Thursday, 23 October 2014
Hobby - Home & Education Programs from 101 to 150 listed after downloads number
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101)   EasySky
astronomy software, star charting, orrery, animations, printing

102)   Chord Alchemy
Ultimate tool for chord lookup and reverse lookup: No Root, Added Bass Supported

103)   Home Brew Kit Master
Record details of your home brews, print reports, tips, taste sheets

104)   Newton's Aquarium
Newton's Aquarium is an interactive solar system construction set.

105)   RecBook
An easy to use Bankbook Reconciliation Calculator.

106)   MultiWave TRIPLEX
MultiWave plays wave-files via hotkey.

107)   Golf Tracker for Excel
Golf statistics tracking program for Microsoft Excel.

108)   The Winery
Wine database for your Pocket PC.

109)   Biorhythms Studio II
Analyzes and graphs physical, intellectual, emotional, and intuitive cycles.

110)   Family Budget
Family Budget is a powerful, easy-to-use program to analyse your family budget

111)   Hurricane Watch
Hurricane Watch vers. 2.3

112)   Holiday Smiley Collection for PostSmile
Decorate and animate your holiday greetings with this smileys collection!

113)   Splendid City Lite, Sports Scheduler
Splendid City, Advanced Team Sports Scheduler and Sports Scheduling System.

114)   CurrencyManage
Use CurrencyManage to quickly organize your paper money collection

115)   Orbit Xplorer
Educational orbit and gravitation simulator for high school and college physics

116)   ExpenseMonitor Excel
Easy management of expenses. Includes charts on the fly and yearly consolidation

117)   PaperDoll Design Studio
Grab the computer crayons in this program and create your very own paperdoll.

118)   BookReader
A comfortable freeware e-book viewer with autoscroll

119)   Family Tree Legends
Family Tree Legends is the newest family tree software.

120)   Coin Collector
Collectors manage and track your coin collection with this software.

121)   NuMorse Professional
Morse code trainer for Windows, useful to Novice and Expert. Soundcard required

122)   Round Robin Scheduler
Quickly create round robin schedules for all sports.

123)   IngenMoney Pro
Drive your home budget with IngenMoney and gain 100% control. It works!

124)   My DVD Catalog
My DVD Catalog helps catalog dvds.

125)   Tax Assistant for Excel
Federal Income Tax Return Preparation Software for Microsoft Excel Taxes

126)   Book Tracker - Collector's Edition
Easily organize and catalog your book collection.

127)   Golf Handicapper
Stores golf scores for multiple players.Calculates handicap, index, net score

128)   Reference for Teachers
write better references for school leavers and save time

129)   Data Pilot
Expand Microsoft Excell data analysis options with Data Pilot

130)   Football Roster Organizer
Football coaches track your football team's roster changes from game to game.

131)   Soccer Roster Organizer
Software to help soccer coaches track and plan rosters for youth teams.

132)   365 Funny Jokes II 2007
365+ popular jokes that will have your friends and colleagues in stitches.

133)   Heybaby (For PocketPC)
Baby on the way? Track your preganancy with Heybaby, plus MUCH more.

134)   topics in science V1
graphics and animations in science

135)   PixMatrix
PixMatrix quickly creates web photo albums and web pages.

136)   Frostbow Home Inventory
Create a detailed inventory of your household possessions, including photos.

137)   HomeStuff
HomeStuff will assist you with keeping track of your personal inventory items.

138)   RB-DVD Office
DVD management with database and picture supported

139)   Coin Tracker
A database to catalog your coin collection.

140)   Daily Tao Quote
Displays a printable quote and photo from the Tao at Start Up, then closes.

141)   Team Sports Scheduling System
Tournament, round-robin, official, and practice scheduling for all sports.

142)   Collection Explorer
Collecting software. Organize your collections in a Windows Explorer-like way.

143)   WinDay
Winday is a fast, small calendar program developed for use in Windows.

144)   DigitizeIt
DigitizeIt can automatically digitize scanned graphs and output data values.

145)   Kith and Kin Pro
Genealogy program for storing all your family tree information. Easy to use.

146)   Hangeul2Konglish
Convert Hangeul characters to 4 Konglish modes.

147)   Easy Biorhythms
Calculate high, low & critical periods of biorhythms - multilingual printouts

148)   Chrysanth NETime Diary
Personal journal, diary and photo album in one secure software.

149)   Stamp Tracker
A database to catalog your stamp collection.

150)   HealthMonitor
Charting Blood Pressure, Weight and Regimen with weekly and monthly averages