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Mathematics - Home & Education Programs from 1 to 50 listed after downloads number
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1)   Logic Circuit Simulator
This package provides logical circuit simulation, it comes with common logic elements which includes logic gates, flop-flops, binary inputs and binary viewers

2)   Matrix Inverse Calculator
Uses a complicated method to find the inverse of any square matrix

3)   Petri Nets Simulator
This package provides Generalized Petri-Nets simulation, It gives the user the ability to construct and to simulate different types of Petri Net

4)   Matrix Calculator
Matrix calculator operations include: transpose, invert, scale, compute determinant and trace, adjoint, multiply, add, and subtract

5)   Kids learning math
Kids learning math v3

6)   GPSS Simulator
Provides GPSS language which can be used to construct event-driven systems

7)   QuickFit
QuickFit performs polynomial least squares fit to 9th order and MVR regressions

8)   Rapid-Pi
MS Word add-on that provides a faster way of editing mathematical equations

9)   Mágico Mundo de las Matemáticas entre 5 y 8 años
Joyful math leraning for ages 5-8 children in the hispanic and Latin world

10)   Archimedes Grapher Professional
Plot all kinds of functional graphs and create slides to show

11)   Function Grapher 3D Edition
Create 3D function graphs and animations

12)   Machinist MathGuru
Solve common trade maths problems in a whiz with Machinist's Math Guru software.

13)   ASCII Art Generator
Convert pictures into amazing colorful and readable text quickly and easily

Scientific Calculator that can solve large mathmatical terms

15)   AutoSignal
Scientists and engineers can perform complex signal analysis without programming by selecting menu items that determine how the computer will analyze and present data

16)   Auto2Fit
regression, curve fit, optimization, equation solve and parameter estimations

17)   Active Flow Chart Simulator
This package can be used to build active flow charts, user can construct flow charts and provides each step with appropriate action then finally execute the system

18)   SurGe
Mapping package and surface interpolation / approximation

19)   3D Geometrical Objects
Represents prisms and pyramids in 3D space. Supports interactive 3D animation.

20)   Random Number Generator Pro
Generate random numbers.

21)   Chaos Analyzer
This program analyzes Phase Space of dynamical systems

22)   XCBA Cargo Office
Draft Survey and Lashing calculation program for Ships' Officers, etc.

23)   Mac iPhone Video Converter
Video to iPhone format for Mac converts all Video formats to iPhone Video.

24)   PDAcalc matrix
Programmable graphical matrix calculator for PDA's and windows platform.

25)   Mental Math Practice
Free mental math practice software. Covers all the basic math skills.

26)   Electrist
The Top-Rated Electronic & Electrical Engineering Tool for Palm OS

27)   PDAcalc classic
General purpose graphical calculator for the palm, PocketPC and windows

28)   SurfX3D
Plots mathematical surfaces in 3D. Exports to VRML, POV, DXF. C++ source. Free

29)   Agate MathGraph
MathGraph intended for research of functions of a kind y=f(x) also works in two directions: graphic constructions and mathematical calculations

Calculate the percentage, tip and discount calculator

31)   EMBook
Math tests with solutions, explanations and interactive training technique

32)   Convert It - Unit Conversion Tool
Convert it is a program converting various types of measurement units.

33)   Tess
Make and explore symmetric illustrations.

34)   MITCalc - Tolerance analysis
Tolerance analysis of linear, 2D and 3D dimensional chains

35)   Scientific Advantage Calculator for Pocket PC
Unit Aware Calculator that lets you work with ft-in-fraction dimensional values

36)   Robot4
Robotic Arm Movement program; finds angles ... came from NASA.

37)   Prime Number Spiral
Software for exploring the Prime Number Spiral (a.k.a. the Ulam Spiral).

38)   MaTris
practice arithmetic skills with Tetris reward

39)   EasyFit
Fit over 40 probability distributions to your data and select the best model.

40)   Algebrus
User-extensible software for scientific calculations and analysis

41)   Geometry Master
Excellent tool for Kids to learn Geometry

42)   FC-Win
FC-Win (tm) is a front-end program for Fortran Calculus (tm)...Great Math Tool!

43)   MathAid Algebra II
Java based math course includes problem-solving lessons and tests

44)   ESBPDF Analysis
Friendly Probability Distribution Software for Windows with Help and Tutorials

45)   Calcul
CALCUL to practise mental arithmetic’s or fractions.

46)   Archim
Archim is a program for drawing the graphs of all kinds of functions

47)   Easy Algebra
Master Algebra in 24 hours by learning the Rules!

48)   MULTIPLEjm
Kids will enjoy learning multiplication tables trying to beat their high score

49)   Math Flight
Fly High while having fun learning basic mathematics with Math Flight!

50)   FindGraph
Graphing, trend analysis and curve matching software.