Wednesday, 22 October 2014
Music - Home & Education Programs from 51 to 88 listed after downloads number
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51)   Guitar Scales Method
Software course to master guitar scales, improvisation in all keys, on any chord

52)   Sheet Music Designer
Sheet Music Designer prints staves

53)   Guitar and Drum Trainer
Improve music practice time. Slow down music to your own pace to improve easier.

54)   Echoview Pro
A suite of interactive music and audio calculating tools for musicians.

55)   Kba Complete
Easy to advanced ear training, sight singing, and music theory exercises.

56)   Melodic ID
HS/College ear training: unlimited graduated melodic dictation (advanced)

57)   Dual Audio CD Manager
Dual Audio CD Manager lets you organize your music collection.

58)   Memonix
This game pack consists of several games to improve your child's memory.

59)   Music Publisher
WYSIWYG music notation software with total flexibility and simple interface.

60)   Pieces of Music Games
Three educational games that teach the names of music symbols.

61)   A

62)   Flashcard Tables
Practice simple mathematical operations for speed.

63)   A Musical Tutorial
A Musical Tutorial, Encourage Musical Study, Piano Educational Software & Games.

64)   Ringtones 6000+
Ringtones 6000+ is a pack of more then 6000 ringtones for your mobile phone!

65)   The Easy Blues eBook II
let me help you master the blues. I demonstrate each pattern, you copy.

66)   Mobizaar Free Ringtones
Free ringtones and wallpapers by Mobizaar. Download, upload, customize 4 free

67)   Alpha Pocket Journal
Keep a private journal, diary or log on your Pocket PC.