Matching games, word games and more

415)   Pix-Fit
Intresting game for all ages. Combines tetris and picture puzzles.

416)   PDARubiX
Test yourself arming the different possibilities from PDARubiX.

417)   Diceo
Dice Game.

418)   Lines3D
Lines3D is a superb puzzle game.

419)   All Aboard For Santa
Non-violent adventure with exploration theme. Beautifully illustrated.

420)   Faces of the Famous Cube for Palm OS
A new variant of the famous game

421)   3D Word Slider
A full 3D attractive and colorful word puzzle game in three languages.

422)   Blox
What more could you ask for? Manic gameplay

423)   Spell+caster
Create words to dispel the forces of darkness.

424)   Logic Squares for Pocket PCs
Logic Squares brings traditional word logic puzzles/problems to the Pocket PC.

425)   Agile Lines
Extremely addictive five-in-a-row style game with JOKER balls

426)   Draughts Maker
Draughts Maker is a shareware web application to design png or jpg draughts

427)   Gamebox Gems Palm
Eight puzzle games in one package

428)   Gridless Lines
The aim of the game is to align five or more balls of the same color into a line by moving the pieces on the board

429)   Techno Puzzle
This game introduces itself one of the variants of puzzles. The game has collected basic line of puzzles and some additional possibilities.

430)   Maze Creator HOME
Computer Aided Design of random mazes with solutions to be printed or exported.

431)   Aba Daba
Aba Daba is a five-in-a-row tic tac toe with modern interface & different skins.

432)   Puzzles 3 in 1
This game comprises of itself three desk plays, which already have long ago proved to be itself houses beside each of us.

433)   Moraff Phrase Detective
Moraff's clever and addicting word-puzzle game.

434)   Ace Poster
In this easy-to-use program you can make posters of any size from your photos.

435)   AbcPuzzles
Play tile-based logic games and create your own puzzles

436)   Jigsaw Blocks
Jigsaw Blocks is an easy to learn yet challenging game by Blue Dojo Studios.

437)   Crystal Lines II
Crystal Lines is a remake of classic Lines game with beautiful skin,sound.

438)   Combat Engineer
A brand-new and cute variation of the Minesweeper game.

439)   3 Blaster
Blast bricks out of the playing field to clear the board in this mind game.

440)   CrissCross
Tidbit for those who never knew that they loved word games.

441)   Pumpkin Mania
Destroy pumpkins in this new puzzle game with a halloween theme

442)   Monsters’’ House
The monsters keep coming out from behind the doors

443)   TicTacTocToe
Play 3D naughts and crosses on your PC against a friend or the CPU

444)   Industrial Tetris
Industrial Tetris - is a hi-tech version of tetris-like game

445)   Chomp
Play against the computer eating a chocolate bar avoiding the poisoned square

446)   FindSame
The goal of FindSame is to earn as many points as you can.

447)   Spin Around Windows
Spin Around is a variation of the classical align three coloured balls.

448)   Igor's Adventures With The Mad Scientist
Join Igor is his task to build monsters for the elusive Mad Scientist.

449)   Intelligent Cubes
Challenge The Intelligent Cubes

450)   Little Soldiers
a mind bending, strategic computer game where you must solve challenging puzzle