Friday, 24 October 2014
Hobby - Home & Education Programs from 201 to 250 listed after downloads number
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201)   info panel
Let info panel remember birthday, anniversaries, addresses phone numbers

202)   HAMIC
Perform circuit and network calculations, SWR, reactance conversions, and more.

203)   DLM 666
Life & Future Readings - This program will be enjoyed by Beginners and PROs.

204)   PhoneBook95 Standard Edition
Organize all your phone #'s, addresses and internet addresses quickly and easily

205)   NuTest
Obtain or upgrade your amateur radio licence. Create tests from question pools.

206)   RRTrains 2000
Create an inventory of your model railroad collection

207)   Collector's Gateway-(MTG)
Software to manage your MTG collection.

208)   Investment Growth RateCalculator
Calculate the real growth rate on your investment and manage accounts

209)   Pixifex
Pixifex creates bitmap effects for Macromedia Flash, and does that real-time!

210)   Ham University
The #1 Windows Program for helping you pass all your FCC Amateur Radio Exams

211)   TIMER
Timer is great to use with anything from piano practice to baking cookies!

212)   Computerize Your Assets
All-In-One Home Inventory and Asset Management. Be protected when you need it.

213)   Book Writer
Write your books, papers, stories--anything you write--faster, better, easier.

214)   Book Bag for Pocket PCs
Keep track of your favorite books and authors on your Pocket PC.

215)   Swift To-Do List
Number one to-do list software for Windows with hierarchical to-do list tree.

216)   KeyboardLocker
Disables keyboard until exit phrase entered, mouse remains active

217)   MessLess Inventory
A fully-customizable Inventory Tracking Utility.

218)   Tennis Board
Umpire or get detailed game analysis through an easy-to-use interface

219)   Recipe Wizard
The Easiest way to manage Recipes, Shopping and nutrition

220)   Personal Inventory
You'll have a total control over all your inventory!

221)   tPilot
Creates school and college tests, processes and evaluates results

222)   Stamp Collector
Software to help stamp collectors organize their stamps.

223)   ASWSystems Scheme Home
It is intended for creation, collecting and printing any vector pictures.

224)   Headache Browser
Learn how to stop your headache. Online resource guide

225)   Book Tracker - Collector's Edition
Easily organize and catalog your book collection.

226)   Bible Plus
Freeware popup KJV Bible program works with all version of Windows

227)   topics in science V2
graphics and animations in science

228)   BigBRAIN
Adress / Schedule / LP / CD / MC / Disk / Video / Library manager

229)   Calendar/Reminder
easy-to-use software for managing schedules, calendars, events, and appointments

230)   Fishing Expert
Fishing Expert -bass, trout, walleye, musky, panfish, boat control, logs.

231)   StampManage Canada
Use StampManage Canada to catalog and value your Canadian stamp collection.

232)   Birthday Keeper
Birthday Keeper will remind you of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.

233)   Smart Items
Collection organizer for any items. Viwers available for Palm and PocketPC.

234)   gstarotdemo.exe
Software Tarot readings, featuring 6 different spreads, full interpretation!

235)   flin4cell 2006
Software for the modern collector able to manage every kind of collection

236)   Comic Book Collector
Keep track and organize your valuable library of comic books.

237)   365 Funny Jokes I 2007
365+ popular jokes that will have your friends and colleagues in stitches.

238)   Absolute Media Library
Media Library database with lending and reports

239)   Guiding Star I Ching
Beautifully rendered full translation of the I Ching with automated coin oracle.

240)   Find Coins Viewer
View information of all coins of the worlds loaded from

241)   focus KONTROL
FocusKONTROL is designed to motivate you to achieve your goals and desires.

242)   Caustic Truths #112
Caustic Truths #112-Megadeth, Dimmu Borgir, Shadows Fall, Six Feet Under

243)   Database Oasis
Create custom databases in minutes using point-and-click with Database Oasis.

244)   Book Tracker Collector Edition
Software to catalog and track a small library or collection of books.

245)   Money

246)   Wheel Of Life
Balance up all spheres of activities in your life.

247)   Plato Portrait Maker
easily create, edit, enhance, print, and manipulate your digital photos.

248)   Perf
Software of management of staying sport and form

249)   Osk
Genealogy software, full unicode

250)   WHY Eifel-Mosel
WHY Eifel-Mosel - provides you with good reasons to visit this region in Germany