Wednesday, 22 October 2014
Online Privacy - Internet Programs from 1 to 50 listed after downloads number
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1)   Hide My IP
Conceal your online identity by hiding or changing your IP address on websites.

2)   Anonymous Proxy Finder
Find and use proxies for total anonymity

3)   IP Address Shield
Hide your IP address while browsing the Internet and protect your identity.

4)   Free ProxyWay anonymous surfing
Free anonymous proxy surfing software: hide/change IP address, proxy finder, check proxies (proxy list checker), proxy management (make proxy chain/cascade using HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxies, change proxies), block Referrer fields

5)   Yahoo Messenger Monitor Sniffer
Monitor and Sniff Yahoo Messenge chat conversations on all computers in network

6)   PeerGuardian
PeerGuardian 2 is Methlabsí premier IP blocker for Windows

7)   Anonym Mailer
Anonym mailer is a tool for delivering your message to any recipiets quickly, and anonymously

8)   My Secure ISP Firefox Plugin
Secure Your Internet Connection, wireless or broadband

9)   InetConnector Proxy
InetConnector Proxy: Anonym surfen durch automatischen Proxyumschalter

10)   Microsoft AntiSpyware
Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) is a security technology that helps protect Windows users from spyware and other potentially unwanted software

11)   OffSurf Firewall Bypass Site Unblocker
Bypass firewall restrictions at work and school. Unblock mySpace and other sites

12)   Proxy Grabber
Fast Proxy and Ports Scanner.

13)   Voice Changer Software VCS
Change your voice over Internet and PC2Phone.

14)   Country Choice Anonymous Proxy Bar
Full version allows users to choose the country from which they want to appear.

15)   MSN Chat Monitor
MSN sniffer monitors MSN chat conversations on network without being detected.

16)   Parental Filter
Parental Filter blocks inappropiate websites to protect children.

17)   Surf Anonymous
SurfAnonymous is an internet utilities that hides your IP address Over the Net

18)   Internet Sweeper Pro
Erase the cache, cookies, history, and other usage tracks from your browser!

19)   ProxyShell Hide IP Standard
Powerful proxy service for anonymous surfing, with advanced features

20)   Hide IP
Concerned about Internet privacy? Want to hide your IP address? Hide IP can hide your IP address and protect you from any websites that want to monitor your reading interests and spy upon you

21)   All Popup Killer
Popup Killer - Pop Up stopper - Stop Pop Up

22)   ScanSpyware
ScanSpyware removes spyware safely and swiftly from your PC.

23)   Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar
Hide IP: find proxy, check and setup browser to surf anonymously,with hidden IP

24)   Internet Trace Destroyer
Erase history and tracks of your online activity before somebody reveals you.

25)   X-Cleaner
Privacy and internet track deleting tool with Anti-spyware functions

26)   Free Internet Eraser
Permanently erase internet history and past computer activities.

27)   AsterWin IE 1.01
Reveal *** paswords in IE

28)   Anonymous Browsing Toolbar
Hide IP address, by selecting a proxy from a specify country.

29)   SurfAnonymous
SurfAnonymous is an internet utility to hide your IP address while you are browsing the web, chatting at msn,mirc

30)   Cookie Monitor
Monitor cookies and inform you when they change.

31)   Ninja Surfing Hide IP
Ninja Surffing: hide IP and surf anonymously with hidden IP and location

32)   Invisible Browsing
Invisible Browsing software to hide IP address and internet track eraser

33)   MindSoft Evidence Eraser
Navigate on the Internet without leaving tracesMany companies sack their staff for having access to adult webs at work, for downloading non authorized photos and videos, for receiving adult e-mails or for finding out that they are using their PC

34)   Privacy Keeper
Powerful privacy software to erase online Internet tracks and program activity.

35)   Packman
Encryption for email and attachments, or store private files on public servers.

36)   XP Firewall Control
32 and 64-bit Windows XP Firewall control uses all the present abilities of the XP firewall and extends them with named per-application security zones and allows security zone management

37)   AiS AliveProxy server
AiS Alive Proxy is three programs in one:1

38)   NetConceal Anonymizer
NetConceal Anonymizer keeps your online privacy by hiding your real IP address from anyone

39)   SpyKy
SpyKy, Keylogger, send log file, Emergency Key, Evidence Elimintor

40)   NetPurity
NetPurity software is the newest and most advanced way to protect your family on the Internet

41)   Mizo - XP Netstats Bar†1.2
Win XP Bar that monitors open connections & maps them to apps and ports

42)   #1 Anonymous Proxy List Verifier
The perfect tool for finding, downloading and verifiying proxies of all kinds!

43)   Proxy Toolbar
Free Proxy Toolbar that allows the user to surf the web anonymously.

44)   History Cleaner
Clean internet history, cookies, temporary internet files, index.dat and more

45)   CWShredder
CWShredder removes CoolWebSearch - CWS - aka CoolWwwSearch, YouFindAll, White-Pages

46)   007 Proxy Finder Enterprise Edition
10000 Fresh public free proxies server find from web updated daily.

47)   Anonymity 4 Proxy - A4Proxy
Web Anonymizer Anonymously Surf and Download with Anonymous Public Proxy Servers

48)   PingFu Iris Tunnel
Gaming HTTP Tunnel. Bypass Firewalls/Proxies for WoW/MapleStory,IM,Myspace/Orkut

49)   Messenger Disable
If your Messenger Service is enabled, any person from Internet or Local Network can send pop-up windows on your screen

50)   AV Voice Changer Software
Change your voice over IP and PC to phone in real time with "quick" nickvoices.