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Others - Home & Education Programs from 51 to 100 listed after downloads number
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51)   tdf Chores
Chores checklist to help with getting their children to do their chores.

52)   Chemical Reagent Calculator
Assist laboratory staff in preparing Molar, Anydrous & percentage solutions.

53)   Odds Wizard 1.75 "Diamond magic"
Generates performance-based odds for the upcoming games in any league sports, such as soccer, hockey, football, etc.

54)   Bifrost Inventory Management
An easy-to-use tool for organizing your household possessions

55)   InventoryBuilder
InventoryBuilder is a easy-to-use inventory manager.

56)   NoteCard
Learn the musical notes. Treble and/or bass. Builds fluency quickly.

57)   RocketReader Vocab British Edition
Powerful vocabulary builder; use our lessons or train yourself on your own words

58)   CT-ART 3.0 demo (english version)
The material was chosen for a wide variety of player strengths.

59)   Paragraph Punch
Paragraph Punch helps students learn how to write an effective paragraph.

60)   SMART Ideas Concept-Mapping Software
Teach your students to become creative thinkers!

61)   MyABCD
Animated alphabet, numbers, games and music for children aged one to five

62)   JExpert
Prepare for Sun's Java Programmer Certification with a test simulator.

63)   Graph
Program for drawing graphs of mathematical functions in a coordinate system.

64)   MyRide
MyRide - If you love your ride (vehicle, motorcycle, etc.), you'll LOVE MyRide!

65)   True Score 2
Alternative scoring and test item analysis to promote active learning.

66)   Declan's Russian FlashCards
Declan's Russian FlashCards is a fully configurable audio-based Russian vocabulary flash-card program.

67)   Fraction Shape-Up
Interactive software that helps students understand and work with fractions.

68)   LangPad - Swedish Characters
Insert Swedish language characters and symbols into WordPad and Notepad text

69)   Basic Algebra Shape-Up
Hands-on algebra tutorials covering integers, expressions, equations, and more.

70)   Everything I Own!
The Award Winning Home Inventory Program for Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista

71)   United States Geography Tutor
Master U.S. geography! Includes study mode and two test modes.

72)   MaterialWorlds Simulations
Play and experiment with virtual reality simulations.

73)   BunnyMath (For PalmOS)-German
Mathematik lernen mit BunnyMath macht den Kindern SpaƟ.

74)   Balance Keeper
Helps children practice addition, subtraction, logical thinking, basic algebra.

75)   SavvyeNGine CCNA 640-801 Exam Simulator 2004
SavvyeNGine CCNA 640-801 Exam Simulator stands out from other similar Cisco exam engine/exam simulator products in the market.

76)   Rhythm Guitar Licks and Riffs
Musician Expansion Pack for Mastering Rhythm Guitar Licks and Riffs

77)   ReadWrite Rusian
ReadWrite Russian teaches the Russian alphabet.

78)   Maschinenschreiben Deluxe
Multimediales Erlernen des Maschinenschreibens.

79)   Child Punisher
Help parents to limit time spent by your children at the computer.

80)   The Quote For Today Software For Windows
Free software to match our free daily ezine, books, and Q, our Trivia Robot!!

81)   Ray's Spelling and Word Games
Learn weekly spellings and improve reading, vocabulary and logic.

82)   Lunar Globe
Lunar Globe gives you a chance to explore the Moon virtually.

83)   My Photo Calendars
Fully customized Photo Calendars. All elements of the calendars can be customize

84)   LangPad - Icelandic Characters
Insert Icelandic language characters and symbols into WordPad and Notepad text

85)   Winglobe
3D interactive globe for your Windows desktop

86)   Word Sorter
Creates exhaustive words lists from text, alphabetically, or by word frequency.

87)   ECTACO Partner Dictionary English <-> Japanese for Pocket PC
This dictionary has a word base of 400.000 words/phrases.

88)   ABC Drawing School V - Christmas
Learn to draw christmas objects step by step with ABC Drawing School V!

89)   Home Inventory Plus
Home Inventory Plus gives you a place to organize information about home.

90)   MathMatic Junior Edition
Multiplication tables driller 1 through 12. Learn your times tables with fun.

91)   RocketReader Vocab American Edition
Powerful vocabulary builder - use our lessons or create your own. Great for SAT!

92)   LangPad - Dutch Characters
Insert Dutch language characters and symbols into WordPad and Notepad text

93)   CFB Primes
Find the prime factors and closest primes of any integer up to one billion (US)

94)   The Atom Builder
Interactive Chemistry teaching software.

95)   mBasics
Create math worksheets & assign to students for testing.

96)   ABC Drawing School IV - Vehicles
Learn to draw vehicles step by step with ABC Drawing School IV!

97)   BunnyMath (For PalmOS)
A fun way for children to learn math.

98)   Lead Guitar Licks, Riffs, and Chops
Musician Expansion Pack for Mastering Lead Guitar Licks and Riffs

99)   Advanced Chess School (demo, eng.)
This course turns a beginner into an intermediate player.

100)   Math Flash Cards
Math Flash Cards is an exciting math arcade game!